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  1. Awesome guys thanks for the help!
  2. Hey guys I searched the forums but couldn't find the answer. I'm new to clear coating and am not sure if I should clear coat the body before or after I paint the chrome trim. Not sure the chrome will stick after the clear. Thanks!
  3. Don't have any hellcat parts so I guess it'll be the motor home version this time haha Thanks!
  4. Hey guys. back with another project to show! This time I'm doing my favorite car from the Hot Rod series Roadkill. I've never attempted a car like this before with all the body damage and faux wear and tear so this is a fun change of pace for me. Any tips from you experts on cool weathering techniques? Here's the body so far... Freshly painted. WAY too clean for the general mayhem lol Post wear and tear from the body meeting the basement concrete floor lol I think it's turning out nice so far!
  5. Lol enough reference material indeed! Just have to look out the window. Ok so interior is now complete! now on to body and assembly!
  6. Ok some more progress!! The girlfriend is working her magic on the interior trying to get it as close as we can to mine. She even painted my custom gage rings!!! And the running gear is coming together nicely too...
  7. Thanks everyone for the comments and questions. Steve I was planning on using the 85 kit as my main base but didn't realize the kit was slightly smaller than the other 2 so parts wouldn't interchange. Plus the quality was poorer on it as well. The seats in my car are from an 88 GTA so I'm using the ones from the 87 GTA kit they match perfect! And thanks I really love my car it's my baby haha Yep a 350 and it 4 years now been a blast. That's funny I replaced my gasket this year too it blew right out. And yeah sure I'd be happy to trade those wheels were just going to go into the parts bin so I'd be glad if someone else got some use out of them. Very nice car too I like that blue a lot!
  8. I'm using 3 kits on this build. A Monogram '92 Firebird as my main base, a Monogram '87 GTA, and a MPC 1985 Trans Am. My main problem was that I couldn't find a kit with T-tops like mine. After much back and fourth I decided to slice and dice my own out of the '92 body and use the tops from a junker Knight Rider that I bought off ebay. Under the knife... Second side... A Finished!!! All mocked up ready for paint!
  9. Hey guys, here's my latest on the workbench right now. I'm making my very own 86 Trans Am. It's a special build for me always wanted to do it and finally got the right kits and parts to put it together. First, here's my car that I'm replicating so you have something to base the project off of...
  10. Jet_91

    '71 Hemi Cuda

    Thanks guys! Yes it really sparkles in the sunlight. Taking better photos is something I plan on working on.
  11. Jet_91

    '71 Hemi Cuda

    My girlfriend and I just finished our latest project together, this time we decided to do a Hemi Cuda in plum crazy. We're pretty pleased with this one other than the fit and finish of the kit itself in places but it happens. A big thank you to the site for providing techniques on how to strip the chrome off the bumpers. Much happier with them in body colour. Now on to the next one!
  12. Thank you! It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted but it fought me every step of the way and for how much trouble it gave me I'm happy with it.
  13. Hey guys just wanted to show off my model of the Dukes series close up car. I'm a huge Dukes fan so for those who don't know about this car here's some breif history. This General Lee has been traced as far back as the 2nd Season. During the TV series this car was titled "WGL 02". It was a close up car and would have only been used with the actors in the scene and not a stunt car. Nine out of ten times, if the hood was open, this was the car was used for the shot. This car had a black engine bay, smoothed and boxed firewall, chrome hood hinges, chrome upper grille/latch tray, and the engine was dressed up with chrome. Always loved the way this car looked under the hood. Went for the season 3 version specifically. If I ever own a G.L this is how it will look in the engine bay.
  14. Thanks everybody she sure does have great skills! Amazingly she painted those by hand with a toothpick. Took a lot of work and aggravation but they really add to the look of the car I feel.
  15. Hello there! Happy to be making my first contribution to this site. I've been building models since I was 8 years old with my dad and have been hooked ever since. But over the past few years life has come first and my hobby has taken a back seat but over the past year I've got back into it full swing and have also brought my girlfriend into the hobby as well! She loves it and is an amazing painter. She usually paints and I glue and assemble. It's great to have something we both love and can do together. This is her '78 T/A dream car that she wants to build one day just like this. Am I a lucky guy or what!? lol This was her vission she painted all the pieces and I assembled she's amazing at what she does this was only her 2nd model!
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