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  1. 50 to 100 kits available

    tried to send message said you cannot receive them. i would like a list with pictures please. my email is btownshaggy@aol.com
  2. 34 ford

    Hey everybody just starting a 34 ford build for my first build. Here is what i am starting with. Trying to stay traditional street rod. My first thing to do was to remove the raised roof panel to make it smooth. Looking for suggestions on how to proceed. thanks for looking
  3. Testors Lacquer removal

    ok thanks for that advise might try that
  4. Testors Lacquer removal

    the crazing is from using automotive grade thinner might have to try alcohol as full strength degreaser isn't touching it either. Would denatured alcohol work?
  5. Kits looking for new homes

    Pm has been sent
  6. I have a model that has metallic green lacquer on the interior panels and the body. I have no idea how long ago it was painted and I have not had any luck removing it and what i have tried crazed the trunk and hood pretty good. Any help you be greatly appreciated.
  7. Special Edition Charger

    i will look at getting another one as I am already out 11 dollars so whats another 15 haha.
  8. A FEW KITS TO TRADE updated 10/19

    pm sent
  9. Special Edition Charger

    yeah almost, I have most of the interior and a few of the smaller parts. It was returned, sounds like to me somebody bought it took what they wanted and returned it for money.
  10. Special Edition Charger

    The model is a 1968 special edition charger made by revel. The parts I need are: the complete body all the suspension all drive train parts ( motors and transmisions) , wheels, tires all the glass dash Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Special Edition Charger

    Bought a model from a local store that was "So called" returned for missing parts so I said what could be worse. So I went a head and bought it anyways and to my dis may about 75% of the model was missing. All the motor parts and body parts missing along with all wheels and tires if any body has one of these they could trade or rok that would be greatly appreciated i thought about taking it back but with a no return policy i am had and so was the store.
  12. Parts Needed!

    Just acquired a skips fiesta Camaro and a amt 1955 nomad. The parts I need are the wheels and tires for both kits, the decals for the Camaro and not sure what else. If anybody can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. thinning for an airbrush

    ok what about a regulator with a water separator all in one like one by badger or passche
  14. thinning for an airbrush

    ok thanks you the info. what does your airbrush set up consist of? I have a badger anthem 155 and will be using my 2 gallon garage compressor for it. Still trying to figure out how to reduce the air pressure going to the gun.