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  1. Great photos Casey! That '73 Chevy with the woodgrain trim brings back memories.
  2. Nice that this kit is back. I'm working on one as well, trying to improve on the contour of the front fenders to resemble the photo on the side of the box. Planning on a fleet truck with more common steel wheels which are luckily available in the aftermarket.
  3. Yes, these caps will also come in handy for converting MPC Dodge van model to a 1 ton 300 series. Higher trim pickups and vans came with stainless caps, base models came with painted argent silver caps.
  4. Thanks to Rookie Resin, the Dodge D 200 3/4 ton hubcap is now reality! Another fantastic piece Bill !
  5. Those are great choices since this trailer dates back way before the early 70's when most of the AMT kits were introduced. I believe the trailer dates back to the late 50's to very early 60's.
  6. Great job Joe. Excellent work on truck and trailers! Yet another reason why fleet trucks are my favorite. I built one of these years ago in the old green, but this will inspire me to do a later version.
  7. Fanstastic items Bill ! Thanks for going the extra step in giving us pieces to improve current kits. The Dodge D200 tire wheel and hubcap assembly look perfect!
  8. Great idea Rob! Adds that old school look. The Dodge D 200 hubcap would be nice to build a 3/4 ton.
  9. I'm in the process of building a LNT 9000 tractor with a Cat 3406, which requires some dog house work. The LNT 9000 was popular line haul fleet truck. The wheelbase seems just too short to build as a dump.
  10. Hi Bill, any timeline on when the small back window conversion for '60--'66 GM pickups will be available? Thanks again.
  11. Great job and great color scheme!
  12. Standard front axle setting vs. the set back front axle in all of AMT's Autocar kits.
  13. The larger fender version of the '56 F 750 thru F 900 is available from AITM. Tons of build possibilities for the wide fender heavies.
  14. I agree with other comments, for the really long loads!
  15. My next build will be a 2 axle Pete, but all Pete kits are 3 axle. Should I just use the rear drive axle or use a kit with a single drive axle? Which kit has the most accurate single drive axle? Is it a Eaton or Rockwell?
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