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  1. Build was to represent a West Coast mid 60's Pete cabover. A very nice resin cab was located on ebay, then added features typically found on the West Coast in the mid 60's. 5 Hole Alcoa aluminum front wheels with center point front axle, steel Budds on the rear, 250 6 cylinder Cummins and longer frame. Color is metallic maroon.
  2. These trucks did pretty good with the basic twin I beam and rear leafsprings too!
  3. Looks like the trailer used in the Duel movie, could definitely use in 1/25 scale!
  4. IMO, Moebius has gone where others have ignored. This is there niche, where they shine to new and older modelers who want more than re issues of 40-50 year old kits. IMO, they'll seriously look at the '61 thru '71 Dodge pickup, if not already. The kit has great expandability potential, meaning with a little extra tooling, we could see different grills, 4wd or 4 door cab and even a 1 ton version with larger fenders and running boards in each new version. The series would need to be broken down, '61-'64 or '65-'71 since there were major wheelbase and bed changes.
  5. With a little interior knife work, put in a Cummins 6 or Cat 6 or Detroit V8, you got a LNT 9000. Can't beat the early 70's box art!
  6. All year grills had black trim paint to accent the design both standard cabs with painted grills and custom cabs with aluminum grills. Since we only have '65 and '66 by Moebius, these shots should help. The black paint usually fades out over time or completely lost when grill is repainted
  7. Yes, Welly is the knock off, the duals ( 18" in 1:1 ) can be used on '48 thru '68 GM 1 tons.
  8. Another fantastic build of an under represented workhorse. Great choice of wheels and body. Expected to see at least one dented rusty hubcap and a greasy 292 under the hood😁
  9. The factory wheelbase for the C series has been constant thru the decades 99" 111" 135" 153" 175". All kits are technically C 900's, why AMT molded 800 into the emblems and why they market some of these kits as C 600 is strange. Hopefully the kats at AMT can explain what happened someday. The tractor version was the 111". the stake is 135" the van body, 153" .
  10. Great pieces Bill! Thanks for offering these super authentic conversion parts needed to build the heavier F series.
  11. Great new interior items Bill! All '61-'66 F 350's used the 4 spoke steering wheel and some 4x4 models also. Most 2wd pickups had the 3 spoke wheel. Most larger than the F 350 had the large version of the 3 spoke wheel.. 132" wheelbase was the only factory length listed , any longer wheelbase was a special order or custom job by a shop. The '64 grill was never done by AMT and I doubt Moebius will ever tackle it, because they would have to modify the frames, engines and inner front fenders from the '65 and '66 kits to build a '64 . Just added a photo of an F 350 to the 61-66 truck reference section of this forum.
  12. Great build! Very authentic, the way many looked back in the day, doing one of its daily chores in style. Great choice of color and trim level and tires and wheels. The stance is perfect, not to low, not to high, and all 4 wheels are placed perfectly in all 4 fenders.
  13. That is one heavy duty looking highboy! Great choice on using the Fireball conversion!
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