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  1. ant nothing wrong with that compressor..great find..make sure u put a inline moister- water trap on it..
  2. u must be one of them picky builders that everything gotta be just right and pretty for u to build. u might even ware white gloves..lol..they is nothing wrong with his tiny tank as u called it..i run a air compressor that has no tank ..comes on when u push the trigger..goes off when u let off..and it holds what ever pressure u set it at..
  3. i use plane jane old comet cleaner ..scrub with a tooth brush then give it a good warm bath with dish liquid..rinse well..air dry..prime..paint..don deal..
  4. Humidity has a lot to do with it but both of them needs clear coat..lacquer drys flat ..
  5. i build oil field trucks my self so if u need parts let me know. if i dont have them i know who has..one i built..
  6. i do not use it for that reason..my buddy had gave me some to test and it does wk on paint and some chrome if u got time...but on some chrome it will now..get u some Easy Off Oven Cleaner (yellow can) and throw that junk away...i been using this stuff for 35 years with no problems..always use rubber gloves and in a vented room ...
  7. u should have did decals before u used the future..hope for the best and apply another coat of future..
  8. i have used it on resin and never had any problems
  9. yes they are..i been hearing of bad BMF running around . they must have been a bad batch or u got some that very old..the Molotow is it now days..its the nearest thing to chrome u gonna find..remember to shake the heck out of it..
  10. Jamie is the major parts supplier in the US now days..Sour K hardly has anything to offer..most of his parts came from KFS and Auslowe anyway and most of them can still be got.. Moluminum Model Truck Parts ... KFS ... Auslowe Model Accesories
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