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  1. ant nothing wrong with that compressor..great find..make sure u put a inline moister- water trap on it..
  2. u must be one of them picky builders that everything gotta be just right and pretty for u to build. u might even ware white gloves..lol..they is nothing wrong with his tiny tank as u called it..i run a air compressor that has no tank ..comes on when u push the trigger..goes off when u let off..and it holds what ever pressure u set it at..
  3. i use plane jane old comet cleaner ..scrub with a tooth brush then give it a good warm bath with dish liquid..rinse well..air dry..prime..paint..don deal..
  4. Humidity has a lot to do with it but both of them needs clear coat..lacquer drys flat ..
  5. i build oil field trucks my self so if u need parts let me know. if i dont have them i know who has..one i built..
  6. i do not use it for that reason..my buddy had gave me some to test and it does wk on paint and some chrome if u got time...but on some chrome it will now..get u some Easy Off Oven Cleaner (yellow can) and throw that junk away...i been using this stuff for 35 years with no problems..always use rubber gloves and in a vented room ...
  7. u should have did decals before u used the future..hope for the best and apply another coat of future..
  8. i have used it on resin and never had any problems
  9. yes they are..i been hearing of bad BMF running around . they must have been a bad batch or u got some that very old..the Molotow is it now days..its the nearest thing to chrome u gonna find..remember to shake the heck out of it..
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