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  1. Excellent weathering and detail! The trim around the windows is amazing!
  2. Thank you VERY much Mike! You were a BIG help with the development of those grills and I can't thank you enough for your input! Thank you Bill, I agree, they do add a nice contrast. Thank you Guido ! Thank you Carl! Thank you Patrick! Those wheels are my own creation. (3d printed). I had the same problem finding the 5 slot wheels that were deep enough for my liking so I made these.
  3. Looking fantastic Mike! Love your color choices! I have also tried sharpies on a few and didn't like the results.
  4. Hello Roy, the grill is 3d printed. I used to sell them and hopefully will again eventually. I sold lots of them so maybe you can find someone willing to give one up. The exhaust was a combination of spru bent with jewelry pliers and fat spru sanded down (mufflers) and then I used Q-tips tubing for the ends and just heated them very slightly and bent by hand then snipped off the ends. Hope this helps! Bill
  5. Thank you Monty! The Moebius 69 Ford kit grill has been talked about a lot on this forum. The grill used in the pics above is one of my own creations. The kit grill is VERY inaccurate and looks kind of awkward. The biggest issue on the kit grill is namely the headlight bezels. I think they are way too big. Over the course of a year and with the help of a few guys from this forum, namely Mike (MK11), I came up with what you see on this build to replace the one provided in the kit. Hope this helps, Bill
  6. Thank you Tom, I appreciate your comments. I had to fiddle with the suspension to get the right stance I was looking for. I also filled the rear peg holes for the bed and just mounted the bed with the rear raised to get the body lines to line up.
  7. Well this is my 2nd model of the shiny kind. This is of course the Moebius Model King 69 Ford with the horrible grill. This is the one that got me started in making parts. It starting with the grill. I swapped out the straight six for a 390 from a 71 kit but had to fix the thermostat housing to be correct for the FE block. The door panels, rear lower trim, ranger scripts, starter solenoid, brake and gas pedals and slot wheels are also my own 3d printed parts and I scratched a few things like the headliner, wheel well trim and the dash pad. Parts box pieces are the steering wheel, tires, front bumper, and air cleaner. I hated how the tailights looked when the red pieces were placed in the chrome housings so I used red transparent paint applied in the chrome housings to get the recessed look I wanted. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. It snowed this morning (April 21) so the pics were done inside with crappy lighting so bare with me on the quality. I didn't post a WIP on this one but feel free to ask if your curious about anything. Thanks for looking! Comments welcome!
  8. As always, you nailed the weathering perfectly! Your ability to capture the faint worn paint with just the right shade of rust. Well done Mark!
  9. Turned out great Tom! Lots and lots of great detail work! The conversions are all very well done!
  10. It is always a pleasure for me to have to try and find clues that what I am looking at is in fact a model and not the real thing...that was most certainly the case here. Well done!
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