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  1. leafsprings added a post in a topic Bill Drennen's Truck Conversions has a New Owner   

    X2!   I was lucky enough to purchase your excellent '64-'66 Chevy 2 ton and other parts back in the day. Just curious Bill, have you ever offered the '67-'72 Chevy 2 ton?

  2. leafsprings added a post in a topic New IH Casting In The Works   

    Thanks for efforts Charles, the results are outstanding. I will definitely purchase a couple. This loadstar will help fill a  void in the "classic" medium-heavy truck category left by the  plastic people.  These loadstars are very versatile, maybe a city tractor, stakebed, wrecker or 3 axle dump?. Can I interest  you in doing a 60's  70's  Chevy or GMC tilt cab next?
  3. leafsprings added a post in a topic 1967 International Loadstar 1600   

    Excellent work on the Loadstar, an impossible feat for us less skilled. Count me in on a couple of these!
  4. leafsprings added a post in a topic Ways to lift 1966 Suburban   

    The reissued AMT 4x4 Chevy Blazer "Crew Chief" may be a good option for a donor. This kit has a nice frame and suspension. 
  5. leafsprings added a post in a topic Truckspotting   

    I think it is a great idea, but I'm afraid the thread will sizzle out soon.  IMO, it may be better to add finds of trucks to the the Truck Reference Picture thread. I've noticed this forum is difficult as is, due to the set up of categories. I really don't care for the under glass and  on work bench categories, because these threads are not sub categorized into truck manufactures. Most  interesting builds get very hard to find over time... I believe most aren't going to spend time going thru 20 pages or more to find vehicles of their interest, finished or unfinished. Doing a search only works if the poster's title is specific in year and model and make.
  6. leafsprings added a post in a topic AMT C-600 kits   

    Because this truck kit comes with a 534, this truck is technically a C 900, higher up the GVW food chain than the lowly C 600.. The first issue of the tractor version ( Metro Freight) was labeled correctly as a C 900. Why the change to C 600 in stake and van body kits  is a mystery. The cab door emblem on all kits reads 800, which is another mystery in itself.
  7. leafsprings added a post in a topic White Freightliner   

    Excellent job!  The outstanding period paint job brings us back to the 70's! By the way, you have the camber and caster set perfectly.
  8. leafsprings added a post in a topic 1969 - 72 Ford Truck Long Box Sides With Narrow Body Trim??   

    The deluxe two tone paint job looks great mk11!  The deluxe two tones paint jobs were very popular on Ford pickups in the 60's and 70's. Also great job on the grill detail. You nailed the black trim paint around the headlights perfectly ( not overdone )
  9. leafsprings added a post in a topic dump bed   

    X2, I have a few 1 and 2 tons waiting for a body!
  10. leafsprings added a post in a topic 66 GMC grill and tailgate   

    The shapeway grill is obviously not the same quality of the excellent modelhaus grill, I hope the kopy cat grill is better.
  11. leafsprings added a post in a topic Redwood Construction   

    Old thread, but here is a photo a Redwood logger. Dig those bias plys. Here is a model Redwood logger https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/69/20/76/692076754d76cd6e95a9a663521e7b88--model-car-model-kits.jpg

  12. leafsprings added a post in a topic AMT International Transtar Reissue   

    AMT releasing an ERTL product? Hmmm, looks like they maybe buying the rights to all the ERTL truck models and may be planning to re leasing most or all of them just like they seem to be doing with all there own old kits. Yes, it appears truck model hobby must be booming.
  13. leafsprings added a post in a topic AMT White Freightliner 2-in-1 SC/DD Cabover Tractor (75th Anniversary)   

    Box art trucks look great, however its what's in the box that counts. This kit should have been corrected to match the box art before the reissues ( front end + fenders  ) . Is that too much to ask?