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  1. RWB 993 - High $takes

    Cheers! Mostly just lots of Superglue & a bit of filler, Id tried my best to get the bending right before I attached it, quite difficult to bend metal 3 different ways & not put a hard bend in it... maybe I just put it in the wrong place. Cheers! I work in the CBD, a block away from Princes Wharf, yeah its quite hilly, esp when you have to walk uphill to a job carrying a ladder! Glad you had a good time here, its a pretty nice place! The weather was pretty hot over the weekend, so managed to get a clearcoat on, Ive sprayed it with Automotive 2K clearcoat, now i'll be able to sand that back & even it all out before the final clearcoat. Anyone know what you thin Aclads clearcoats with? My RWB kit comes with an "engine" too, its pretty much just a resin copy of the Iterali Porsche Engine, I was in 2 minds weather to use it or not, but I figured this would be properply be my only 993 RWB so went for it. The Engine is just a standard non turbo engine which was never going to fly in my Weekend Racecar. (Pic - not my model) I had to remove some of the bracing in the body to get this to fit Ive started to scratchbuild an intake similar to the Gunther Werks 400R (also an amazing porsche!!) which requires other parts to be removed. Not alot of it will be seen, but since the engine hatch will be removable by Magnets, & you can see a little something through the RWB mesh on the rear (seriously love this feature!!) - (Pic - also sadly not my car, but my its Gorgeous!!) Also had some time to piece together the chassis & weather it a bit for a racecar look. Interiors next, stay tuned Ash
  2. Ferrari fxx-k

    Man that looks good!! Great Work!
  3. RWB 993 - High $takes

    Hey Guys Been working on & off on this one for a while, a build thread should hopefully see me finish it off... fingers crossed... Im using the C1 Models RWB 993 full transkit, which is pretty BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH good, also using Tamiyas GT2 racecar & other detail parts etc. My plan from day one was to do a better job on this than I did of my GT2 I built 14yrs ago, with a slightly evolved livery. Backstory - A long time ago I recieved a Playstaion & the first game was Need for Speed High Stakes, I LOVED that game, It was everything I had wanted & had some cool cars (F1 GTR Longtail, CLK GTR, etc). There was a price car for winning a bunch of races which was this cool Porsche Turbo modified to look like a GT2, instantly loved it, wanted to build a model of it, enter Tamiya GT2, wasnt that stoked with it so years later saw C1 had one for sale, thought that would be the perfect base for this build. The Build: Started a while ago, I wanted more of a racecar RWB build (Not like the triple winged Rotana), something that would be entered at the Idlers 24 hr series. Went with the Tamiya GT2 racecar kit for the slicks etc. Made a few Modifications to the resin body, removed the big rubber splitter at the front & made something a little more race friendly, also removed the rubber bottom from the side skirts. I'm using the C1 Models rear fender "wings" aswell, decided to attach these before painting, which was a good idea they were very difficult to attached nicely. Had to thin the inner wheel well too. & a Porsche GT1 spoiler tops it all off (not a fan of the banana spoiler) The Livery: Inspired from NFS High Stakes, colours are Pearl White from SMS of Austrailia, Pearl black & Gold spraycans, also used Tamiyas TS85 Mica Red, will most likely get a Satin clearcoat when finished. Still needs a bit of cleaning up & a tiny touchup here & there. Trying to finish this off for a Model club meeting with a theme of Stripes, Ive got 3 weeks today. Still plently to do!! & also trying to get a Mustang done for the meeting too.... Stay Tuned Ash
  4. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Hey Jantrix, if you could add me in that would be awesome! Made some progress over the weekend, the boys got stuck in & cut away the fenders to allow for the fender flares. Mounted the side skirts, which on reflection Alexi is thinking they might need reshapping along the bottom, the leading edge might get smashed off with the low ride height.
  5. Managed to finish her off just before my model club meeting last week. The wheels were alot harder than i expected to change, needed them to be strong to hold this things weight, ended up using back half of the original wheel & then mounted the resin wheels to the front & trimmed to suit.
  6. Hey Guys Managed to finish off my Velociraptor, its not perfect but im pretty happy with how it turned out. I used the Revell Snap kit, which is fantastic! scratchbuilt the front bumper & swapped the rims out. Paint is Badgers Minitaire brand acrylic paint 'Irradiated Yellow" (designed for tabletop miniture builders...) & I added in some pearl powder. WIP Thanks for looking, cheers Ash
  7. Ferrari F12

    Oh man that is looking Awesome!!! Your making me want to start on mine!!!
  8. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Very Cool Rob, that looks awesome!
  9. Ferrari F12

    Looking good!
  10. 2013 Shelby GT500

    Great Work! Looks Amazing!!!
  11. The Sun was shining over the weekend & managed to squeeze in some bench time between airbushing other projects. Got the interior assembled & installed with the glass, & then managed to mount the rear tray & fit the chassis. Only a few things left to finish like how the hell I'm gonna mount the wheels plus the grill & vents & then a couple of touch-ups to do. Couldn't resist a few pics with the kit wheels, think I might lower it a bit for a more aggressive stance. Trying to finish her off before the 8/02 for a model club meeting, but have a work trip away for 3 days so not sure. Any tips on how to mount different wheels to this particular kit, Ive got flat resin wheels & the kit has only a rod thorugh the chassis... A
  12. Hey Guys Cheers for all the wonderful comments! Heres a few pics of the interior, started out as Grey (I used Minitaire 'Coal', pretty much a dead match for Tamiyas German grey, the seat centres even have German grey on them (3rd pic only) & you can hardly notice any difference), detailed painted over a couple of hours. Googled images for the interior & found Ford did a Harley Davidson edition so I kinda copied that for the most part. A
  13. Cheers Everyone! Matthijs - yeah not much of a fan of out of the box builds, heres what I worked on over my summer holiday, painting the 9 models id spent the last few months modifying, out of the 9 i painted over xmas, only 2 are box stock (merc 300sl & Lambo) Also added a Nismo R32 from Santa, that, the BRZ & the Foose Camaro still need final colour coats but otherwise most are ready for assembly. I like to bulk paint my projects over summer, get the main parts painted & then put them in the box ready to be assembled through the winter. Yes the RWB will get a thread of its own shortly, I used the C1 Models RWB kit which is good, I also used their rear 'flaps' set too, which was a major pain in the A$$!!! Glad i decided to attach to the body before I painted the body rather than after. I'll get some better pics of the F150 tonight
  14. Ferrari Enzo

    Great Build, that blue is amazing!!! What did you use? Is it Ferrari Blu Electro? Great job on all the detail parts too!
  15. Made a fair bit of progress over my summer holiday, got the front bumper all smoothed out & painted the whole thing. For the body colour I used Badgers Minitaire paints - Irridiated Yellow, plus I mixed in some Pearl powder, then custom decals & clearcoat. Last night got started on the interior, went for a Harley Davidson edition style interior, gloss blacks, matte silvers etc.