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  1. Found a Trumpeter 60 Pontiac Bonneville for a decent price.They are starting to get expensive😳
  2. I’ve also seen several of your builds on Randy’s NASCAR forum.They are all excellent👍Please post more of your builds here.That Torino is nice!
  3. Starting work on the frame on the IH Transtar for the 2021 BRBO.I removed some of the mold lines and started getting the frame together.Not sure if I’m going to do a working truck or a restored one.Going to try to get the rest of frame assembled this week and hopefully the engine too.
  4. I’ve emailed and sent him a PM here about the status of my order.No replies back yet.I’m waiting on a 70 1/2 Falcon resin body too.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys!
  6. Not gonna be able to finish my build up.It took a while to recover from getting Covid/double pneumonia and suffering from the ole builders block.Hopefully if there is BRBO for next year I will join in!
  7. I finished this 57 up in February.I had a few builds planned for this year.Then work got busy for a few months and I got covid,then double pneumonia.Spent 6 weeks in the hospital including 2 weeks in the ICU.It took a long time to recover from it including learning how to breathe on my own again.Very lucky to still be around.Definitely looking forward to building more than 1 model next year👍
  8. I wish I still had all three fox bodies that I had.I owned a 85 and 86 GT.I bought a brand new LX 5.0 hatch in 89.
  9. I would love to have another 5.0 Foxbody Mustang.A 85-86 GT or 90-92 LX notchback.Prices for them have gone through the roof😳
  10. Where did you find the Pegasus aluminum sleeves? They are getting hard to find.
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