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  1. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    Thanks for all info on the real 1:1 and the AMT kits. Learned a lot. There is one more detail I think has not been mentioned. The AMT kit has a strange bumped up frame rail on the end, while the real truck has a tapered down frame rails
  2. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    Thanks for the info Ben!
  3. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    Do the Movin On decal sheets come with the white stripe around the outline of the front fender?
  4. 1980 Ford LNT 9000

    One more question on this cool build, is the newer style Louisville bumper available or was it a custom fab job?
  5. Another pretty GMC.

    Yes, the hubcaps are strange, the edges are much too high, the need to be sanded down. They are actually 3/4 or 1 ton hubcaps, since the van was a 30 series. Did the 3/4 ton GMC as well a 3/4 ton Chevy pickup years ago. The GMC pickup used the same fender emblem as the Astro.
  6. Movin' On TV series -- the pilot "In Tandem" episode ??

    Here is an excellent build of the COE
  7. Wheel sizes 1/24th & 1/25th

    IMO, most trucks in the 70's ran the 20" or 22" 2 piece rims. Most all AMT kits from the 70's came with 20" 2 piece rims. In the 80's, IMO, it was pretty much 50/50 split between 1 piece 22.5" and 1 piece 24.5". There were always exception to the rule, but they were in much smaller numbers.
  8. 67-72 Chevy C 60 ?

    Yes, M2. Its amazing how these die cast toy companies are offering so many different trucks to the market, while most of what we are getting is re issued kits from the 70's. Moebius is one big exception. Most of my purchases today are quality resin offerings, while most re issue AMT kits ( been there done that ) are used for donors. Speaking of Moebius, maybe someone might get a bright idea to do a '67-'72 F 600 as well ?
  9. 67-72 Chevy C 60 ?

    Are there any plans for a 1/25 Chevy C 60 in resin? The cab is practically identical to the pickup cab that has been out for 50 years now. Is it that difficult? Demand issue? Die cast toy companies are running circles around us.
  10. 1980 Ford LNT 9000

    Excellent job. Super authentic. Its amazing how the upgrades can transform a local truck to a fully capable line haul tractor.
  11. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    The front hubs on the Movin On truck are different as well. They are not small grease caps found on most all AMT kits. They are not the small oil caps seen on most 1:1 KW's and Petes. The Movin On KW has the rarer larger style caps usually seen on Ford Louisvilles.
  12. 1967-1972 Ford F-Series Walkaround...

    Thanks for sharing this detailed info Oldmopars, great stuff!
  13. You are correct Force, the whole geometry of the front end is different on these center point axles.
  14. Some great old school additions, center point steering and 5 hole lock ring steelies! I think the rear wheels would be a great seller!
  15. TAT L-700 6-18 trailer fix

    It also has the only 5 speed medium duty truck trans ever made! AMT went with automatics on their C and L series Fords. I used the 5 speed behind a 292 on my F 350 dump build.
  16. IMO, it wouldn't hurt for Moebius to touch base with us lunatics before pulling the trigger on the final product. What to they have to loose? We would have given them the heads up on the '69 headlight buckets looks a little too large, the hubcaps on the '69 and '70 F 100 kits are actually F 250 hubcaps, "custom cab" trim level did not exist for '70-'72, steering wheels were 3 spoke '67--'70, 2 spoke '71-'72 and of course 8 lug= F 250. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful Moebius is offering these long ignored subjects, and will continue to purchase regardless of the box art or subtle inaccuracies.
  17. Anyone make a resin 1 ton dump bed

    The wheels and tires are from the Fujimi wheel and tire kit off ebay. They are 1 32 scale big rig wheels, but when you tuck them under a fender of a 1 25 scale 1 ton the look perfectly at home. I used this set because they have the same 6 hand holes as mid 50's to mid 60's 1 ton Fords. 70's 1 tons used the 4 hand hole design. I knifed a little material out the round hand hole edges to get more of a D shape look. The tires are very nice and meaty as well.
  18. Anyone make a resin 1 ton dump bed

    Just recently received the same dump from bcs trading, I agree, its excellent. Finally have a bed for my '60 F 350.
  19. Ford LNT 9000

    You nailed the look of a heavy duty linehaul fleet rig. What kit came with those heavy duty 6 spokes? They look exactly like the front wheels on this dump. A 9000 could have been ordered with the lighter 34K tandem, but, IMO, should get the beefier 38K , 40K or 44k rears. Notice size of rear hubs on this 9000 dump.
  20. Check out my post on 3-31 page 6. This bed is far more complicated than it looks. The only thing in common with the shortbed version is the fenders, that's it.
  21. Modelhaus in Arizona

    Are there any updates on Modelhaus? Are they shut down forever or will it start up again someday under different owners?
  22. I actually love the truck on the cover, a no nonsense base model "Custom" F 250 4x4 I was planning on converting the new F 100 4x4 to an F 250 4x4 (my personnel preference). I will definitely purchase several regardless of box art. In 1970 Ford re aligned trim into 4 levels. Base model : Custom, then Sport Custom, then Ranger and Ranger XLT. There was also a special value add on package. the Explorer.
  23. 1/25 AMT Peerless Logging Trailer

    Good news, but, the box art should have been scrapped, one of the least inspiring and most confusing ever created. A scene on a narrow logging road in the Pacific Northwest pulled by a KW or Pete would have been the cats meow.
  24. Did anyone notice the same factory correct mirrors all 3 1:1 photos? Who wants to bet Moebius will give us these mirrors on their new 4x4 kit?
  25. Ford LNT 9000

    Details are fantastic. How's the clearance for the turbo?