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  1. Nice clean and sharp built with great choice o color👍
  2. Wow and Waw!!! nice one👍
  3. Nice and clean built👍 Great color
  4. Wow it looks sinister!!! Great Job👍
  5. It is nice built and great choice of color and interior details👍
  6. Perfect absolutelly perfect👍
  7. Fantastisc absolutelly perfect clear and full of details, Superb man👍
  8. That is so coool man!!!👍
  9. Waw what a beautifull one👍
  10. Simply beautifull, keep building👍
  11. Great job and your choice of wheels and tires is magnificent👍
  12. I have no words... man it is perfect and the realism is absolute!!! Outstanding Job👍
  13. Great Idea and cool build👍
  14. This is very nice Edsel, like the color and how clean you built it👍
  15. Nice sharp and clean build with great color choice👍
  16. Great model well built with nice color combination and I like the stance and wheels too👍 Story is a bonus!!!
  17. Very sharp and nice built and your choice of color is great👍
  18. Nice builds and good idea to make these as replicas of the real cars👍
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