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  1. Count me in on a GMC conversion kit! All the pieces look great. There are two other small items you might want to consider to make 100% complete. The Custom trim package included a small emblem on the rear pillar behind door window and some GMC hubcaps ( basically Chevy hubcaps without the bowtie, just the GMC letters in the center)
  2. 1976/77 Ford Pickup Parts

    I emailed them back in july when you mentioned this earlier, but, they never responded to my email. Hard to believe Morgan hasn't listed this much sought after item on the site yet.
  3. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    Why a '78 D 100? Why not the earlier, and IMO, better looking '72-'73 or '74-'76?
  4. Real trucks have full floating axles! We are very fortunate to have quality aftermarket vendors like Fireball!
  5. Moebius 66 Ford F100 Pickup preview

    '64-'66 Custom Cabs used argent gravel shields. '61-66 standard cabs and '61-'63 Custom Cabs used body colored gravel shields. A deviation occurs when a standard cab truck got upgraded with the chrome grill ( technically anodized aluminum), you'll see body colored gravel shield under a chrome grill. The inside of bed on tu tone pickups was lower body color, except for a thin strip of white around the inside top edge.
  6. Dodge A100 pickup

    Excellent job! Looks very nostalgic, like the tires, wheels and color choice.
  7. PPvintagekits

    Same problem Terry, sent email 2 weeks ago for parts, no reply.
  8. '57-'60 Ford T 950 Super Duty

    Good idea with the black around headlights and reflectors, would offer more depth and detail, than just adding silver paint and clear lenses. Hood detailed with emblems and scoop! Went for the municipal theme, City of Troy ( I assume in Michigan) #11 Dept. of Public Works.
  9. '90s GMC TopKick C7500

    Nice work Sergey! Your scratch building work is very impressive. About the wheels, it appears you are using European style rear wheels, they have a larger center hole and larger lug pattern than American trucks.
  10. AITM Two New Conversions

    Great new items. There is also a '56 Ford F 800 AITM came out with recently.
  11. White 3000 Updated Nov 16,2018

    Looks great, I like the stance, maybe some 22" rubber would fill up the fenders a little more.The L 700 is a great donor for exactly this type of vehicle. I like to keep an eye out for damaged die cast trucks also for donor parts, the die cast White 3000 comes with a super detailed flat head six.
  12. Moebius 66 Ford F100 Pickup preview

    The '61-'66 F 250 4x4 as well as the '61-'65 F 100 4x4 used the older style box's, 8' Flareside ( not available ) or the older 8' Styleside ( not available, unless you purchase the old AMT '60 Ford pickup kit and hacksaw the bed off). These were high floor cabs, not low floors cabs used on '65 and '66 F 100 and F 250 2wd twin I beam trucks. The only conversion possible would be building a '66 F 100 4x4 ( these had low floor cabs, same as '65 and '66 F 100 and F 250 2wds) with the '70 4x4 frame as a donor. Fireball's 8 lug wheels are post '67 bump style wheels used in '67 and newer F 250's, pre '67 F 250's used the old style inner bump 8 lug wheels ( these wheels have never been done by anyone). Hopefully Fireball can offer these inner bump style 8 lug wheels too. First photo '66 F 100 4x4. Second and third photos are '65-'66 F 250 4x4's.
  13. Excellent fab work! A conversion kit with all the necessary pieces offered together would be a big hit! One other item that would be nice would be a small rear window conversion plate that could be glued in the back of the, IMO, over rated big back window option, which seems to pop up in almost every 50's-60's Chevy pickup kit.
  14. '57-'60 Ford T 950 Super Duty

    Construction yellow paint finally on cab, grill and bumper off white. Interior just about done
  15. Resin Wishlist

    The ' original 60 Ford pickup seems to be very collectable, they routinely sell for $100 in glue bomb condition, but I'm really getting tired of the '60 front end. IMO, a '59 front end conversion would be a big improvement, the only different parts would be the hood, emblems, grill, separate bumper and gravel shield.