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  1. Ulbo

    61 Chevrolet

    Love It!!! Absolutelly perfect from every angle, nice superb beautifull... 👌
  2. Very very nice and detailed model - nice engine bay and stance also color and everything... Supeeerb Man!!!
  3. Nice and clean built with a lot of details in engine bay. Keep working and I´m looking forward for your next projects
  4. Absolutely stunning!!! Love the perfect details can you please tell us what kind and brand of 3D printer you use? Thanks for inspiration
  5. Thanks for kind words. Electronics was designed by my son but it is old school analog circuit
  6. Hi everyone, maybe it does not suit here and maybe yes but beside my models from plastic I have done something from Alu sheets, scratch and I used one very Old Gauge from the workbench of my very close relative who passed away 10 years ago and this is my vision how to remain him... So it may inspire you and if not just take a look on pictures or video and please do not be cross with me if this kind of modelling project does not belong here. Wish you all the best in your modelling and a lot of creativity Ulbo
  7. Very nice complex build. It is obvious you are thinking about building models from basic concept to final detailed car model representing its own style and image. Keep working👍👍👍
  8. Thanks everyone for kind words and wish you all the best for your work bench time!!!
  9. Ulbo

    Chevrolet nova ´63

    What is under the table? Is it baby?
  10. It is just cool looking sinister sleeper!!! I like engine bay details, wheels and stance and that "sixty" look. Perfect👍
  11. A few better daylight pictures... more on https://www.ulbomodels.com/ or on youtube:
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