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  1. thank you..... one day i hope to build one https://www.czechtruckmodel.com/domu/100-ctm-24110-65-oval-lights.html
  2. i grew up on Anacoco Lake . its been a few years since i been back their..
  3. thanks..i never scaled the size in inches . they came from 1/32 scale big foot trucks. .
  4. No my friend i built it back in 2020. Ive had builders block going on a year now..im hoping to finish my oil field truck before show time..
  5. no i did not . but any questions just message me.
  6. a guy i know up in the North West country owns a few of these that he uses to fight fire in season. His cab's are KW c500, but i went with a Paystar..
  7. I had shown this back in 2020 but since then i finally put the right decals on it so ill start over. i know a lot of you have seen it so just over look me . im old..lol.. this came close to going in the trash as it was in really bad shape for a glue bomb. i had to rebuild the front of the cab to start..i was gonna build a replica of one of the real moving trucks i had owned. but i started to customizing it by molding in the grill and adding square headlights..at that point again i started to trash it as i did not like how it looked..another month went by i picked it back up and built the bed..then it happened things started popping in my head of what it could look like (owing two real toter trucks before helped also ) once the bed was built i built a working 6 way high tower , added a winch + skid plate, real concrete blocks, hose reel, extra air tank. for volume , swan on hood, generator, power cord reel, water cooler, a shovel, anchors and anchor machine were scratch built along with sliding out mirrors & spot mirrors..topping that off with a oversize sign, over head rotating lights my name on the door , Louisiana DOT inspection sticker and license plate.. they is more detail ill let u find it..
  8. what color bottle did u have ? they are 2 types of Plastruct glue. i been using them for many years with no problem at all..
  9. i been using Bondo Glazing & Spot putty since back in the 80's . apply in thin coats. dries fast and easy to sand..you can get at Walmart or any auto parts..im sure any big outlets that sells paint will have it also..try it i think you will like it..
  10. im sure it will look as good or better than the first one..i still got trucks to repair after i moved 2 years ago..
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