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  1. Lovely Made just its "brother" , the 503 in wood : http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/115388-bmw-503-1957/
  2. Thanks a lot, guys !! I also see a lot of astonishing works here around !
  3. Hello ... a new baby. i thought it would be easier to build more modern forms, but then I added a lot of details ... 310 pieces in the end assembled, all scratchbuilt scale 1:20 in balsa wood
  4. LOVELY !!... A Messerschmitt Kabinenroller ... good old times with greetings from my hometown
  5. Hello folks! thanks a lot for your compliments. It pushes me for more
  6. Hello Tom, Happy you like it. For you question: both. Some parts can be bended, some need to be carved and sanded. The mix makes the result. I like to have a result in which the thickness of the material is less possible, and for example, it is possible to see through the aeration holes of the motor cover to the other side ... and of course I am proud that the steering works perfectly from the steering wheel of the driver's seat. But for this I use Plywood, Balsa would be to weak by time.
  7. Hi Mike, thanks ... I should receive a small CNC in some weeks ... so I would say yes. The point is what do you want? a full wooden piece or a model which gets near to the metal/plastic references? I use a lasercutter for many parts, so I can actually rebuild any of the models at any time. The point is how design the entire "kit" ... and here lies the ability ad experience I am trying to improve with each car. With the new CNC however I will see, perhaps I will again use it only for specific parts ....
  8. Hello ... finally finished. Final details took a lot of time, also because had a funny custom build in the middle. Perhaps I show this later. Here the link to WIP: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/112970-bmw-327-roadster-from-1939-scratchbuild-in-balsa/
  9. Thanks a lot hope to finish it soon ! some new shots I did last weekend
  10. Hello ... I thought to show some pictures of my ongoing project, a BMW 327 Roadster from 1939, guess not very famous in USA. Today I finished the body, not easy built, but as a first trial I am happy ...
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