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  1. Where can I get some of the Liquid Blue paint?

  2. Very, very nice work. The detail work is awesome. I have one of these in que , so thanks for the ref. material.
  3. It looks like I'm a few years too late in finding this tutorial. I've shied away from something as technical as this in the past but I plan to give it a try. I didn't read it completely through yet because I saw it was from 2013 but I'm going to go back through it and see what I can do. I can only hope that there may be others who have dealt with this topic before that can lead me to new information or techniques that would help in my quest to learn how to do this. Thank you for the original post.
  4. Thanks for your tutorial. I have been wanting to learn how to do this for a very long time now.
  5. This is a really great build. It is on my "list" of builds to do.
  6. Great model. Where did you get it?
  7. I'm watin' for the engine. Ohh yeah
  8. Very nice Bill. I'm really looking forward to all the mods you plan to incorporate into this build. The quality of your new videos are a great improvement over the beginning vid's. Thanks for all you do.
  9. Thank you for your build and tribute to your mom. I applaud your fight and courage. Keep fighting brother and stay strong. I too am a cancer survivor so I know your struggles both physically and mentally. However mine was colon cancer. Not to hijack your thread but I want to encourage everyone over 50 to get a colon cancer screening. You may not know it until it's too late and it can kill you. Please get tested y'all.
  10. Wow Bill! Thank you for the links. Looks like I'll be watching your vid's all week!
  11. I can hardly wait to see how you do this. I never imagined working Windows were possible in a model.
  12. Wow great build. I'm working on the same build.
  13. You guys always impress me with your amazing work. Yes Bill, Crazy Richard and now you David. I'm newly getting back into this and I'm so impressed by your work. I'm so inspired that one day, I may be brave enough to post a build here.
  14. Wow that's amazing Nie. Great work.
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