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  1. Hi John, yes the grass stays upright after the glue dries...the pics I posted was actually done over a year ago and it is still a work in progress but the grass is still as I applied it. Basically mix some white glue with water and apply to surface (pretty thick) then use the applicator to sprinkle the grass. Here is a good link to show how the negative ion generator works and how to wire it up. In the video, he makes a real nice set up but the principle applies to any set up you come up with. https://steamtraininfo.com/for-modelers/using-static-grass/static-grass-applicators/static-grass-applicator
  2. Forgot to mention David and Pat, I used pink foam insulation for my base ground...it might make a difference on how well the static charge works. If you use wood or something solid, the static charge may not be as strong...just something to consider. The foam works easy as you can place the nail (I used a paper clip) right into the foam and move it around easily as you lay the grass. Not sure how a hard surface would work...haven't tried it.
  3. I have done some extensive research on this Pat and found the static grass method to be the most realistic for my taste and the scale we work with, however. to get everything together could require a good investment and a 1/25 diorama can use quite a bit of material. I always look for cheap alternatives to paying for expensive "hobby" stuff. Go online and find yourself a wig...yes a WIG. They are nylon and you can cut to whatever length you need, paint it, and it works great in a static charged applicator. You can find a long hair blond wig for about $10 - 15 bucks and it will supply you with A LOT of material. Next, make yourself an applicator....you can find how to videos all over the net but make sure to get a good negative ion generator. I use the "grassking" brand and have had great luck with it after using some cheaper ones that failed after a short period of time. Here is a pic of it. Here are some shots of what I managed using a wig (colored green) and my home made applicator. Bare in mind, the pictures are before I cleaned up the loose grass. Hope this helps!
  4. True works of art Steve! Your work is very inspiring!
  5. Thank you all Very much! Matt, I made all the GMC stuff including the engine (mostly 3d print) and offer it on my website https://www.rookieresin.com/ Landman was very helpful with getting some specs on the engine....Thanks again Pat!
  6. Very nice work Tom! Love the 68 Chevelle and the weathered hauler!
  7. Very nice custom work here! Love the rat rod!
  8. Excellent work on all of them! Very clean and love the color choices!
  9. Very nice work on all of them! The 68 Chevelle's paint is excellent! The Gullwing is outstanding!
  10. Nice collection of well built cars! Love the two movie cars!
  11. Very nice collection! Your paint work is outstanding!
  12. All are very nice! Love the 32 bare metal and the old digger!
  13. Very nice collection and they all look fantastic!
  14. Thank you all for the kind words! Happy New Year!
  15. Thanks Tom, yeah I spent some time at that work bench too!
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