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  1. I believe the " van craze" started a decade earlier, the 70's, and this one is spot on for the era. Like the camper boom, the van boom also came to an end after the gas crisis in '79. The early 80's was a disaster for most Americans, sounds like you had it better in Canada.
  2. Thanks for all the positive comments. I plan to change out the modified painted front wheels with real aluminum 5 hole wheels from Keystone and replace the small air horn will with a much larger Kenworth unit.
  3. This truck is very similar to the period Ford F 700 missing link offered, but F 700 sold out a long time ago and is no longer available. Were always looking for subjects AMT ignored!
  4. IMO, that frame would be very good choice, it is much thinner than the Louisville extra heavy duty dump frame, not to mention, keeping it in the "family"
  5. Great work! These trucks bring back memories, too bad Dodge only built them for a few years, should have been longer. The 361 L 700 engine is perfect. There was also an optional 413 for the D 800. Hope more of these medium duties become available in the future for us less skilled builders!
  6. Nice Job! Especially like the white arrow from top of grill to bottom of cab and the white outline around fender makes this build a stand out!
  7. It appears the insiders at Moebius are holding back info on what is coming out next. As I look into my crystal ball, '57-''60 if a Ford, but, most likely, the '65-'71 Dodge is in the works right now. The '73 thru 79 series can be handled with some good aftermarket resin beds ( 6' and 8' ), and maybe a good resin cab with a higher windshield and no moldings option. No need for Moebius to invest in the '73-'79 , especially since there may be a re issue by AMT ( hopefully first issue ) in the near future. '53-'56 has been overdone for decades. Have no interest in post '80 pickups.
  8. '63 to '66 GMC ( U.S. built ) used leaf springs suspensions on 1/2, 3/4, and 1 tons chassis. other than that, the GMC and Chevy frames are identical.
  9. Excellent work, everything looks spot on! Thanks for tackling this project. I'm ready to write a check for a couple!
  10. If Moebius decides to do the '57-60 Ford pickup, improvements from AMT's " '60 only" version could be numerous. Not only would we get 3 new distinct year model changes, we should get a separate frame, a multi piece suspension and driveline and axles and possibly a 223 6 cylinder in at least one or two of them. Probably most important, a separate cab and separate bed! Hopefully someone from Moebius will chime in soon, I know they have something in the works.
  11. If they do another Ford pickup, it would have to be the '57-'60 series. Only the '60 was done by AMT, so the '57-59 versions could be offered . The old '60 F 100's consistently sell for over $100 on ebay. . However, I personally feel they're going to jump to the '61-'71 Dodge pickup, most likely focusing on the '65-'71 years. 3 to 4 different versions of this series is right up their alley. If they include the '61-'64, I can see 4 to 5 versions.
  12. 1969 Ford with Rookie Resin grill. Thanks Bill
  13. 1969 Ford F 100 painted factory Lunar Green ( looks blue in photo ). Has Rookie Resin grill and west coast mirrors. Bumper, wheels, and mirrors are factory Whimbledon White. Correct 1/2 ton hubcaps are ebay finds.
  14. As others have said, amazing work! Thanks for doing another forgotten vehicle from "the golden age of trucking" , my favorite era.
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