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  1. Thanks for bringing this one back up stenfalk, never seen it the first time around. This combo is a perfect match, tractor and trailer are super impressive and compliment each other!
  2. I agree 100%. Most of us waited a long time for the '65-'72 Ford pickups, I'm talking decades. Many of us bought multiple kits and sure Moebius made some coin off them. IMO, the Dodge pickup series will bring in the same coin. The Dodge pickup '65-'71 in particular, can be done in the exact same way as the Ford,, without a lot of extra tooling, just grill changes, shortbeds , longbeds, "utilines" slant 6 , v8 and last but not least the famous Power Wagon 4x4 pickups. Looking back in these forums, there were nay sayers on doing '65-'72 Ford pickups a few years ago.
  3. Keystone, they are excellent quality. Lug nuts are from Scenes Unlimited.
  4. No, but the perfect trailer for it would be a set of double bottom dump trailers that are super popular in western states. Anybody offer these type of trailers in 1/25? The 1/87 people have them.
  5. Now that the Ford pickup series is about complete, IMO, the Dodge pickup series must be next. Namely the mid 60's to early 70's, identical marketing situation with the period Ford pickups, they were never done, ignored by big plastic. Diecast is already on this style Dodge cab in 1/18, which looks very nice, when will Moebius spill there beans and let us know what is going on?
  6. Looks great Ralph! Excellent wheel choice with the correct 1 ton 6 lug wheels.
  7. X2! Thanks for bringing this one back up. Very impressive DRIPTROIT !
  8. Glad to see this one come back, one of my favorites. We really need a better way to find old builds. Its been one of my pet peeves about this forum. Why not a "BY MAKE" section. When I want to see all Dodge's , all GMC's, or all Internationals builds etc, there should be a way to find them quickly The search section is not user friendly .
  9. I agree, I should have compensated for the slightly thicker aluminum wheels. I used the left over axle caps from the lowboy trailer kit ( after 3 axle to 2 axle conversion) for the correct 6 bolt cap ( prefer grease cap type instead of oil type) on the center point steering.
  10. Great idea for a build, the less common tilting narrow hood Pete. Coming together nicely, have a feeling its going to be put to work in the construction industry hauling a gravel trailer 😉.
  11. Looking forward to seeing this one completed. The contrast between the green and white on cab, frame, wheels plus the super detailing will make this one a stand out!
  12. I think modelers who want a more authentic and accurate '67 will turn to rookie resin for these additional parts. Thanks to rookie resin for offering these and other great items to build our models exactly the way we want them. Also, as a side note, the '67 352 used the older '65-'66 oil bath air cleaner, the new '67 kit shows the larger '68- '72+ 360-390 air cleaner. I'll purchase the '67 for an F 350 conversion save the utility bed for the new MPC Dodge kit.
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