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  1. i started this a few weeks back....it will be around 26" long with a wheel base of 408 ..i started by using the cab & hood from a Austrian Western Star (green cab ) i filled in the back sleeper door to make a day cab..the challenge was to cut the hood up so i would have a top and front part to go around radiator after add a little cut a little it all worked out.. frame is complete scratch built.. i used a Cat C15 for the engine..has a pulling front end with wide tractor tires. the rears are 1/32 bigfoot.. the 1st picture is the real truck ...
  2. thanks Dan..u can get blocks here..https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.minimaterials.com%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2tSIijFRkXcZ75d4iYlJdqb02IvS8duv7zRVmj9WkwY7W79fbpX4NOySc&h=AT2FBIHK7NwdiG1DpAv3vijCXBYgh_XCdxiImEaF4JZgCKJf8WQRHlWbzpCE4IXczmdqyYb7WRhFBjpPvdwAZEef9s9nVq763-laPezpGdfAh31RugZU3X-hhfomGiNc7Btu&__tn__=R]-R&c[0]=AT0Oy6t_o-eIgkyeM6kI5_-CIPUgQlW85l8zBplN448yzCU-IbqMPmF2-Q_nK9hdOAOca1hGLePd1iq2JttjOHwxb8UYLJeGSlKg3qBIPP5eCV8HauqEOPKVQY3bPSl5vte46kvDfMNWZmusOHuhdX7qdCrQ7_1h44E
  3. lets hope . no but i will . i been so busy on my Facebook truck group ..Building Big Rigs and Construction Equipment and the 2 hurricane's we got hit with back to back that i just got back on here...
  4. thank you . from what i learned on the first 2 will just help out on the next 2 . they were a joy to build..
  5. the digger truck i rebuilt the boom where the pole grab moved up and down also made the winch work..updated the controls to joy stick..sold the set for $800 ..i have done brought another long arm bucket truck that i will rebuild and pit on a an int Prostar frame since some use that cab..we need a model show so we can catch up.. 4
  6. i built these a while back . i used the AMT Ford 8000 for the base kit..for the beds i use 2 old DG production truck toys. i complete rebuilt them with lots of scratch building and added parts. the pole trailer was scratch built . the wooden poles even have the copper ground wire on them..these were to a fun project and were sold to a lineman company in Alabama ..another set is in the works..
  7. thank u my friend..been a while since i been on here.
  8. Mobile Home Toter finally finished..ok where do i start..lol..this come close to going in the trash as it was in really bad shape for a glue bomb. i had to rebuild the front of the cab to start..i was gonna build a replica of one of the real moving trucks i had owned. but i started to customizing it by molding in the grill and adding square headlights..at that point again i started to trash it as i did not like how it looked..another month went by i picked it back up and built the bed..then it happened thinks started popping in my head of what it could look like (owing two real toter trucks before helped also ) once the bed was built i built a working 6 way high tower , added a winch + skid plate, real concrete blocks, hose reel, extra air tank. for volume , swan on hood, generator ,power cord reel. & water cooler. a shovel, anchors and anchor machine were scratch built along with sliding out mirrors & spot mirrors..topping that off with a oversize sign, over head rotating lights my name on the door , Louisiana DOT inspection sticker and license plate.. they is more detail ill let u find it..lol.
  9. just use your spot putty and u will be good...then use filler primer
  10. dont use it. get u some comet or Ajax power cleaner and a old tooth bush. wet model , sprinkle on scrub with tooth brush. when water no longer beads of wash with dish liquid and rinse well..air dry prime and paint
  11. i use medium or thick CA glues..more time to work with and it wont run everywhere like the thin..
  12. thats old Testors glue..this is the best way i found to deal with it...u gonna have to do some scraping and sanding for sure.. as to get the parts to come apart get u a plastic bowl of some sort with a lid.. and some Easy Off oven cleaner (name brand and yellow can) do this outside...spray model well and leave in sealed tub at least 24 hrs then under warm water start washing off and prying parts off gentle.. (make sure strainer in in sink) ..dry model and repete if needed..scrape and sand whats left.. i have used ease off lots of times fore un-glueing old models glued together with testors with great success .. now if u have any on windshield their are 2 ways to fix it.. easy way is to vacuum forum u one..#2 start sanding the spot with some 600 grit and keep working your way up to 2000 -3000 grit then u can polish out with crest tooth past..
  13. a couple thin coats is all u need..brush on with a new brush..if u put it on to thick then its gonna show its thickness..
  14. TJ get u a cheap hot glue gun at Walmart.. i think u would like it way more than the testors glue.. my tip for u is get u some alligator clips and some Bamboo Skewers (shish kabob sticks they cheap) ..crimp the clips to the skewers then get u a 2x6 piece of Styrofoam and glue it to a board.. this gives u a base to stick the painted parts in till dry..
  15. Easy Off is the best removing chrome within 5 Minuets.. bleach takes a while , as purple power ..
  16. if u want to cut down of fumes go all water base acrylic paints ..easy clean up ,no smell..the lacquer paint smells worse than enamel paints..
  17. go down to Walmart and get u a set..they cheap..then if u like them invest the money for a better set..
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