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  1. Hi Jason, for some reason there is a delay when I upload new products. The mirrors are on there now. Let me know if you still can't see them. Thanks Bill
  2. I am happy to announce that the F350 interior pieces for the Moebius 65-66 Ford pickups are now available on the website as a bundle. The mirrors are also available but unfortunately, they will have to be sold on their supports and will require careful removal as they are VERY fragile. https://www.rookieresin.com/ Thank you all for your business! Bill
  3. Thanks Jason, maybe sometime down the road I can make the vise but for now I have to get some other things finished up.
  4. Thanks Brad, you are correct, the 64 had a three spoke wheel. The truck I drove back in the 70's was a 64 custom cab and I remember it having the three spoke wheel, in fact I still have the horn ring from that truck. It had an extra long wheelbase than a normal cab and chassis and I have only seen a handful of them with that wheelbase. It is still in the family sorta as it belonged to my dad and he parked it in my junkyard for storage when the brakes went out of it. He took off the flatbed and put an old beat up utility box on it. It looked funny because of the extra long wheelbase and there was a few feet of space between the cab and the box so he put a cross tool box in there to fill the void. The guy that bought out my salvage yard business still has it sitting there and knows its not his but my brother in law was supposed to get it out of there and do something with it. I have the horn ring because kids would get into my junkyard and steel things like that out of vehicles. I wish I had some pics of it when we got it back in the 70's. It was a water truck for a farmer and it had a thousand gallon steel water tank on the all wood flatbed. I haven't decided if I am building the water tank or not. I decided to build it as a 66 standard cab instead of a 64 custom cab due to not having a 64 grill or the proper door handles, steering wheel, etc.. I may make a 64 conversion someday but for now I have enough projects in the makings and need to wrap some of those up first. Sorry to ramble on and on!!! Take care!!
  5. Got the interior put together. The heater box is hard to see but fills the void nicely. The F350 interior parts will be available at Rookie Resin this Saturday as a bundle. I cleaned up the mirrors and painted them. The mirrors will also be available. The truck I drove had a longer wheelbase, so I lengthened the frame again and made a new bed.
  6. Exceptional work on this! As everyone else has said, the weathering is spot on and the details are excellent!
  7. I have a small update for this build. I sanded down the sharp edges and supports from the inner fenders to give it the round effect like the real ones. I filled in the battery tray as the F350's had the battery under the passenger floor. I don't know why but Moebius has an issue with getting the proper lip on the dash for these 4th generation and their 5th generation trucks, so I added a strip of plastic to enhance it a bit. I got the base coat of paint on and made a few items for the interior. I made some mirrors that are more appropriate for this truck. I have a question for anyone that is familiar with these trucks. What was the extended wheelbase for the F350's? I know the stake bed trucks were 132" but the truck I drove back in the late 70's had a longer wheelbase and I think the bed was 10 or 12 ft in length. My research does not mention anything beyond the 132" wheelbase except for a crew cab of 152". Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for looking and comments are welcome.
  8. Thanks guys, I made these items for my build and wasn't sure if anyone else would want/need them. I will just make an interior piece bundle set and sell the mirrors separately. The mirrors are VERY VERY fragile! I will have to figure out a way to package those without them breaking in transport. I may have to leave all the supports on them for you to cut off (not easy). You can see in the pic I haven't cleaned all the nibs off yet from the supports. I am also working on a floor shifter as well and if successful, it will be in the bundle. Give me a few days and I will get these on the website. Thanks again for your support!
  9. Would there be any interest in a F350 steering wheel, parking brake lever, heater box under the dash, mirrors, and standard dash gauge cluster for the 65-66 Moebius Fords?
  10. Thanks guys! I can't wait to see your projects!!!
  11. Excellent work Jim! Love the conversion and weathering work right down to the bent pipes! Great engine detail and overall build!!
  12. Thanks Mike, I am doing the best I can as first, I am a builder and have experienced bad parts, ridiculous wait times, and bad service, so my goal is to be there for fellow builders and fill some voids along the way! Thanks again for the kind words!! Bill
  13. Hi Steve, this link should work https://www.rookieresin.com/ if you still don't get anything, it may be your internet is slow. The web page has lots if pictures so it may need a little load time. Let me know if you still have trouble and I will do what I can to help you. I tried the link and it worked fine so try again and see if it works. Thanks, Bill
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