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  1. hey guy`s i know there are a few ways to wash pre painted plastic before spraying paint on them - i`ve heard DAWN cleanser i saw where some use brillo - alcohol - whats the BEST ??
  2. hobby lobby

    well finally they had a few on sale i picked up the ford STARSKY AND HUTCH - the lady said the main office tells them what goes on sale and she said more will go on sale -
  3. Seriously??

    don`t like neither one of them - you`ll all know BOYD died right - anyway i like that program where they build those extreme rat rods - BITCHIN RIDES is very good also
  4. Seriously??

    i don` t like FOOSE so anything his is a NO NO
  5. kyle busch 18

    thanks just never knew all that - i`ll just have to go to nascar and order his die cast
  6. kyle busch 18

    i mean come on they have DANICA PATERICK and she never won a cup race - my man KYLE is about the best there is - a lot of people don`t like him but the truth hurts - why can`t they make an 18 kit [ today`s 18 ]
  7. ollies

    went to OLLIES in ROCKINGHAM N.C. and they have kits for $10.00 - not much yet but they say they will get more as summer goes on anyway i got the DANICA NASCAR MODEL FORD - don`t really care for her but the price and looks of car i got it -
  8. How Old Are You

    69 in sept.
  9. Just '56 Chevys

    i would love to build the 55 or 56 but all i see is the nomad in 1/16 scale - if some one can sell me a 1/25th scale i`ll buy it
  10. kyle busch

    come on please some one make a kyle busch camry - the young man can drive the wheels off of anything - i don`t want a die-cast i want to build one - PLEASE
  11. gotta put a pint color to a smaller jar what do you guy`s use to do this a straw don`t work well it does but takes forever
  12. # 18

    i know i`ll get a lot of spin from this topic but i wish they would put the # 18 as a model to buy [ KYLE BUSCH ] will always be near the top if not the top and can drive the wheels off any vehicle - and i know they would sell that model
  13. hello - i have the 51 CHEVY SUN CRUISER CONV. BY AMT and there is a lot of extra plastic on the body lines - how do i remove the extra plastic with out ruining the body and scratching it all up what grit do i use ??
  14. what do you use

    ok these dashboards and seats and all the T I N Y stuff on a model - what do you guy`s use to get that beautiful intricate work done - jewlers glasses ??
  15. 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS 396

    where did you get the 66 my dad had one [ new ] i`d like to build one