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  1. no i did not . but any questions just message me.
  2. a guy i know up in the North West country owns a few of these that he uses to fight fire in season. His cab's are KW c500, but i went with a Paystar..
  3. I had shown this back in 2020 but since then i finally put the right decals on it so ill start over. i know a lot of you have seen it so just over look me . im old..lol.. this came close to going in the trash as it was in really bad shape for a glue bomb. i had to rebuild the front of the cab to start..i was gonna build a replica of one of the real moving trucks i had owned. but i started to customizing it by molding in the grill and adding square headlights..at that point again i started to trash it as i did not like how it looked..another month went by i picked it back up and built the bed..then it happened things started popping in my head of what it could look like (owing two real toter trucks before helped also ) once the bed was built i built a working 6 way high tower , added a winch + skid plate, real concrete blocks, hose reel, extra air tank. for volume , swan on hood, generator, power cord reel, water cooler, a shovel, anchors and anchor machine were scratch built along with sliding out mirrors & spot mirrors..topping that off with a oversize sign, over head rotating lights my name on the door , Louisiana DOT inspection sticker and license plate.. they is more detail ill let u find it..
  4. what color bottle did u have ? they are 2 types of Plastruct glue. i been using them for many years with no problem at all..
  5. i been using Bondo Glazing & Spot putty since back in the 80's . apply in thin coats. dries fast and easy to sand..you can get at Walmart or any auto parts..im sure any big outlets that sells paint will have it also..try it i think you will like it..
  6. im sure it will look as good or better than the first one..i still got trucks to repair after i moved 2 years ago..
  7. probably the same as Walmart sells . lot of these paints come from the same factory with the different stores having a different brand bottle.. a lot of builders air brush the Walmart brand . i use them for small parts.
  8. go look in your local flea market for old jewelry case they make great displays. also ask the managers at dept and toy store's..i have got them their also..
  9. now that looks way more like a work bench..lol..that's the same spray booth i have had for years ..great choice ..
  10. welcome back to the hobby..u did a Awesome job ..
  11. looks good..work bench to clean..but it looks good..
  12. i reached out to Jerry this evening as he is a friend and found out that GoDaddy changed one of the platforms he was on and wipe his website out. thats why the site looks different with the new server. and it will take him weeks to get everything back on the new site ..
  13. yes they will..they do not snap together they just slide together..i learned the hard way as i was painting a truck cab (with the smaller one) turned it upside down and it came apart..thats the only down fall. they should have made it snap together or screw together. but its a easy fix if u buy it (i love mine) glue it together with some super glue. thats what i used..no more problems.... now i only glued the small one that has the adjustable wire settings on top.. thats the one you gonna be turning upside down..
  14. i have had mine fo many years...u can get them from...Amazon, eBay, Hobbylinc, Tower Hobbies, Tamyia sells them direct since its their stand...hobby lobby do sell them must have been out..just about any hobby shop will have them .. Amazon probably your cheapest.... https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiujMTFws_0AhWTK0wKHQThCl0YABALGgJvYQ&sig=AOD64_3Ed_WONCwdNmPxl5-m-A9ueLJwEQ&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwjJ8LjFws_0AhWNl2oFHdj1AfkQ9aACegQIAhBH&adurl=
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