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  1. Can't wait to see the following ...
  2. Yes, I visited this museum several times and I perfectly remember to have stood one meter in front of this car (and many others). However, I think you have also several very interesting museums in California.
  3. Very nice improvements ... 😍 I have also the Franklin Mint and want also improve it ... 🙂
  4. Like very much the paint job on the body ... 🙂
  5. Like very much the Royale and specificaly this body ... 😊 Nicely done ...
  6. Like the stock built. Not so frequent on this site.
  7. A great looking car and a great model ... 😀
  8. I'm very interested to follow this, as I have it in my stash. But as it is a unique car, I will follow the original color scheme ... That's why I didn't begin to built it : I'm afraid of realizing all this polished aluminium parts ...
  9. I think Fernando Pinto Modelos Portugal sells hand laced wire wheels for this kit.
  10. I like very much this car (and have one to built) ... 🙂
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