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  1. The heavy duty conventional used the larger front end, but basically the same cab. Dan models offers an excellent heavy duty Ford cab identical to this one. Interestingly the cab styling on the heavy duty trucks continued to the 1969 year model, while the medium duty styling ended in 1966. To get an idea of the weight capacities involved on a heavy duty T 950 below, the max GVW is 62,000 on the straight chassis, a 12, 15 or 18K front axle and 38 or 44K rear axles
  2. The F 600 shown is considered a medium duty truck. The beefier end of the medium duty line was the F 700 and F 750 (same sheet metal styling). The most common wheel size on F 600 was 2 piece 20". Optional was the 22.5" solid.
  3. This wheel is the most common wheel found on '61-'66 F 350's, its a 2 piece 16". The optional wheel was the solid 17.5". All F 350 came with the 6 lug pattern.
  4. An AMT 1964 F100 would have been nice back in the day but, obviously would have required a lot of retooling. The '66 is similar bodywise..The '62-'63 styleside can be built combining the Dan models '62 Ford cab or Motor City '63 Ford pickup cab and the bed of the AMT 1960 Ford pickup. All F 350's ( bottom photo 1 ton ) and most 4x4's came with larger cut out front fenders ( the bottom scallop line is cut out). The AMT '53 Ford is the best donor for a 6' flareside (stepside). The 8' flareside bed as for as I know has never been available, unless scratch built, but hopefully will become a complete ready to buy package in resin someday. When the Moebuis '65-'66 and 4x4 F100 comes out, even more year coverage is possible for both 2 and 4WD versions of the most interesting and most changed year to year series of Ford pickup ever made!
  5. Square body Chevy/GMC need help.

    That is correct. The first red flag on the 5.7 was that they were only available on 1/2 tons.
  6. 56 Ford f100 engine?

    I'm pretty sure no AMT kit, car or pickup, came with the standard 223 six cylilnder engine ( used between 1954 and 1964 ). Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. However the Chevy Six looks very familiar ( distributor on right side, manifolds and carb on left side), with a little valve cover reworking, it would be very unique sight seeing a 6 banger under the hood!
  7. Ford LNT 9000

    The plot thickens, here is a '80-'81 brochure that does list the 3406 for 9000 series.
  8. Ford LNT 9000

    Sounds logical, build a 9000 series for the big power! Louisville 9000's were always big fleet favorites. Jim B is correct, the Cat required the longer L front end, however other Detroits and Cummins cleared LN's. But maybe you can build a bigger non stock doghouse. This data from '75-'76.
  9. '57-'60 Ford T 950 Super Duty

    These trucks came with a hood scoop that connected to the air cleaner via air duct. Tried to duplicate the real one from factory photo.
  10. '57-'60 Ford T 950 Super Duty

    Yes, same hood that came with kit, only difference is the primer. Will fabricate side hood emblem spears and front emblem with bare metal foil
  11. '57-'60 Ford T 950 Super Duty

    Update to the slow build. Most of the frame completed. The 2nd generation 359 frame used for mock up was replaced with a donor Louisville Dump frame, with Hendrickson suspension. 534, Spicer main and aux trans, Timken 11K front axle, 38K DP rear axles, full air and 10x20 tires and Budd wheels are in place. Dodge L 700 gas tanks used. May have to fab an air cleaner or something. Now for more body work and paint.
  12. Maybe Ford had a better idea? Just kidding. But, IMO, the biggest failure was big plastic not covering the Chevy GMC tilt, something I assumed would happen after the Ford tilt came out in the mid 70's. But we did get the Dodge L700, the ugliest, shorted lived and least popular of the 3, go figure.
  13. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    I agree. Moebius are you listening? AMT dropped the ball with the square doors when they surely had a chance in the mid 70's to cover the most popular pickup in America.
  14. GMC short fleet

    Nice job! Wagon wheels were the rage back then, original wheels on 4x4's usually disappeared less than a month after driven off the dealerships lot. Is the orange engine a clue it is a '73-'76?
  15. Custom Cab interior for early '70's AMT kit. Note the white steering wheel still being used. Ford went to black wheels for all cabs around 1977.