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  1. Nice job on paint, mods and fine detail work. These were custom built trucks when they were new, is perfectly normal to change wheelbases to do a particular job better, that is what makes truck model building so much different than car model building.
  2. A camper for standard 8' pickups in 1/25. Neo does one in 1/43 scale.
  3. Maybe a box set in the future again.
  4. Received mine today, looks very good. It's 1978 again.......... The wheel option is a big plus, like to see more future releases with a wheels option also, maybe even in 22" as well. Probably back date it to a '62
  5. Great job. The front end and wheel de chroming makes this build so much more realistic looking.
  6. I remember in the 70's there was a company that converted these vans to 4x4, I believe they were all 8 lug wheels too.
  7. Looking for the resin Kenworth narrow nose conversion. The newer style used between the mid 60's and mid 70's. Just the hood. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the reply. The older cabs generally came with the narrow grills and the newer cabs generally came with the wide grills. The anomalies are the old cab with the wide front end and the newer cab with the narrow front end. I'm in the later dilemma. Will put in a want ad.
  9. I'm in on the Larger Louisville grill and the Dodge van grill posted by Gary and Dale. These kits are plentiful and we definitely could use some appearance options for them.
  10. Very nice work, the wrecker body and General look great together! The 22" wheels look perfect.
  11. Excellent representation of a '64 Dodge the way it looked in a dealership showroom back in the day.
  12. Great job with the tractor to stake conversion! Cab sits level and straight on frame, hard to pull off with the L 700. Excellent detail and paint work, especially like wheel color contrasts. Keep these medium duties coming!
  13. You again captured the look of a no-nonsense workhorse that has the power and capacity to do the job right. The L hood and 9000 emblems are very nice upgrades.
  14. Nice job Brian. The paint scheme is simple, but effective. Like the L hood upgrade!
  15. It's been a few years, has anyone stepped up to the plate and offer them again? Found a photo, but AFAIK, not available.
  16. Interesting and accurate read, thanks for posting keyser. AMT tried to cash in on the 4x4 boom in the late 70's with the Stones kit without giving us a retooled shortbed or standard bed pickup.
  17. Impressive work! You always have ways to push modeling to the next level. I agree about needing a stretch machine for already done 1/35 scale pieces that dominates military scene. The old 6 hand hole design from the 40's-50's is a must do. Panzer Art 1/35 wheels from ebay listings.
  18. This is more of a brush type unit. Official L.A. county fire crest on door. 6 lug wheels= F350
  19. Great looking wrecker! The 22" rubber and the old style alcoa's give it a cool vintage look.
  20. Thanks Gator. Still working on the '58 Esso tanker trailer, but my collection of '50's Fords are growing ( and getting dusty😊 ).
  21. Yes, it has been done with the Ertl International 4070 cabover that was originally introduced in '73. For decades it has been a very hard to find kit, it has been recently reversed engineered from an older complete kit. IMO, if it can be done to this kit, it can be done to any highly sought after older kit. I guess we need to get in their ear to reverse engineer more kits that will sell!
  22. Great job on the super heavy duty Mack Dump. Wheels and tires look awesome!
  23. Thanks for the comments! The '54 grill was purchased from Kitchen Table Resins a while back. There is one available from Shapeways also. 1/25 54 Ford truck grill (GMNRSKF65) by harvester850 (shapeways.com)
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