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  1. Excellent pair of old Dodges Tom! Love the van and what it stands for!
  2. Thank you Mike, it has been in the "under glass section" of this forum for a while now...might have to dig back a few pages to find it.
  3. Nope, I cancelled his order. He has purchased some other GMC stuff from me in the past so they will probably be re-casted as well. My 305 v6, wrap around bumper, 8ft boxsides, v6 badges, and 66 grill. He had the nerve to ask for a discount for buying in bulk!
  4. Thanks Brian, funny thing is, the sob just placed another order with me. His name is NELSON HICKMAN. As far as the hood goes, modelhaus had one but they are hard to find. I was always planning on taking an AMT 60 Chevy hood and modifying it to be a GMC but just haven't had the time to do so. I wouldn't buy a stamp from this guy!
  5. Another Recaster alert! Hickman6389 recast my GMC conversion parts and has them on the Bay for $40! Couldn't even do a decent job casting them which adds to the insult!
  6. Thanks Tom! Wonderful work on this one! BTW, those mirrors were designed for the 4th Gen Ford cabs (Moebius 65 -66) which is why the fit is a little "off" for the 67-72 kits.
  7. Thanks AJ, I forgot all about the roof change from the smooth top in 61- 63 cabs to dip in the 64 - 66 . Hopefully it shouldn't be much of a hassle for the builder to fill in that dip on the Moebius 65-66 cabs to get the right look for the 61-63.
  8. Excellent work Jim! You nailed the used slightly weathered look! Love the engine bay! Very well done all around! It will be an honor to post this build on Rookie Resin's website in the upcoming customer gallery, thank you for your support!
  9. Very cool! Weathering technique is fantastic! Love the seat! Excellent work!
  10. Excellent work Tom!, right down to broom! This brings back memories of when I was in the towing business and spent many hours sweeping debris ( and other things) off the highway after securing the vehicle. Nice details and you nailed the look of that "clean" wrecker that dealerships had around their service centers.
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