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  1. 1967-1972 Ford F-Series Walkaround...

    Ranger XLT tu tone tailgate detail.
  2. As mentioned in my earlier post, if you plan on a 4x4 conversion of the Moebius 65-66, the '70 F 100 4x4 chassis is very similar to the '66 F 100 4x4 chassis and uses the same styleside box as the 2wd version, however a '65 F 100 4x4 is a whole different animal, used entirely different frame and the older styleside box shown below. ( F250 4x4 shown ) Of course, there was always the flareside box as well.
  3. This thread is about pickups, please move on to wanted trailer threads if your not interested in the subject matter
  4. This thread is about pickups, please move on to wanted big rig threads if your not interested in the subject matter.
  5. Thanks for posting photo link Tim. I'm sure we've all been waiting for these refined and improved models after AMT abandoned the unibody '63. They look good, but it appears the rear fender openings are not quite right. I hope someone from Mobius is watching. here is a photo to help out. Note top of fender opening is not straight across and does not drop off sharply behind rear wheel, rather the top of fender opening archs down gradually into a smoother curve behind rear wheel.
  6. International Loadstar Is Finished

    Looks great. Very popular vocational vehicle during the 60's and 70's. I plan on doing one with a heavier chassis and 10 lug Budds.
  7. X2! This Blazer looks like something you would typically see in the 80's, faded original green paint and white wide wheels, owner driving it like it would never be a collectors item.
  8. Ford Flareside comparo...

    Used the AMT '53 F 100 bed. Running boards cut down and in a slightly higher postion to be level with bottom of cab. Tail lights are from a Ford C series. Hopefully, I'll have correct F 100 bottlecap hubcaps soon!

    Thanks Force for the excellent in depth information on this type of wrecker. Interesting AMT chose , as it appears, to offer such a low production specialty type wrecker and body versus a much more common Holmes 750. Yes, they did make the change to Holmes in 1/43, but why didn't Amt offer the Holmes also in 1/25? Water under the bridge of course, but it does make you wonder about all the missed opportunities by AMT management over the years.

    Old thread, should have been in the "truck stop section" but really didn't get answered. Anybody have any info to the question of year make and model of the Pete 359 wrecker body? IMO, the Amt wrecker body looks like a product of the very early 60's, similar in design the the amt haulaway trailer.
  11. The '71 Ranger XLT trim level in 1:1 did not come with rear molding, The Sport Custom trim level in 1:1 did come with this molding.
  12. DanModels

    Wow, now that's a Alaskan Hauler! Looks like a pre mid 60's KW cab, something we never got from big plastic. Dan does amazing work!
  13. Here are some photos of the enlarged front fenders on a '62 F350 1 ton. This truck is pictured with 16" 6 lug 6 hand hole 2 piece wheels. Also, F 600 F 700 2 ton trucks came with 6 lug 6 hand hole wheels also, but they came in 20" 2 piece ( Ford ad ) or 22.5" one piece ( real photo) It was a weight range largely ignored by big plastic. Military models ( GMC deuce and a half 6x6) (last photo) came with these correct type of 20" 2 piece 6 lug 6 hand hole wheels, but they were always done in 1/35, never in 1/25. The "hand holes" are actually the shape of D holes in these years, but the industry calls them hand holes or ventilation holes.
  14. Thanks for joining the site Silvestru. I posted a comment on this forum in Truck Kit News and Reviews section under 1/25 62 F 100 which someone mentioned your kit. Under glass section we are on now is usually reserved for completed models. Your truck looks great, offers much more build possibilities than the old unibody kit. Question, can you offer the kit with slightly larger diameter front fenders also to build the F 350?