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  1. Another project I started several months ago that I worked this evening.Its the Revell 71 442 kit.Going to be a box stock build.The color is going to be Tamiya TS-92.Interior is going to be white. I still need to paint the frame black and mask the gas tank off to be painted. The 71 North Carolina license plate is from Best Model Parts.
  2. I haven’t had time to work on anything lately due to some other things going on,but I did finish up the surfboards for the Hasagawa VW Samba I’ve been working for the last several months this afternoon. The surfboards are the short boards from two AMT 65 Chevelle Wagon kits. The stripe decals are from the same kit decal sheet and the Sex Wax and Ron Jon Surf Shop decals were made by The Decal Lady
  3. Very nice! I love those 60s era drag cars👍
  4. Stunning work Steve! The level of detail and weathering is incredible.Looking forward to seeing your next build👍
  5. Awesome work! Very nice👍
  6. I contacted my bank a couple of weeks ago about the issue with Motor City Resin casters and they told me that they could not issue me a credit since it’s been over two years ago when ordered.They pretty much told me if I the acted sooner with them or PayPal,I would have definitely got my money back.Looks like I will never get my order or my money back.Oh well🙄……
  7. This was my personal favorite.My supervisor where i work built this car earlier this year.He builds and flips cars on the side.He sold this one back in March.A guy in South Carolina owns it now.
  8. Went to the fall Auto Fair at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord,North Carolina.Not as many vendors in the swap meet area.I’m guessing because the chance of rain in the area.When we got to show field ,most of the cars had started to leave once it started raining.I did get a few pics of some cars that were left.Here’s a few that caught my eye.
  9. Very nice work Steve! I still have the issue of MCM that has your orange RR in it👍
  10. Thanks for the pics.I really like that 2 wheel drive tan Blazer👍
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