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  1. Thanks! I had so much fun I think I’ll be doing another one soon.
  2. Thanks! I love every second working on it!😎👍🏾
  3. I recently completed my first all resin body project. I found the body, bumpers and grille on EBay from A&J Resin of a 1981 Chevy Malibu. This project was special because I had been wanting to recreate my uncles car in scale since the mid 1990’s. Kits used: AMT 86 El Camino AMT 69 Olds 442 Revell 83 Olds Hurst 1981 Chevy El Camino (promo) Aftermarket: Scenes Unlimited wheels Morgan Automotive Detail distributor Lex’s Resin Cowl hood Model Car Parts dash gauges Overal the project took a little over a year to complete…but doggone sure worth it. IMG_0486.MOV
  4. Thanks Donald! If this were actually in my driveway I would disappear in smoke every weekend (or every night after work.) lol
  5. Thanks Nick! I love dem Mopars myself man! lol I have 2 1964 Dodge 330's in my stash. I may need to call on the Lil Old Lady from Pasadena.
  6. Thanks man! The "Evil" dressed in black villain look is what I was going for. Thanks for watching the video too!
  7. Thanks sir! It was a fun build...I'd do another one some day.
  8. The Belvedere looks looks beautiful done as a police car. I would NOT want to see that in the rearview mirror.
  9. Finally finished the 1965 Plymouth Belvedere I by Moebius Models...known as the Villain. For pics of this build check out the On the bench section here. Here are pics from the final resulting build. Also, you can see more on this build on youtube at https://youtu.be/_oswBSc9HEA
  10. Thanks David! I recently completed this car and I will be posting pics in Under Glass here. Check it out if you like. Also, I have a video on youtube at: https://youtu.be/_oswBSc9HEA Cliff
  11. I dig this old GTX in black and gold! Great job there!
  12. Hello all! I am currently working on the Moebius 1965 Plymouth Belvedere I which I have decided to title, The Villain. The look I am going for came to me while I was dreaming. I want it to be black with red interior and black steelies. The name is for two reasons...I want it to be a bad guy car that wondered into town and is stalking red lights for drag races...also its been robbing me sleep along with my sciatic nerve. I've been working on it starting 5:30AM most days. Also, I have tried to implement a "step up your game" policy building this car so I did more than I ever have before. Thanks for looking and let me know what y'all think.
  13. Man! That Belvedere kicks so much butt it SHOULD have feet! It turned out REALLY nice. I like the torq thrusts and that color combo is killing it! I have to admit after seeing your post I wired my alternator too. I loved that detail, and it is part of my "Step up your game" program. Thanks for the inspirational build. I will post my build too if you want to see that. I have to say again the Belvedere looks REALLY nice man.
  14. I had a bit of an issue with the frame and body joining together in final assembly, but there were not too many issues I can remember. I know depending on the level of detail you are going for the chassis is a little lacking. The molded in driveshaft was kind of a drag, but overall I am happy in the end with mine. I cannot wait to see how yours comes out man. I love seeing other peoples take on the same kit.
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