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  1. Well done! Paint, color choice, detail work, fabrications.....very nice over all!
  2. Very nice clean build! The sheen on that black is perfect!
  3. Excellent work on this Jay! The weathering is spot on and the details are excellent. Is the wheel lift scratch built as well?
  4. Thank you Paul, I use an Anycubic Photon printer with regular 405 wavelength resin (Grey). I wash the parts with 3 baths of 91% - 99% alcohol and cure it for about a min under a UV lamp. The larger parts sometimes warp or curl when they fully cure and become really brittle but a quick 30 seconds of heat from a space heater or whatever heat source gets them soft enough to get them back to correct shape.. I then sand if necessary and prime and paint as usual. I use Sketchup for the modeling and design software. Hope this helps!
  5. Thank you very much fella's, I appreciate your kindness!
  6. Well I finally finished this one. Unfortunately, it is -20 outside so I had to take pics inside with crappy lighting so sorry about the quality of the pictures. I started with the Moebius 65 utility bed kit. The kit items I used was the cab, glass, hood, front bumper, and most of the interior. I designed and 3d printed almost everything else. Parts box pieces are the carb, intake, and fan. She is sporting a 292 v8 with a Borg Warner T98 4 speed. I made this one as a very low mileage original truck as it would be in 1979. I hope you like it and thanks for checking it out. Comments welcome!
  7. Well I have an update for those following. I completed the engine and most of the chassis. All of the suspension and engine pieces were created on my computer and 3d printed. Of course Murphy's law kicked my but. I change something for accuracy and wouldn't you know it, I have to change five other things to make it work! I made a complete 292 engine but the firewall wouldn't let it fit very good and the firewall isn't right for a 64 so I cut out the bulge on the firewall that was giving me fits. Got the engine to fit nicely but when I mounted the front shock towers on the frame, the inner fenders wouldn't work. I had to cut out holes for the shock towers. I made some inner fenders that cover the shock towers but not 100% accurate for this truck. They are beyond my abilities at this time to do 100% accurate. I started on the headliner using the same technique I did on my 66 1 ton. Anyways, here are some progress pics.
  8. Thank you everyone for understanding my situation. More than likely, I will reopen in the future but for now, I need to take a break from the business aspect and enjoy my family, building models again, and just time to relax and take care of other things. I appreciate everyone's kindness throughout this whole endeavor as I sort things out. Bill
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