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  1. Ha Ha! Let me know if you need any pointers on building the box, I have built a couple now and would be happy to help out.
  2. Hi Tom, right now I just have the 8ft box sides with tail light end caps and wheel wells. I believe you bought a set??? It doesn't take much to build the rest of the box. I was going to do a full box but need a pressure pot to get the bubbles out of the resin. I did an 8ft standard wheelbase 73-79 Ford box and am fighting bubbles so pressure pot is on the list for purchase and we will see how it goes.
  3. Beautiful work right down to the inspection sticker in the windshield! Love it!!
  4. Hi Chris, sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I have been really sick for the past month or so. I am planning on doing the badges for 73-77 Fords for F150, F250, and 350. I already have the F100 fender badges for the 73-75. The door panels ran into a snag that I am curently working out but hope to get figured out soon. I tend to jump around a lot and work on several different things at a time. My focus at this moment has been getting 3 different rear bumpers finalized, new slot mag wheels, new babymoon wheels, and the 73-77 Ford grill surround with separate inserts. I am really close on these items and then will shift to the badges, door panels, and some diorama pieces. Thank you for your patience, Bill.
  5. Excellent work Tom! Love the working components, the subtle weathering, and all the detail! Well done!
  6. Small update, worked on the interior and glass. I wanted to add a headliner for this build and after researching a bit, I came up with this plan. I took some card stock from an I phone box and wrapped it in masking tape, then painted the pieces white. I then glued the pieces in place and made a dome light from something I had in the parts box. For the glass, I taped the side with a lip and carefully cut out the area for the surround molding, removed the tape and applied it to the other side, then cut a new one for the side with the lip again. This allowed me to spray the rubber surround and get a fairly clean edge. For those not familiar with this kit, the windshield goes in from the front (outside) a whole lot easier than doing it from inside!!! Anyways, not much else to report. Thanks for your comments and thanks for watching!!
  7. Thanks David! I assume you are referring to the flat bed. I made c channels from styrene or you can buy them from companies like plastruct. It then just sits on the flat frame. Another way to do this could be using wood beams in place of the c channels.
  8. Thank you Mike, Roger, and Tom! I have another small update. I started weathering the body, grill, engine bay, and bumper. Painted the window trim, "FORD" letters, and the turn signals above the grill. The bed was also weathered and I put some marker lights on the sides of the bed. I made some mud flaps and used tail lights from a Monogram Ford kit and made brackets for them from angle styrene. Thanks for checking it out! Comments welcome!
  9. Thank you A.J. for your order, I will be busy!! Bill
  10. Hi Jason, for some reason there is a delay when I upload new products. The mirrors are on there now. Let me know if you still can't see them. Thanks Bill
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