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  1. Great job on this, excellent detail work, cab and wheel color really look sharp. I like the narrow nose look of these vintage Diamand Reos. Inspired to do a long frame conversion with Budd wheels someday!
  2. Beautiful job, beautiful colors, the custom fitted flatbed looks perfect!
  3. You forgot Safeway, with the green, white cabs and red frames, the cab paint scheme was similar to CME. CME was one of the originals, started truck service in California in 1927. Later became part of Delta Lines which went of business in the mid 80's due to pressures from deregulation of the trucking industry. Found of an CME with older logo. Note tractor number.
  4. Great job on this medium duty hauler. Wasn't as popular as the Ford tilt, but it was the first popular tilt cab in the industry for others to copy.
  5. I agree, ready for a wash after a long haul the wet Pacific Northwest. The CF decals have held up well also.
  6. Nice progress, the long frame drom box was quite a site back in the day, PIE ran a lot of Pete bubble noses set up this way. Looks great with a WF cab as well.
  7. This is an epic build, who thought a trailer was just a 4 sided box with wheels. The fabrication work is very impressive, these types of trailers are much more complex than most people think. Great job. Hope big plastic is taking note, bottom dumps and double bottom dumps are very popular in the construction industry.
  8. The frame looks great! Yes, 1963 was the first modern Chevy-GMC pickup frame, design basically the same thru '72. Late 60's brought out a leaf spring or coil spring option on Chevys, GMC's used leafsprings starting in '63 and had a coil spring option in the late 60's. Vinyl bench seats are, IMO, much more typical in '67-'72's, however, seat upholstery styling kept changing depending on trim level and year. Interior Door panels are pretty much the same '67-'71, however 72's used a new plastic design panel.
  9. More progress, beginning to come together, almost done.
  10. Great idea and great work on the J 20 conversion. 8 lug steelies look right at home on this one.
  11. Good choice for a build. When looking for inspiration, I look at original factory brochures. Seeing a pattern on many 60's and 70's trucks, aluminum front wheels, steel rear wheels.
  12. Yes, old thread, but interesting, build shows how much better, IMO, the standard wheelbase bed looks. The stretch wheelbase F 350 bed was probably used on less than 10% of '73-'79's pickups, yet the geniuses at AMT used it. Probably not a good business decision. Oh, well, more opportunities for the aftermarket $$$$.
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