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  1. A true work of art! Excellent work throughout!
  2. Sizing Images for Decals

    I use photoshop CS6 and crank up the resolution if needed then size it down to my needs. Those images you posted seem to be high enough resolution but they are taken from a slight angle and skew towards the top. If I knew what size you needed, I could give it a try for you. You would still need to print them though so I don't know if it helps.
  3. A Better Grill

    Hi Matt, I have been fine tuning and communicating with MK11 to correct some issues. They are pretty much finished but just need a test fit. My plan is to test one this weekend for fit and accuracy. I took a short break from these and focussed on my GMC stuff for a bit but I am anxious to get these done.
  4. 60 chevy

    I agree with David, You are at a fork in the road between a barn find or a rat rod. With the whitewalls and a few upgrades or non stock components its a cool rod, with just the black walls, its a cool barn find! at this point Either way will be very cool! Well done on the weathering!
  5. Looking great! Love the colors your using!
  6. Thanks Mark! PM me about the engine and other parts you are interested in. (I have 66 grill letters now)
  7. Thanks guys for the nice comments!
  8. Small update. I have been busy doing some work for a fellow forum member and refining some other parts so this project has been in slow motion! I modeled a complete 305 V6 on the computer then printed the 13 components and assembled it for this build. In keeping with the diorama in my future, I am building this as a "used" truck you would see parked in the street in 1979. I painted the interior and started assembly but these pictures are for test fitting purposes so the firewall isn't in there yet. I tested the fit for the engine and wanted to see how the dash fit in the windshield cavity. I still need to test it with the glass in but it looks pretty good so far. I lengthened the frame yet again as I had to rework the bed sides from the earlier ones to correct the length so I added 1mm to the front portion before the wheel. I went back and reworked the grill to clean it up, correct the center bar to add a little point in the center, and add headlight bezels. I modeled and printed a bumper for this build as well. Still a WIP but its coming along slow but sure! Let me know what you think! Thanks for looking!
  9. An all-time holy grail build- 69 Charger Daytona

    Nice work! I have been a fan these cars as well. Quick history lesson...the Daytona was Dodge's third attempt to beat the Competition in Stock car racing (NASCAR). The 69 Charger 500 was the 2nd attempt with the flush grill and filled in back window area. Long story short, the Daytona was a huge success in racing in so Plymouth followed suit the next year with the 70 Superbird and they did so well, they were banned from NASCAR the year after, hence the rarity of these winged warriors. Only 503 were built for street use and only 70 of those were hemi cars. You probably already knew this info but I thought I would share! Great job representing this rare Mopar!
  10. 67 Nickey Camaro

    Very nice! Well done all around!
  11. AMT Chevrolet 454 SS

    Nice work Joe, that paint looks flawless! I like that you dulled the paint under the hood and the decals look great! Well done!
  12. 1969 A12 Super Bee

    That is very nice!
  13. 1974 Plymouth Satellite "Sundance Special"

    Excellent job bringing it to life!
  14. 1970 GTX

    Nice work!
  15. Olds 67 Cutlass, Lindberg, black

    Great work on this! The paint looks great!