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  1. Many MANY Thanks to everyone! Check out the resin post on the forum. I posted some progress on creating a new 64 grill for these kits.
  2. Thanks Tom! I thought they were but wasn't sure. I am going to see if I can make those as well.
  3. Just wanted to show the progress on a 64 Ford F series grill. I still need to fill in the areas around the headlight ring and bring the headlights out a little. I also will create the panel above the grill. I should be able to do 62 and 63 once I get the headlight bezels ironed out. Can anyone confirm if the F100 badges that go on the 65-66 fenders are the same size as the ones the 64 had on the hood? Anyways, just wanted to show the progress. Bill
  4. Thanks Sam, hang on to it, I appreciate the offer but for now I don't need it. Thanks again!
  5. I have started on one, the headlight bezels are giving me fits but I am working on it.
  6. Hey Karl, I was surprised to see this one dug up again! If I remember correctly, I just took a small (really small) flat piece of styrene and drilled a hole then painted it black then went over part of the black with silver. After placing the wire, I went in with black and touched the bottom of the wire where it goes into the base. Hope this helps!
  7. Hi Mark, I made the wheels (and sell them) but the tires were something I printed for this build and unfortunately, I can't produce them consistently with any quality and therefore do not sell them. I had to fill lots of holes on the ones I used for this build. The wheels and other goodies can be found here. https://www.rookieresin.com/ Thanks, Bill
  8. Thank you all so very much for the kind words! It really is great to hear from you all!
  9. Well I am calling this one done. I started with the Moebius 66 Ford stepside and created the truck I learned to drive in. I had to create many parts to convert the F100 to a F350 but for the most part, it turned out pretty good. I used the rear differential from the AMT Firestone kit and made the front suspension, mirrors, wheels, marker lights, rear springs, and interior parts which are all available at my website "Rookie Resin". I also made the fuel tank and side toolbox and may offer those as well in the future. The headliner was made using thin cardstock from an Iphone case and I used a dome light from the parts box. The bed was made with bass wood and the like. I went with the straight six for this build though the truck I drove was actually a 64 with a 292 v8. This is yet another build for my "Day in 1979" future diorama. Hope you like it! Comments welcome! Thanks, Bill
  10. Looking fantastic so far Jim! I too am curious to see if Moebius gets the grill correct for the upcoming 67 but I am betting they will probably recycle the door panels, hood badges, and everything else from the earlier kits. We will see!
  11. Thank you Kurt! Yes I have spent a lot of time on the Ford forums doing research on these and other builds. The folks on this forum are an excellent source for info and have been very helpful as well. I did make those marker lights and I sell them on my website if you are interested. Thanks again!
  12. Exceptional build! You have a gift for capturing a very realistic look and your attention to detail is phenomenal! Well done!
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