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  1. What did you use for the plug wires, what gauge is it? I like the look!
  2. Nice job, I am new at detailing motors, was this a presided distributor or did you scratch make it. If you did, what did you make it out of?
  3. Wow!!!!!!!, great work, How do you make your distributors, what size of wire? Thanks, Mitch
  4. Tim, This stang is very cool, I am new to the board, please tell me about the distributor, is this as package or did you scratch make it, if s o, please tell me what materials you used. Thanks, Mitch
  5. This is going to be great when done, hurry up with finished pictures, tell me about the engine detail, did you prefab some of the hoses yourself, if so, what did you use?
  6. I can't see all of the engine, did you wire it, do you buy prewired distributors or do make your own?
  7. What a nice start to a great platform. Your attention to detail on the frame is very appealing, what did you make the exhaust from? Mitch
  8. Matt, Thanks so much for the valuable information. Keep putting the pictures out so we can continue to see your progress. Poppa Mitch
  9. What a great way to customise the wheel fenders, question, what did you do to the suspension to lower the stance,I am having problems with this part of the builds that I do.
  10. Looks like a great start, what type of paint and color did you use on the gear box and rear end?
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