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  1. leafsprings added a post in a topic 1/25 Ford F100 Pick-up 1962 Resin cab conversion for AMT kit limited edition #60   

    I hope Dan from Romania joins this forum too! He has offered some great products for American truck modelers. Many have crowned the '61-'66 Ford trucks as the most changed trucks ever within in a series in history of Ford Motor Company. Bodies, wheelbases, frames, engines, suspensions were constantly changing, practically every year was different in some way. IMO, the separate cab opens up many more build possibilities than the  old unibody. I've mentioned it before, but, here it goes again, a  2 or 4 WD   F100 or F  250 with  flareside or separate styleside ( '57-'66 styling )   or  a F 350 flatbed, tow truck, stake etc or F 350 pickup. Front fenders need to be enlarged slightly for F 350 builds. But,  unfortunately , we still have a  frame problem Other than the '48-'56 1/2 ton shortbed frame, there has never been a heavy duty straight front axle 3/4 ton longbed or 1 ton frame in the model industry. I hope Dan is listening!
  2. leafsprings added a post in a topic Ford Flareside comparo...   

    Thanks for the excellent in depth review of the flareside beds. Yes, it does get confusing after '76, but luckily the '67-72 Moebuis kits can get by with the '53 F 100 bed. It just requires a reworking of the running board step. I'll keep this thread in mind when attempting the '77 thru '79 Flareside.
  3. leafsprings added a post in a topic Moebius '70 F-100 4x4   

    I've talked to Danny at Scenes Unlimited about offering the correct F100 hubcaps. Sent photos of them,  hopefully he can get them into production soon. 67-72 F 100's used the same style caps.

  4. leafsprings added a post in a topic Moebius '70 F-100 4x4   

    Excellent job!  Great color choices, looks like the way the factory would have painted it in 1970!
  5. leafsprings added a post in a topic AMT '50 Chevy Pickup - Doctor Cranky's All-Time Favorite Kit Is Getting Re-Released   

    Yes, its time to bring back inspirational colorful box art agian, the boring built version box covers need to go!
  6. leafsprings added a post in a topic Papa Truck Kenworth   

    Thanks for the info Force. It seems like a case of bait and switch, false advertising. As  a consumer, I  expect the wheels on box cover to be the wheels in the kit.  IMC did the exact same thing with the  first issue Dodge L 700  . 
  7. leafsprings added a post in a topic Papa Truck Kenworth   

    Thanks for the response Force, that clears it up.  Just curious, are these rear wheels on the  present re issues of the Super Boss?                                                    
  8. leafsprings added a post in a topic Papa Truck Kenworth   

    I found these wheels in my stash of truck wheels, and I been building truck models since the early 70's, and I know I never had them chromed, and have had them well over 30 years. I scratched the back chrome off and there was white plastic,not grey resin.  Also, these clearly have threads and lug nuts, not caps  Any explanations?

  9. leafsprings added a post in a topic 72 Chevy tow truck   

    Excellent job. This is the tow truck MPC should have offered. An authentic period wrecker body with accurate 8 lug dually wheels. I believe the white and blue with red  paint theme  was actually used on tow trucks belonging to the National Automobile Club of Southern California. Cooters truck may very well been an ex NACSC bought by the studios.
  10. leafsprings added a post in a topic Mack Anthem   

     Just re issues from Round2. Of course, much better than nothing, but not investing in entirely new never done before kits. Doesn't really bother me for newer trucks, I only interested in older trucks. IMO,  this is what has made Moebius the standout company of the decade, offering an entirely new truck model of an older truck  the '69-'72 Ford.

  11. leafsprings added a post in a topic Old Ford wrecker   

    Correct, '73-'79 to be exact. Most popular models were F 600, F 700, F 750, F 800. This model truck series has historical significance as well, '79 was the last year for  an " ALL STEEL" front end , replaced with fiberglass in 1980. '67--'72 trucks were very similar in styling, but sheetmetal did not interchange.
  12. leafsprings added a post in a topic Old Ford wrecker   

    X2,  the response I got, sold out. There seems to be a large following for this class of truck. These  local medium duty trucks have been under represented for a long time, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. The new IH loadstar is great to see, hopefully more never done before mediums become readily available. These type of trucks usually have a  standard pickup cab  with just the addition of larger fenders, running boards and grills. To add to the wish list, the '48-'52 F 7 -F8, the 53-'56 F750-F900, '60 -'72 Chevy C50-C70. Building larger front ends from scratch is not  an option to average builders, easier to write a check. 
  13. leafsprings added a post in a topic Ford Louisville Steps   

    At one time the L front end was offered by Plaskit ( red truck ) however he is off the rader, this item is no longer readily available AFAIK. The larger front bumper (shown both trucks} would also be a great addition to the popular kit.

  14. leafsprings added a post in a topic all Peterbilt Conventionals here   

    Forgot to add this older build, a 359. This build was a tribute to JET Trucking of Cloverdale California, once a familiar site  on Highway 101.

  15. leafsprings added a post in a topic INTERNATIONAL LOADSTAR KIT BY AITM   

    Just received my order from AITM, which provided super fast shipping. This complete cab kit  is excellent, it will set the standard for future resin conversion kits.