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  1. Hey everybody just starting a 34 ford build for my first build. Here is what i am starting with. Trying to stay traditional street rod. My first thing to do was to remove the raised roof panel to make it smooth. Looking for suggestions on how to proceed. thanks for looking
  2. the crazing is from using automotive grade thinner might have to try alcohol as full strength degreaser isn't touching it either. Would denatured alcohol work?
  3. I have a model that has metallic green lacquer on the interior panels and the body. I have no idea how long ago it was painted and I have not had any luck removing it and what i have tried crazed the trunk and hood pretty good. Any help you be greatly appreciated.
  4. ok what about a regulator with a water separator all in one like one by badger or passche
  5. ok thanks you the info. what does your airbrush set up consist of? I have a badger anthem 155 and will be using my 2 gallon garage compressor for it. Still trying to figure out how to reduce the air pressure going to the gun.
  6. i am doing the same thing what speed reducer would one use and what reduction ratio. The paint I will be using is 2:1 reduction normally for automotive use.
  7. Central Illinois modeler who just got into the hobby. Have some models just need to get my supplies. Most of my builds will be muscle cars. Excited to join this club hope to hear from some of you. Bryan
  8. Ok thanks ace I think that link will work for what I need just wondering what parts were missing that's all.
  9. I got this model lately partially painted and it does not include a manual. It has parts all over the place would anybody happen to have one they could scan and email me to me thanks
  10. Thanks for the pics. My first model will be the Amt pro shop 57 bel air so there will be lots of detail so I think the duplicolor might be best for what I need.
  11. What color of primer do you prefer and what duplicolor part numbers should I look for. Any body use trans star 2 in 1 primers or sem high build?
  12. I figured I would use primer and more than likely polyurethane base/clear or single stage since we don't have lacquer available
  13. I am just starting to get into modeling and will be using automotive paint cause I can get it for really cheep. What primers would be best and how much paint will be needed to spray a normal sized 1/24 scale model? thanks you your input.
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