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  1. I have several of these kits and while it was good to see it released again,I would love to see round 2 do a modified version of this kit using 73-74 grille and tailight panel to do a 73-74 Dart Sport.Lots of Chrysler backed pro stocks used this body style back in the day.Heck a resin conversion would be cool too.I have the Keith Marks Hang 10 decals also and the Slixx Landy decal sheet to do the 76 Pro Stock Dart too.I also like the Pontiac honey comb wheels the come with the kit as I plan to use them on other pontiacs I plan to build
  2. racer X

    75 Caprice

    Nice work! Where did you get the 75 resin nose from? I have a MPC 73 Impala that I am planning to finish up like that before the end of the year.
  3. I would love to see a 1/25 scale 73-74 Dodge Dart Sport,a 1/25 scale 70 Dart Dart 340 Swinger and any boat tail Riviera kitted.
  4. Greg do you plan to cast and sell the wheels,tank and engine parts from the SD kit? I would definitely be interested in getting these parts. I missed out on buying one of these kits when they first came out.
  5. Dave,

    I would like to remove my old profile,screen name etc from the forum.I have signed up with a new screen name,e-maily addy but the forum says it is waiting to be approved which was on March 3.How long does it take to be approved and what do I need to do to remove my old info/screen name etc.?  Let me know.Thanks.

    Referb J.

  6. Looking for the Chevy grille from any the 1/24 Monogram Chevy Stepside kits(Need 2 if possible) I'm also looking for the front and rear bumpers from the Johan 69 Road Runner kit.
  7. I am looking for the hood and scoop from the Monogram White Lighting Pro Street Kit
  8. My comfort model would have to be the Revell 67 Chevelle Kit.I have built 8 for myself,friends or family members.I have 3 more in my stash waiting to built.Another favorite is the Revell 65 Z16 Chevelle kit.I have built several of those kits as well.
  9. Just two projects on my bench right now: Revell Ford Bronco AMT Tyrone Malone Papa Truck The other 150 or so will have to wait.....
  10. Thanks for the replies. I think I have enough info to get started on it.
  11. Thanks for the repy.I will check that fotki site out.While checking out some other pics I found online,i was wondering if the Papa Truck is a 76 K100 VIT 200 Bicentennial Edition? It looks like frame was painted gold in all of the pics I've seen of those trucks.
  12. I am wanting to start building the papa truck.I know nothing about semi trucks,but I have bought about a dozen of them since the first of the year lol.I am wanting to know what color are the engine,trans,frame/chassis and interior? Thanks.
  13. Is the HF 1/5 HP air compressor loud?.Im looking for a cheap air compressor that's not loud.
  14. I have never any seen any MCM mags at any of the Barnes and Nobles in the triad area of North Carolina(Greensboro,High Point and Winston Salem)
  15. I have not built a 63 vette kit yet.i'm thinking about building the revell 63 snap kit later on down the road.
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