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  1. Worked out a trade with fordf-100 Phil.Everything went good.He is definitely a trader!👍
  2. Found a dash.Mods please remove post. Thanks!
  3. I am looking for the dash for this kit.I have somehow lost mine lol.Let me know if anybody has anything.Thanks.
  4. Looking good Neil! I have several of those Salvinos Monte Carlo kits I would like to get to sometime this year👍
  5. I’m not going to worry about making it too correct.Just going to add the correct wheels and scratchbuild front the bumper.I’m not going to worry about the interior or the suspension.I remember talking to you about this truck several years back.Thanks for the info on it and it definitely will help me get started.
  6. Love those Pro Stocks! I can’t wait to see that Bob Glidden Galaxie finished up👍
  7. Nice work! Kinda looks like Smokeys’ 65 Impala.
  8. I’m going with the stock scheme.I have been wanting to build the Papa Truck for years.I hope to build the Super Boss to ride on back on of it hopefully later this year too.
  9. I started working on the frame and getting the engine parts together.This is the first big rig I’ve built since I was a kid.I will post some more progress on it soon.
  10. I’d better get to work! I thought it ran to December myself.No problem.I’m looking forward to starting on mine.
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