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  1. i use medium or thick CA glues..more time to work with and it wont run everywhere like the thin..
  2. thats old Testors glue..this is the best way i found to deal with it...u gonna have to do some scraping and sanding for sure.. as to get the parts to come apart get u a plastic bowl of some sort with a lid.. and some Easy Off oven cleaner (name brand and yellow can) do this outside...spray model well and leave in sealed tub at least 24 hrs then under warm water start washing off and prying parts off gentle.. (make sure strainer in in sink) ..dry model and repete if needed..scrape and sand whats left.. i have used ease off lots of times fore un-glueing old models glued together with testors with great success .. now if u have any on windshield their are 2 ways to fix it.. easy way is to vacuum forum u one..#2 start sanding the spot with some 600 grit and keep working your way up to 2000 -3000 grit then u can polish out with crest tooth past..
  3. a couple thin coats is all u need..brush on with a new brush..if u put it on to thick then its gonna show its thickness..
  4. TJ get u a cheap hot glue gun at Walmart.. i think u would like it way more than the testors glue.. my tip for u is get u some alligator clips and some Bamboo Skewers (shish kabob sticks they cheap) ..crimp the clips to the skewers then get u a 2x6 piece of Styrofoam and glue it to a board.. this gives u a base to stick the painted parts in till dry..
  5. Easy Off is the best removing chrome within 5 Minuets.. bleach takes a while , as purple power ..
  6. if u want to cut down of fumes go all water base acrylic paints ..easy clean up ,no smell..the lacquer paint smells worse than enamel paints..
  7. go down to Walmart and get u a set..they cheap..then if u like them invest the money for a better set..
  8. https://store.bruderservice.com/42467.html
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