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  1. Hard Justin, few of the lads out to cause havoc!? Kind of thinking a cross between a Bogan vehicle, hunting vehicle and something apocalyptic. Although it has a broken windshield is cracked so either getting a replacement from Aoshima(if they send out replacement parts?) or using some box window type plastic. What sort of kits do you build Justin? PM me if you want, be good to have a chinwag.
  2. I have just got this kit and have a few build ideas, firstly stock to resemble one I had a few years ago, second option is to something a bit different, maybe a WW2 Japanese green with aircraft insignia, Jap red sun decals etc, some weathering which will be a first for me. Would also like to build some kind of roof rack and on top spare wheels fuel can etc. Undecided as of yet. Pics are firstly of one that looks like the one I had, next is box art.
  3. Glenn and Oscar, Thank you for the replies, Glenn, I had missed your last post, and had already started to do this as I would with a 1:1, so I will keep you guys posted.
  4. Yes, Thanks guys have seen the kit, last ones I saw on eBay were around the $100 mark which is way too much money for me, even this kit cost $65 NZ ! So trying to go with what I have.
  5. I have just purchased the Aoshima Hilux 4WD, it is the standard 4WD one not the Raised one. I want to turn it into a 2WD so need to lower it and obviously lose the front diff and transfer case etc. I thought maybe the purchase of one of the Lowrider kits and transfer the Chassis's over, then lift the suspension on the Lowrider kit chassis, bringing me to the height I am after, looking at doing it as a work "Ute". So guys any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. Hi Andy, yes it is good for its drawers, they are deep enough, I have all my tyres and wheels in the bottom drawers, the rest of my parts next drawer up, then paints(need to get more) etc. I am in the process of getting back into the hobby, I started too when starting this thread, then life got in the way etc, hoping to get more tools in the coming weeks.
  7. Hi all, I have a change in Desks in my area of the family hobby room, my Desk pictured in my first post was just too deep, it took up a lot of space in the room too, and as I share it with my wife I wanted something smaller. I got what looks to be an old Teachers desk the other day which I am really liking thus far, I also finally got an angle poise lamp that is fantastic for lighting, at night I do not need any other lights on, which is good as I got an energy saving bulb.
  8. Manky , rusty, looking like it might smell? Very cool, will be watching this one too, anybody got any popcorn?
  9. Sweet space you have there. Signed A overly jealous green eyed monster !!
  10. Considering you say the SSR interior has gone to the junk pile you could maybe craft the door panels in to the 55? Or at least the arm rests? Seems like a lot of work, but you have a lot of work in it already.
  11. If you are happy in your marriage then compromise. I personally would get some MDF shelves and set up a wall with shelves so that you never have more than 4 kits high reducing the squash of the kits on the bottom( I would check them next time ?I had spare time)
  12. Hey guys so my question is as my title states? Chevy orange? Chysler orange? I realise Model master will do something although not sure if hobby shops stock Model master in New Zealand, I know one shop was talking about getting a full range of Testors paints just before I put my kits away a couple of years ago, going go there tomorrow. Chrysler Orange is most important as I need that now. Thanks guys.
  13. In the best way possible as a beginner(as I sorta am myself) you have picked a nice steep learning curve, you will be getting to know the basics of a few different tasks. Filler, guys use bondo, I use Tamiya putty. Be sure to primer before laying putty, it will protect the plastic somewhat. Check out YouTube too, get your Cranky on! A lot of others on there too.
  14. Yes Carl, they should last longer for the money, which is mainly why I go 2nd with this sort of thing. I am also looking at a chair that is similar to a desk chair I used in the 90's was not very ergonomic but comfortable all the same, and solid.
  15. I am liking what you have going on there too Kerry, looks like a well sorted nook. I got a lamp today, just a cheapie until I can get an Angle poise style lamp so the light can be above me. Wondering when this childish excitement will go . . . Well hopefully not.
  16. Thanks for the replies guys, I have started scanning a local auction site, I will see what turns up. Some great info and suggestions in this thread, let's keep it going.
  17. All good stuff going on here Jay, models are a great hobby, that should see you well, you already have a good eye, and you now have an airbrush, time to watch some Dr Cranky on YouTube and maybe get into some weathering. Power to you mate!
  18. When my health allowed me to have a beer, I always questioned this whole one at a time thing, I mean we have 2 arms?!
  19. Nice, tidy work. What paint did you use for the motor? Testers or Model master? Paul
  20. Yea Andy, I am going to try to find a long and low bookshelf with 2-3 shelves, I have my kits stored in a wardrobe so no need to worry about storage for them . . .unless I buy more?! * Checks wife is not looking over his shoulder!
  21. Tom Geiger, I really like your bench, this was the route I was going to go, then I got given this desk, win win. Cheap is good when it comes to benches, fortunately mine is pretty solid! Tom Billings, Thanks for the reply, I am playing catch up after having my models away for a couple of years.
  22. Again thanks for replies, I was doing about 45 mins in chair, now getting up every 30 mins and walking around, getting water etc, I get a bit locked into what I am doing though. This is the chair I have now,
  23. Wow, Thanks for the replies guys, pretty much what I thought on a decent office chair. Tom, thank you for a very informative post, ergonomics are more important as you start to feel age catching up, being an ex fisherman, forestry worker I have worked my body too hard and have various aches and niggles associated with said professions, so looking after myself now is definitely top priority. Just the right amount of info I would say! Thanks all
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