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  1. Nice paint scheme on the Cruiseliner, very appropriate for the era. Still looks great today.
  2. Thanks for the interior photos, much more differences than I thought. The GMC kits depict a '69-'72 version, so I'm assuming the most accurate interior would be the '72 Chevy interior?
  3. Went thru this thread and couldn't find any info on the interior tubs. There were 3 interior door panel designs, 67-68, 69-71 and 72. What interior door panel design did the GMC pickups come with?
  4. Garbage trucks are essential vehicles, just like about any other truck on the road, they perform a necessary task that society needs for a decent quality of life. I'm ready to give them some respect on my shelf. There is always the possibility of kit bashing with resin cabs that are available now or in the future, namely the Chevy - GMC with a 427 under the cab.
  5. I really like the '73 4x4, it has a no nonsense look to it, a honest hardworking earner, not a show boat to impress the kids.
  6. I agree, and IMO, a larger oil pan also to get that car engine to look the part.
  7. Looks great! Really wished it came out in kit form back when the movie came out!
  8. The big news is that it is a completely new body, something we have not seen in a very long time. Some of the less skilled builders, including myself, could never recreate a super realistic truck body. Prices are inline for what it would cost to purchase a donor kit and resin body if it existed. Hopefully it sells well, so new, never done before bodies may come along in the future. We could use a new wrecker body, grain body, tanker body or beverage bottlers body on the C 900 or Louisville cab too!
  9. Or kit bashing to a D 700, when Repstock makes his available to us.
  10. IMO, I wouldn't hesitate kit bashing the Dodge on the Ford Garwood Chassis. The same axles used on Fords were available on Dodges as well. A 413 ugrade would be nice also. Catalog also shows a 6 cyl. Perkins Diesel was available too.
  11. Outstanding work! IMO, can't get any better! I like the subtle changes to the chassis with manual trans and single exhaust too!
  12. Lets face it, were in an inflationary period, prices are on the rise everywhere. 70 bucks with free shipping will probably be a deal come December '21, may be more price increases coming in '22 and beyond.
  13. The long 1 ton ladder frame will make the MPC racers wedge frame look ridiculous. As for kit bashing with other cabs, need to swap in the appropriate front suspension as well, pre '67 Ford and pre '72 Dodge 1 tons used straight I beam front axles
  14. It may be $15 bucks more considering the cost of this kit. The Budds will be worth it if they look like the correct offset wheels in 1st photo, the second photo shows the flat Budds we got with the ALF pumper. The guys who were waiting for this refuse kit back in July of 1978, will definately purchase it. If its a slow seller for others ( due to price ), it will become a rare and collectable kit in the future.
  15. I completely forgot about that, was focusing on the front view and side view, and not the 3/4 view. I'll consider that change also, but may be beyond my skill level.
  16. Modifying the AMT kit to resemble a older version. Will have the lower cab, older foot strap instead of foot box, re arched fenders and older WF grill emblem as in photo. Going for a fleet truck, probably CME, California Motor Express
  17. You got this one sitting pretty! Like the way the front wheels sit correctly inside the fenders, not outside the fenders.
  18. Like the paint choices on this one, yellow shocks, black air bags and white Detroit. IMO, the custom single stack looks much better than the kits cluttered dual stacks.
  19. Great job, lots of great details put into it, looks as if AMT actually offered this tandem haul-away trailer. In keeping with a previous comment in your build section about Dodge trucks hauling Dodge cars, I wonder how the IMC Dodge L 700 ( new for '66) single screw would look hauling this load of '67 Dodge and Plymouth cars?
  20. Why risk potential lost sales due to poor box art? IMO, great box art ( early 70's trucks ) was a big motivator in purchasing these kits. Later year box art was not very inspiring and probably not very good for sales either!
  21. This is precisely why all my builds are fresh off the assembly line.
  22. The 429, introduced in 1969 cars, is in the same engine family as the 460. Wonder if there are any car kits with the 429? Here is a "cutaway" chassis photo.
  23. The sign of a great model, undetectable from 1:1. This one passes the test! Great subject matter and great fabrication work!
  24. Agreed, and to back up this claim, some literature from the early 60's
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