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  1. da_ashman added a post in a topic Bumblebee - 67 Camaro   

    Hey Guys
    Another update of my Bumblebee that im building for the Transformers group build. Got the interiort all painted & detailed & mounted to chassis. Also Ive managed to mount the body to chassis with engine etc.
    On the home stretch now, got the stance right over the weekend & brakes ready.

  2. da_ashman added a post in a topic Transformers: Autobot/Decepticon Build   

    Made a bit of progress in the past week, got the body mated to chassis & started on getting the stance right. Wheels have been detailed & decided to go for a set of Photoetched brakes i had laying about.
    Hoping to have it ready for a model show 1st October

  3. da_ashman added a post in a topic Honda S2000 w/ Voltex kit - Tamiya 1/24   

    Looking Good!
  4. da_ashman added a post in a topic Ferrari 458 Italia   

    Another beauty Paul! See you in a couple of weeks!
  5. da_ashman added a post in a topic Transformers: Autobot/Decepticon Build   

    Hey Guys,
    Managed to get the interior together last night, Over the weekend i clearcoated the Plasticoat satin black with Alclads Light sheen, I thought the satin finish was a tad unrealistic & much happier with the light sheen finish. 
    Tonight's mission is to mount the body over the chassis. Fingers crossed...

  6. da_ashman added a post in a topic 2017 Larbre Competition Corvette C7R   

    Cant wait to see more! Good luck! Profile24 is releasing this too, but as a resin kit. Theyre not selling the decals seperately. Would be cool if someone used glow in the dark ink!
  7. da_ashman added a post in a topic Centauria Laferrari 1:8 scale Build Diary UK   

    That is EPIC!!!!
  8. da_ashman added a post in a topic Transformers: Autobot/Decepticon Build   

    Hey Mate, Cheers!
    For the cage I just used 2mm styrene rod & bent it over a flame from a candle.
  9. da_ashman added a post in a topic Transformers: Autobot/Decepticon Build   

    Manged to get some paint on a few parts & start gluing them together. Worked on adding extra detail into the engine bay.

  10. da_ashman added a topic in Under Glass   

    McLaren F1 LM
    Hey Guys
    I started this as part of a 24hr Lemans build here with a couple of others. Trying to build a model from start to finish in 24hrs. Not an easy task, I did get everything painted & half assembled before the deadline & sleep/work....
    Its the Fujimi kit Gulf racing version, but was built as the F1LM, (fujimi do sell a F1LM but its the exact same kit even comes with slicks for the road...)
    Overall its a pretty good kit, decent detail, could build with doors opened or closed, the main issue is the wheels & tires, when I got her on all 4s the standard out of the box ride height was 245mm (9.6") for a Race car!!!! I shelved it until i found some better tires, they're from a Tamiya SLR Merc & have pretty decent sidewall but no where near the size of the slicks provided. I still wasnt happy with the ride height so ended up gluing the wheels to the inner fenders (this is a first for me) still not super happy but its the best I can do, current ride height is 140mm. Pretty sure the rims are oversized 19" & should be 18s. 
    But overall Im happy, I finally have a F1 LM in the cabinet & I can put a big tick next to that one on the bucketlist.
    Painted with Zero Paints McLaren Orange (is there any other colour it could be...) & Tamiya spray paints. Did a few mods, Opened the rear windows into engine bay from interior & added earmuffs for communicating to other passengers & orange + black "pads" for seating comfort...

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  11. da_ashman added a post in a topic My inventory is finally done,,,,,   

    Theres an online one too, https://www.scalemates.com/stash-manager.php
    All you have to do is log in & add the kits youve got / purchased. Its already got pretty much every kit & heaps of aftermarket stuff too.
  12. da_ashman added a post in a topic Dubai police lambo   

    Great work! Its looks fantastic! Might have to check out some of those decal sets!
    I remember seeing a fleet of Dubai supercar police cars in one of Ken Blocks Gymkanas , & Ive always wondered how much these cars are actually used for police duties, are they more of a marketing stunt, do they actually pull people over....
  13. da_ashman added a post in a topic Transformers: Autobot/Decepticon Build   

    Hey Guys, Ive made some progress over the last week & redone some progress Id previously made too.
    First, I made up the Tigercage Roll bar system, Got the engine glued in, modified interior to suit the gearbox & modified the 67 kits exhaust to suit.
    Then I wasnt happy with how close the engine was to the front, so i removed it & moved it backwards by 6mm which looks heaps better. But now I have to re-modifiy the interior & exhaust...


    Engine in original position. ended up too close to radiator Couldn't make an intake

    New position

    Exhaust system

  14. da_ashman added a post in a topic CANNONBALL 2017   

    Oh Man I really want that Transkit!! Cant wait to see what you do with it!!
    Oh also, 0% more done on my BRZ.... hopefully I'll get back into it so I can at least make it to the start line (or insight of it...)
  15. da_ashman added a post in a topic Bumblebee - 67 Camaro   

    Firstly cheers to Photobucket for ruining everything Ive ever posted.
    Rather than try to update each post heres a bulk one with where Im up to.
    Body painted, decaled & clearcoated. Engine is coming along too.
    Interior is almost done with just the rollcage & dash to finish. I'm trying to get it finished for a local Model show 1st October.
    More frequent updates to follow, cheers