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  1. If you told us, but I can't find, where did the mesh come from and where did you get it. That is so cool. You have done an outstanding job.
  2. Very sweet for an early Ford, keep the pictures coming.
  3. Very nice detail on your engine and interior, can't wait to see it finished. I too grew up in the Midwest, about 25 miles from the Kansas line, these patrol cars were known for their top end speed.
  4. Where are the pics of these creations that you are talking about, sounds like you are having fun.
  5. James, Very nice, what which kit did you rob the big tubs from? Looking forward to some color, any idea a where you are going with it?
  6. Good looking brake booster, more pictures soon.
  7. Great project, keep the pictures coming.
  8. Steve, like your choice of the Kansas patrol car. They weren't the best looking cars, but they were very fast. Having grown-up in the Midwest, have heard stories of high pursuits on I-70 interstate. Looking forward to your project's completion.
  9. Very nice, this is going to be sweet, what colors are you thinking about?
  10. that interior is sweet, what is the color called?
  11. What a beautiful car, enjoyed every picture.
  12. Very, very nice, like the new front. Keep the pics coming.
  13. T his is going to be sweet, keep the pics coming.
  14. Todd, good job on your top end, would you mind going into a little detail about it.
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