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  1. Your '64 4x4 conversion adds a completely new dimension to this series of pickup. You have inspired many of us to tackle this very worthwhile project. Love the 292 and styleside bed!
  2. Rookie Resin covered the correct 1/2 ton hubcaps that are shown on the '70 box art. It only took 50 years for the help to arrive. Thanks again to Bill for doing these ignored pieces. The hubcaps in the AMT Chevy van are out of proportion for both a 1/2 ton or 1 ton. Photo of gold Chevy is a 1/2 ton pickup or van, photo of blue Chevy is 3/4 and 1 ton pickup or 1 ton van. Hopefully when Bill starts up again, he can cover a Chevy 3/4 or 1 ton hubcap for us. '67 and '68, the bowtie was painted red, '69 thru '72 , the bowtie was painted blue, '73 and up, bowtie was gold.
  3. The box art clearly shows hubcaps, not the full wheelcovers we got in the kit.
  4. Do I sense the future possibility of the '60 Ford F 100?
  5. Very impressive work on this combo! You nailed the look of a million mile fleet truck from the golden age of trucking. Exhaust, intake and oil filters takes this IH to the next level.
  6. IMO, dechromed axle caps off the KW kits would look great glued over your rear ( red ) hubs. They are flatter and more realistic looking.
  7. Me thinks that Chevy is a little too light for a 750.
  8. Nice project. Those tall Fords came with some wild paint jobs!
  9. Great choice on doing the earlier "A" . This model represents the 1968 thru 1973 Transtar. We will show are support thru SALES!
  10. Never been a fan of the rear hubs on most AMT kits. Here is a photo of the 34K tandem.
  11. Can't find a photo of a Detroit installation, but I suppose, knowing Ford, they would have used the same air cleaners and brackets that the V6 Cummins used, to the same dual hood scoops. There both very tight fits.
  12. This might help explain. The radiator grill also had shutters for cold weather operation. Ok, I'll throw in a photo of a Custom Cab with extra heavy 6 spokes and a full build sheet for the real deal..
  13. The '61-'66 F 350 1 ton pickup used the separate styleside 9' body. This one has solid 19.5" rims. That rear axle is rated at 7200 lb, could easily carry a F100.
  14. There is a new conventional cab offering from Dan on ebay. Would be nice to have a period frame also.Pre-Order Kenworth W 825 "Needle Nose" 1/25 scale resin cab kit | eBay
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