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  1. Combined the Revell '56 Ford with the Monogram Mack pumper to create the mini pumper. Went together pretty easily with a few modifications. Used the AMT Ford pickup 1 ton frame as the foundation and added Rookie Resin 1 ton I beam front axle with springs and shocks, and Scene Unlimited 6 lug dually wheels and tires. Extra left over parts were Allison automatic from a AMT Ford C 600 and siren, side steps and front tow hooks from the AMT ALF pumper kit. Fire extinguishers on rear bumper and hoses were from aftermarket resin sellers.
  2. Looks great, can't go wrong with the no nonsense "fleet look". I would reconsider your wheel choices, aftermarket 2 or 5 hole resin wheels are worth every penny!
  3. Its probably best to study photos when the movie was shot, instead of my 10 later photos which aren't 100% accurate. Here a photo from the actual film, and shows the diamond style wheel on left front. This must be the '55 Pete, due to the way the mirror head bracket is shaped around the mirror.
  4. The Dual Pete is always an interesting subject. Back in '71, it would have been difficult to recreate it with only using the AMT California hauler. The cab would be the same for the 3rd truck they used for the add on scenes, but would require a narrow nose front end. Most of the movie used the old style cab which was not available then. Luckily ATIM now offers the '59 Pete, and it would be the easiest for us with not so good fabrication skills to use. Then it comes to the details, the biggest detail, IMO, is using the correct wheels. The older Petes and the trailer used various style lock ring Budd wheels. In the 10 years later photos of the '60 Pete, the right front, it has the diamond style disc wheel, and on the left front, it has the D shape style wheel. Rear wheels of tractor and some trailer wheels are not correct, they have been swapped out to one piece rims.
  5. It appears it will have the same wheels as the 4300, one piece 10 holes. Since this kit represents the '68-'73 4070A, not sure if the 10 hole one piece was even manufactured back then. These wheels seem to have come out around '74-'75?
  6. Excellent job on this rare kit! The factory paint job and details really makes this build look super authentic!
  7. I like your plans! I actually prefer the looks of a longbed 3/4 ton over the shortbed 1/2 ton. The 3/4 ton really began to get popular in the mid 60's, thanks to the pickup camper boom. Chevy called their pickups custom campers while Ford and Dodge called them camper specials.
  8. This is great news, soo many subjects that have never been covered by big plastic. The availability of very affordable donor kits, thanks to all the recent reissues, makes it a great time for new cabs or front end clips. Please have him look at my "resin wish list thread"
  9. Thanks for the comments and contributions! This kit bash is actually pretty enjoyable to build. Both of these kits have been around for along time, and others have beat me to the idea a long time ago, and added great innovations to the build a long time ago. The 2 major reasons I waited until now, is first, the '56 Ford issue I'm using finally came out molded in a very similar red as the pumper kit, and second, appropriate wheels and tires finally became available from the aftermarket, thanks to Scenes Unlimited. The excellent 17.5" wheel and tire come as a package from Danny.
  10. You would think the aftermarket resin truck vendors would kick into high gear and replenish their inventories and or add more products, now that so many affordable re issues are available for donor parts.
  11. Interior shot of instument panel decal and automatic shifter on dash. Couple of spot lamps installed. Era correct 1 ton wheels painted.
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