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  1. Moebius 4x4 Ford

    Just wanted to thank everyone again. My next build will be a 65 Impala so it will be under the car section, hope to hear from you there!
  2. 3 D parts

    having worked with 3d printed items....caution! to get them smooth enough for any finish would be tedious at best...something that small would be difficult to prep for paint or chrome. Suggestion: Buy a cheap plastic for sale sign from any place that sells them and make your own. Its not too hard, still requires patience and is tedious but cheap and doable. I made these with glueing wire for the ribs, wire for frames, bmf for reflection, and just paint. affordable 3d printers typically will give you an object that is layered and requires sanding to get the item remotely smooth. If making your own is not an option, maybe some photo etch or do your photo etching. Just suggestions!
  3. 1970 Ford

    Nice work! not overdone on the custom stuff.......just right!
  4. 77 Lincoln Town Coupe

    Beautiful job on the fabrication! Always wished they would make kits like these again. Well done!
  5. 1964 Plymouth Belvedere

    Beautiful old Plymouth! Please don't take this in a negative way and I certainly am not trying to take away from an excellent build, but some details in that engine bay would put her over the top.
  6. 68 Olds 442 promo makeover

    Very nice restoration! I too am a fan of the 68 over the 69-72, they are just a little to close in looks for me....of course I would never walk away from one!
  7. 66 Suburban

    Very nice clean build! The color choice and quality is excellent!
  8. Looks great! The seats look especially real! Good job all around!
  9. Nice job! Should look great behind the Suburban!
  10. Excellent work! Great details and mods!
  11. Moebius 4x4 Ford

    Thank you everyone for the positive comments! To answer Alan's question about how I did the bumper...I started with dark brown rattle can paint (semi gloss), sealed it with semi gloss clear coat, painted the grey (air brush) with craft paint (dull opaque), took a soft brass bristle wire brush to it to get the fine scratches, sealed again with semi gloss clear, then dusted it with real rust powder I make. Hope that answers your question Alan. Thanks again for the interest everyone!
  12. Very well done! The boom is spot on!
  13. Just finished my 4th build in my "A day in 1979" series for my future diorama. It began as the Moebius 71 Ranger xlt. I combined AMT's 78 Ford Firestone kit for the 4x4 components. I wanted a bare bones Ford Custom cab with a lower trim level than the XLT. I picked up a Moebius 70 Ford for the use of the door panels, seat, and tailgate. Modifications are minimal as the kit is pretty good as is. I had to fix the steering column to get the steering wheel straight, grind a little off the area where the firewall and interior tub meet in order to get the bed to line up with the cab properly, shave down the windshield wipers and pedals, and bend the exhaust to fit with the new suspension. Scratch built items are: mirrors, antenna, bumper guards, mud flaps with angle iron, gas filler neck and cap, shifters, dash pad, drive lines, exhaust extension, lock out hubs, starter solenoid, thermostat housing, heat riser, dip stick, all vacuum lines and hoses, throttle linkage and spring, battery cables, wiring harness, alternator bracket, brake lines at master cylinder, and the washer hoses to cowl. I used scale model spark plug wires from an aftermarket company (cant remember the name). Parts box items not including the 4x4 parts are: fan belt assembly, rear view mirror (inside), hub caps, valve covers, 4 speed transmission, and bell housing. I have a pretty thorough explanation of the build under the workbench section if interested. Thank you for looking and comments are welcome! I would be happy to answer any questions if you have them. Enjoy!
  14. Nice job overall! Great color combo! Your placement of the stickers add to the realism.
  15. Thanks again everybody! Your projects and comments have helped to keep me motivated in the hobby this time around, its been a long time (30 years). This one is my second build since getting back into it. I am rapping up my fourth build and it will be posted here soon. If interested, my 1st was a Revell 54 Chevy car, ( "70's glue bomb" under car section) 3rd was "project every which way" found on this board. (55 Chevy pickup). 4th is the Moebius ford 4x4 currently under workbench. Thanks again!