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  1. Thanks for the info guys.I think the ones in the 1st issue Monogram GT-350 kit are closer to what I need.I didn’t realize Scenes Unlimited made resin Crager G/T wheels.I actually need them for another build.Thanks again.
  2. Is there an resin aftermarket source or a older kit that might have had these wheels as a option?
  3. Yes.That same air cleaner is in the AMT 66 Jenkins Nova too.
  4. Found a soap box derby stand.Still looking for a stock chrome air cleaner from the AMT 66 Nova kit.I have other parts to trade for it.
  5. Interested in the MPC Dodge Omni 024 but I do not any diecast to trade for it.
  6. Looking forward to seeing the progress on it.I have a MPC 73 Caprice I plan to start working on in a month or two.The 71-76 2 door Impala/Caprice Chevys have always been a favorite of mine.
  7. Thanks for the email address too👍
  8. Do you have any contact info,email or a website address for Ron Andrews?
  9. Man,I was looking forward to getting his 51-52 Ford F 100 resin dash and grill to do a Sanford and Son replica and the resin 5.0 Coyote engine.Definitely sorry to hear about this and I wish him well too.
  10. I’m working on AMT Derby Champions 68 Elcamnio with the derby car and I lost the stand the derby car sits on in the bed.Also looking for the stock chrome dual inlet air cleaner out of the AMT 66 Nova kit.
  11. I have several of these kits and while it was good to see it released again,I would love to see round 2 do a modified version of this kit using 73-74 grille and tailight panel to do a 73-74 Dart Sport.Lots of Chrysler backed pro stocks used this body style back in the day.Heck a resin conversion would be cool too.I have the Keith Marks Hang 10 decals also and the Slixx Landy decal sheet to do the 76 Pro Stock Dart too.I also like the Pontiac honey comb wheels the come with the kit as I plan to use them on other pontiacs I plan to build
  12. catpack68

    75 Caprice

    Nice work! Where did you get the 75 resin nose from? I have a MPC 73 Impala that I am planning to finish up like that before the end of the year.
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