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  1. 1963 Ford F 750 Haulaway

    Older build of the AITM offering, but got a new load of '64 Fords ( actually some old promos recently purchased as a package deal ).
  2. Resin Wishlist

    L9000 conversion with updated grill and bumper
  3. 1950's White 3000

  4. CF White Freightliner

    Nice work! Fleet trucks have always been my favorite, IMO, little to no chrome somehow always looks better. I wish AMT trucks came with wheel options, but luckily there are vendors like AITM which offer great 2 hand hole wheels which I believe CF used in the 70's thru mid 90's.
  5. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    Appears to be a photo a current truck in the Hostess delivery fleet transposed on to the actual box they will probably use. 100% certain the vehicle in photo will change, however no excuse for still calling this a C 600!
  6. WIP - Gmc crackerbox mixer

    Nice work! The engine looks right at home in a Jimmy.
  7. Moebius 66 Ford F100 Pickup preview

    Flaresides did not come with side moldings for obvious reasons.
  8. Moebius 66 Ford F100 Pickup preview

    At this point, I'm assuming this Flareside kit automatically has molded in cab side moldings, not optional, separate, added on cab side moldings?
  9. Looking for info on Cummins NHH 220

    I see 3 different engine displacements for Cummins up to the mid 60's, the 672, 743 and 855 cu in. It appears the horizontal was only available in the 743 cu in version. This is the version with the external fuel lines. Interesting foot note is the 220 hp was available in the 743 block NH220 and the 855 block NHE220.
  10. TV Tommy Ivo L700

    The IVO truck has the same wheels IMC originally put on the box cover of the L 700. The ALF wheels are a good choice on the Dodge.
  11. Resin Wishlist

    Corrected 359 fenders that actually roll down to the bumper!
  12. No that the release date comes closer, a few more reference details are in order. In 1966 Ford standardize engine colors in cars and pickups for all engines Ford Blue. However, before this, engine colors were different depending on engine. In 1965, the 352 V8 in pickups was all black except for gold valve covers and the 240-300 6 from my research was all black.
  13. 1955-59' Chevrolet 3600/3800

    This is a great example of wheels that are available in die cast , but never covered by big plastic or resin. Sergey, those specific wheels shown in photo are 3 piece 18" wheels used from the late 40's to late 60's Chevy GMC 1 ton trucks. Diecasts out of boxes with some damage make cheap donors for parts. Not mine..https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMERICAN-MINT-WELLY-PREMIUM-1953-CHEVROLET-TOW-TRUCK-1-24TH-SCALE-IN-BOX/153310194246?epid=670814517&hash=item23b1ffea46:g:o-QAAOSwoDFcGojU:rk:2:pf:0
  14. What kind of engine does the AMT '79 Ford pickup have

    Thanks for posting the article, good reading. 8' campers were getting heavier and heavier to where a 3/4 tons became overloaded, and tail heavy, not good. The big deal about the Super Camper Special is that it was the first 1 ton pickup Ford built with an 8' bed ( with standard 2 door cab). Before this, Ford 1 ton pickups came with 9' beds, not very popular camper sizes. A 1 ton Ford pickup with 8' bed was available before '73, but you needed to special order it as a crew cab only. I agree on the engines, required minimum was 360, with 390 or as 460 options .'77 -'79 351M 400M 460. The Firestone kit is a Frankenstein, something that never existed in 1:1. We need the MAD conversion beds ( don't know if there is a 6 1/2 available with the 8' ) to build any sort of Styleside '73-'79 4x4.
  15. Peterbilt 281 Needle-nose "Duel"

    Correct. There were be a few modifications to the intake and exhaust system, but I'm sure it will be no big deal for you. The NHC 250 is a non turbo, so the exhaust needs to be modified to a drop center type.