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  1. Finally my '69 C 10 has the correct 1/2 ton hubcaps ( hubcap and wheel color was silver in early '69, changed to white starting in '70 ). Thanks again Bill for supplying these excellent never done before pieces! Any possibility of doing the '67-'77 Ford F 250 F 350 cap ( in the 12" diameter like the Dodge 200 ) ? The cap the comes with the Moebius Ford pickup models is too small, like it was designed to fit a small 15" wheel.
  2. Built the truck 332 Y block with some modifications and some donor parts, larger oil pan, larger fan and belts and rams horn exhaust manifolds.
  3. I would add the 6 spoke front wheels would catapult this to a C 800. Ford literature from the era lists the C 800 model with a 8.2 Detroit and the C 8000 model with a 3208 Cat. Post '74 trucks came with wider front fender also.
  4. Some enlarging of the front fenders and the lower grill area were necessary to replicate a real Big Job. Found a frame that is suitable for heavy construction work including a period Hendrickson suspension. Would have preferred a small back window and an opening hood on this cab though.
  5. Plans are to build a '56 Ford T 800 concrete mixer, similar to the real life unit used by Western Concrete of Los Angeles back in the day. Resin pieces will be from AITM.
  6. Nice build ! 2 axle widenose would translate to the 289.
  7. Outstanding piece of trucking history brought back to life! I'm sure these rigs were popular with penny pinching fleets.
  8. The Ford is on my buy list when back in stock!
  9. X2! .I'm afraid the future is just going to get worse, I wont even mention the telsa big rig, which may not even have a driver.. I prefer the mechanical look of the past, the lubefiner hanging off the cab with oil hoses, west coast type mirrors with all the brackets, and turn signal lamps bolted to the tops of front fenders. Needless to say, I won't be in the market for any modern big rig, my money will go towards reissues or never been done before 50's thru 70's trucks.
  10. I doubt this, it has been covered in resin. Not sure who offered it, but pops up from time to time on ebay. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1962-ford-100-shortbed-pickup-resin-131715956
  11. Just received 2 '65 longbeds. This is the kit I was waiting for. Probably get another 2 in near future. The long bed is unique tooling.. I can finally build a 65 or '66 F250 Camper Special. Maybe Moebius will go one step further and offer the 8' Flareside body in this series, which also can be expanded to use on '53 thru '72 pickups.
  12. I have to admit I wasn't a big fan of the 7400 back in its day, but, times have changed. Those simplistic boxy older cabovers now look much more interesting to me. This one is right on track to be another excellent build!
  13. IMO, forget the younger generation as being the focus on what to build, most are not going to spend there free time assembling and painting plastic parts anyway. I very much doubt if there behind the avalanche of reissues from the old AMT kits, its because of the older builders who still have the passion for the hobby. The success of the Moebius '65-'72 Ford pickups should tell us something. Continue this trend Moebius, nail the shortcomings and voids from the Big Plastic companies of the past and this time focus on some heavies as well. I have no interest in building modern aerodynamic fiberglass motels on wheels as seen on todays highways. Most of us who started building model trucks in the 70's will continue to buy and build model trucks if we get some new never done before classics. Here are a few suggestions.
  14. Finally my Dodge Tradesman 300 1 ton has correct 1 ton hubcaps. Thanks again Bill
  15. This bus is a classic, will never goes out of style. I'm in for couple as well. Question. Will it come with fender flares ( rubber on the 1:1) ?
  16. Good original F 350 for reference.https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/ford/f350/2203013.html#&gid=1&pid=1
  17. Another good reference for the AMT F 350 Super Camper Specialhttps://barnfinds.com/3k-mile-survivor-1977-ford-f-350-ranger/
  18. Very impressive! Bringing a photo to life!
  19. Found the logo for Redwood Construction, same company in earlier post of the Pete Logger.
  20. Thankyou Danny @ Scenes Unlimited for making another wish come true!
  21. The Chevy hubcaps look great Bill, I will definitely order a few sets! A little clarification on application. That hubcap ( first example) was used from 1969 thru 1975 on 1/2 ton pickups and vans, base models came with the painted caps, higher trim or optional caps were stainless. In 1976, the higher trim vehicles got the newer flat aluminum ( second example) and was used on pickups up to 1987 and vans into the 90's. However the old style hubcap (first example) continued to be used from 1976 thru 1978 on base models. Thanks again for doing these correctly.
  22. Great photos Casey! That '73 Chevy with the woodgrain trim brings back memories.
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