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  1. Nice builds, very high quality work, thanks for sharing! Especially like the Movin On KW's. Hopefully this forum adds a "by make" section so all these old builds can easily be found.
  2. Thanks for the all the encouraging comments. The separate motor sounds like a great idea Brian! Maybe a flathead Ford engine in a small dog house would look more appropriate than a modern hydraulic pump system.
  3. Good choice to go with the dual drive set up, so much more capacity and stability for one of these battleships. Nice work on the modifications! The ALF is a classic, can't go wrong with this one!
  4. Good point AJ. Lets get the complete upgrade kit. 2 8000 2 9000 and the newer larger grill as shown in photo. 2 900's would be nice if some builders want to put the 534 gas under the hood!
  5. Just about done with this one, next photos with be in finished section.
  6. Telescoping mirrors ( aka - fly swatters ) and turn sigals added and some final interior details. Little research with Ford literature, found a photo of the Western Concrete truck in color and sales brochure material, but too late for the color change, but will do the water tank behind cab. May do hooks on front bumper instead of a W. Looks like a Challenge ?
  7. Nice build! Looks very heavy duty with the duals. Grill update gives the Dodge a new look. Is it a W 300 4x4 or D 300 2x4? Can't see the front suspension.
  8. Nice pieces, the Pete headlight surrounds and the Ford 8000 emblems are must have for next builds!
  9. Excellent interior detailing, colors look spot on! Great twist with the Pete, narrow nose flip, dual headlights and 1100 cab, so many configurations possible!
  10. Very nice collection! Here is one I built years ago, dusty, changed out the wheels with Budds. Would have been a nice kit in 1/25
  11. Great color choice and tu tone effect. Really like the 6 lug duallies and correctly enlarged F 350 fenders!
  12. From my observations, the F series ( green truck ) were very popular 3 axle dump trucks. The Louisville would be a natural. They even came with the Cat V8 which is in the kit. The N series, ( orange truck ) were popular as short wheel base 3 axle tractors. I like the GMC Astro or Chevy Titan frames.
  13. Manufactured by Dan Models and sold thru ebay. Example of the green F series in previous post. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-F-850-1-25-scale-resin-truck-cab-kit/224131965321?hash=item342f4e6189:g:W4oAAOSw0nJZcdHO The N series ( orange truck in previous post ) is available also, but presently not listed on ebay. The lighter F 700 is listed, an excellent piece also.
  14. Its been a couple of years that these excellent resin Ford Trucks have been out there and I haven't seen anyone on this site build them. I'm planning on doing one very soon. There are super detailed and very accurate any reasonably priced. I had no problem receiving them from overseas. They can be kitted to existing kits and fitted with Cummins, Cat of Ford gas engines. Are we waiting till they are no longer available and hit the Modelhaus status?
  15. Looks great, can't go wrong with an old iron build! Maybe Global Van Lines?
  16. Need passenger side mirror only, low mount type found in early Chevy Titan or GMC Astro kits. Thanks
  17. Need the big back window only for the Revell 1956 Ford pickup 1/25 scale. Thanks.
  18. Getting close to completion. Road Gravel decals in place, just need the trailers­čśž
  19. More cab and interior details added. "Custom Cab" seats were gray with red trim.
  20. Notice on lower right hand corner of box, "scaled from official prints". This kit and the Kenworth kits were very nice if your into this smaller scale.
  21. I agree about the toy like addition, but we did have better as kids. Look at what is written on side box of the MPC Mack Rex mixer ( same era as the racer wedge ). Skimp on some kits and go all out on others. The MPC Mack was geared for adult builders!
  22. Super impressive detailing! You went above and beyond of what this kit was originally. I appreciate all the extra engine, drive train and body work that went into this one.
  23. Yeah, the Dodge should be the next Moebius subject. IMO, that's the beauty of the new kits. You can mix and match bodies. That couldn't be done with the old AMT '61-' 63 pickups. Didn't 1 ton Dodges come with the extra large front fenders?
  24. More engine, chassis and dashboard details with reference photos. Instrument panel with tach ( left side ) and air pressure gauge (right side ) .
  25. The top of box art is a dissapointment, not only does it sit too low, the paint scheme and colors are extremely uncommon for this series of pickups. The art work is obviously derived from another Ford 2wd ad from the day. The built model on side cover has a higher stance and looks correct appears to have the same 15" wheels as previous kits. would have liked to see a 16" wheel option in this one. Factory photo of a '66 F 100 4x4 for those who care. Glad Moebius didn't make the mistake of showing a '66 F 250 4x4 on the cover, because the frames and beds are completely different. But again, glad this kit is out there for us to build in whatever variation ( flareside , shortbed or utility ) if we choose, couple of years ago, we had nothing in this era.
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