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  1. Great theme and combo set up. A time capsule to the late 70's as a batch of factory fresh scouts heads towards an IH dealership.
  2. Looking good! Cab sitting at correct height and at a 90 degree angle to the frame, nice!
  3. Excellent re creation of the real thing! This is what AMT- MPC should have given us back in the day! Has all the period goodies in all the right places!
  4. Correct base model hubcap for '67 and '68. Same hubcap, just different paint color applications. ( '67 white with red trim ) ( '68 silver with black and red trim ). Never covered by big plastic. Another future to do item for Rookie Resins.
  5. Looks great! Good to see one of the most popular dump trucks of the 60's finally coming to life in 1/25 scale. Extra thanks for being the first to take on this Dan Models project!
  6. Great detail work on this wrecker. I fully understand how tuff it is to create a realistic period era 1 ton wrecker. FYI, the white and blue paint scheme tow trucks were once part of the automobile club of southern california fleet. Many were used by studios.
  7. Great detail work on an already great cab! Thanks for creating this cab for us to purchase from AITM. Got me thinking of a dual drive mixer for a future build. The 331 Gold comet should provide enough power to do the job.
  8. As adults, we are expected to lower the cab on this one too.
  9. Too bad AMT never gave us a flatbed with the outside frame. They look soo much cooler! IMO, Moebius might want to take it up, there are plenty of 70's reissue tractors that we can hitch it up to.
  10. Bringing it back to the top again, the 60's version of the WF cabover in 1/25. A 3D printer should be able to copy this very nice version already done years ago in railroad scale. Now that the 70's AMT re issues are plentiful as donors, these will SELL!
  11. The mixer would look great on the R Mack, same era as the mixer. I believe many of us are buying this kit for a conversion to another chassis.
  12. Great build. Vintage color photos are great references to guide a project along. Like the old school Budds and custom paint job!
  13. Great job Bill. Everything looks great, the factory color, Custom Cab interior, styleside bed, engine, barden rear bumper, 8 lug wheels, mirrors, chromed grill and white painted front bumper. Extra thanks for doing a subject that has been completely ignored for soo long. I'll never build a '61-'63 integral unibody again.
  14. Nice combo! It's amazing what a nice paint job and nice details can do.
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