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  1. thank u all for your comments
  2. yes order 2 when u do
  3. the trailer came that way..
  4. https://store.bruderservice.com/42467.html
  5. thank you ...New Ray and here is the track link..https://store.bruderservice.com/42467.html
  6. i know some things are not right (for u rivet pickers) but i build my way..the dump truck i started with a Paystar cab and extended it a scale ft because i wanted external breathers.. (Paystar's dont have them) that's why i did it..lol..the dump bed is from the Revell KW dump..i built the tarp and added real oak wood for the running boards i cut on a table saw..frame is Paystar . it has a 3406 Cat in it..bumper is scratch built along with the receiver for the 50 Ton pintle hitch ..i add turned aluminum breathers and polished aluminum stacks along with a extra axle.truck and trailer has DOTD Louisiana license plate . Truck also has a DOTD inspection sticker..the trailer started as a junker. i cut the hitch of to make a bumper pull. the hitch and ramps are scratch built .trailer has 12 tires on 3 axles with 2 spars. the excavator started as a toy..i cut the door open along with the back glass. i added hand rails ,mirrors, hydraulic hose and piping, changed out tracks .painted Volvo colors and had dry transfer decals made..(numbers are wrong on excavator) forgot to add electric hook up for trailer brakes and lights but ill fix that.. weather out with pastels ..
  7. i brought one of these years ago and love it..its CE Approved and u can connect as many together that u need... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Portable-Hobby-Airbrush-Paint-Spray-Booth-Kit-Exhaust-Filter-
  8. ant nothing wrong with that compressor..great find..make sure u put a inline moister- water trap on it..
  9. u must be one of them picky builders that everything gotta be just right and pretty for u to build. u might even ware white gloves..lol..they is nothing wrong with his tiny tank as u called it..i run a air compressor that has no tank ..comes on when u push the trigger..goes off when u let off..and it holds what ever pressure u set it at..
  10. i use plane jane old comet cleaner ..scrub with a tooth brush then give it a good warm bath with dish liquid..rinse well..air dry..prime..paint..don deal..
  11. Humidity has a lot to do with it but both of them needs clear coat..lacquer drys flat ..
  12. i build oil field trucks my self so if u need parts let me know. if i dont have them i know who has..one i built..
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