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  1. # 18

    i know i`ll get a lot of spin from this topic but i wish they would put the # 18 as a model to buy [ KYLE BUSCH ] will always be near the top if not the top and can drive the wheels off any vehicle - and i know they would sell that model
  2. hello - i have the 51 CHEVY SUN CRUISER CONV. BY AMT and there is a lot of extra plastic on the body lines - how do i remove the extra plastic with out ruining the body and scratching it all up what grit do i use ??
  3. what do you use

    ok these dashboards and seats and all the T I N Y stuff on a model - what do you guy`s use to get that beautiful intricate work done - jewlers glasses ??
  4. 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS 396

    where did you get the 66 my dad had one [ new ] i`d like to build one
  5. First Car in Space: a Tesla Roadster

    what a waste of $$$$
  6. Grab those bargains off those racks... (HL sale)

    ours had nuttin
  7. the amt richard petty #43 stp 1990 grand prix - is there a certain color blue used on this model - i just wanna get it right if i can
  8. Happy AMT/IMC/MPC/Revell Day!

    just bought a chinook 1/72 scale - i need glasses just to pick up the seats
  9. feb. 17th show

    i know i saw a show on the 17th of feb. but i can`t find info on it does anyone have anything ??
  10. simple 55 bel air

    can some one tell me where i can get a 55 bel air - not a gasser or nomad just a simple 55 or 56 family car ??
  11. sanding

    yea but there was orange peel i could see and if i put clear on there wouldn`t it be the same once i got down to the paint where than i could see the orange peel dissapear or does the clear coat cover the orange peel ??
  12. my first time sanding the 1st paint - i used 4000 and went thru the orange yes i did a primer and that is what i see now should i use a higher number ???
  13. i wish they would

    i wish they would put a size bigger tire in all these kits ya build a 50 ford pick up and i wish the tire was 2 sizes bigger - i know i could buy tires seperate but that probably gets into $$$ - oh well just had to vent a little - you`ll have a great week

    hey guy`s and maybe gal`s - i see everyone`s model - the body paint is a lot shinnier than mine do you use only testors or tamiya on your models - or do you spray a gloss at the end ???
  15. 42 models made

    ok i`ve been making models - mostly 1/25th scale and i`ve made 42 of em - i moved here from N.Y. 2014 - have i made too many if so i must be doing them too fast - they are not show worthy i always seem to run into trouble i`m getting better and soon will put some on the site - when i think of the $ involved i just say it is something i love to do any way what do you`ll think - i will be goin to that show in SALISBURY NC in feb.