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  1. GT4494 added a post in a topic Mercedes Street Rod   

    Once saw pics of a 1:1 Model A with an engine out of a 240 Diesel.  Had more power than the flathead 4.  😃
  2. GT4494 added a post in a topic Hurricane Irma   

    storm over, beautiful sunny day (always is after a storm) now to spend most of the day getting the small limbs and spanish moss off the roof and out of the yard.
    Just another day in the low-country for me!
  3. GT4494 added a post in a topic Hurricane Irma   

    So far its just a rainy and windy day here in Chas, SC as the outer bands move through.  Wouldn't hurt my feelings if that's all we get.. 
  4. GT4494 added a post in a topic Hurricane Irma   

    Don't forget Jose.  they have him doing a 360 and coming after Irma. Time will tell.
  5. GT4494 added a post in a topic Hurricane Irma   

    Isn't that the same place that went ape shxx when they had some snow a couple of years ago??? 
  6. GT4494 added a post in a topic Hurricane Irma   

    Recommendation to all that moved to Florida but weren't raised there. I came up from Jax to SC averaged 50-60 mph.  learn the back roads. i-95 and hwy17 are not the way out.
    Oh yeah, turn the GPS off and get a good map.  all the GPS devices show the same routes and everyone is using them.  spend a few minutes with a paper map and do some "flight planning".
  7. GT4494 added a topic in General   

    MOdel Cars Issue 204 and Harry P.
    Thanks to Gegg for the heartwarming Editors Corner tribute to Harry P. and the inclusion in this edition of several articles He wrote or assisted with.  I had not realized that he wrote a book until I read the article.  I am ordering one right after I finish.
    Being relatively new to the modeling community (about 3 years after a long hiatus) I never had the honor to meet Harry P. in person. However I did have behind the scenes interaction with him on the forum. I can say that the talks showed me that he was very passionate when it came to the magazine, website and model building in general.
    I hope that in the future the magazine will be able to re-print any other articles or items he participated with.  I do not have the full magazine history and I am sure there are plenty in the archives.
    I hope that for every Harry we lose there are many more that he has inspired that will continue on seeking the satisfaction of a great build and they will help keep this hobby alive.
    Thanks again Harry for everything you have done.  I'm sure you are watching and making little comments as we build!
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  8. GT4494 added a post in a topic 68 Mustang - a disappointment   

    Looks a ton better than my 1968 1:1  looked when I was in high school!
  9. GT4494 added a post in a topic Monogram Li'l Van   

    Or as some call me "Abby".  You have to watch Mel Brooks "Young Frankenstein" and see how the brain was labeled. 
  10. GT4494 added a post in a topic 200+ built ups moving out   

    e-mail me where in Chas you live.  We might be neighbors...
  11. GT4494 added a post in a topic Don Prudhomme Wedge Dragster   

    In the last couple of issues Hot Rod did a great section on 1960/70's dragsters. It included a lot of sidewinders and some of the wedge cars.   It is great reference material..
  12. GT4494 added a post in a topic Monogram Li'l Van   

    I Like!!!!!!!
  13. GT4494 added a post in a topic So,any of you guys catch Barrett Jackson?   

    The other interesting observation about the classic car market. When the stock market tanks the car prices are pushed up by speculators that try to make their ROI on cars.  when the market is up the car prices go down as the speculators go back to it.
    Upside is that many cars that would have been scrapped were restored due to the perceived value when the last market crash happened.
  14. GT4494 added a post in a topic Curb Feelers   

    Curb feelers are designed to set up a vibration in the fender before you scraped the curb. 
    Since in the US the passenger side faces the curb there was no reason to put them on the drivers side.  It is against through traffic laws to park facing traffic so the drivers side should never be next to the curb.
  15. GT4494 added a post in a topic Sad Sad Sad News: Our Harry Passed Away   

    Something I have come to learn is that the only real legacy most of us will pass on is our children.  The actions they display when faced with an issue (in this case Harry's illness) shows where his priorities laid.  Yes he was a Master modeler and very helpful to all who asked, but the actions of his children are more a reflection of his life.  
    We can all just hope and pray that we raised our children to be of the same mindset. Harry left this world a little better off then when he arrived and I hope the same can be said for all of us.
    RIP Harry P.