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  1. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Thats looking BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH cool!!!!
  2. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Looks Great nice work!
  3. Mazda MX-5 (Retro Flame Job)

    Hey Guys My model club have a monthly meeting & some of them are themed, this year Flames was chossen as Junes Theme. Being a builder who generally builds JDM & exotics, I wasnt super keen on building an old car, so came up with the idea of doing a retro themed brand new MX5. pretty happy with how its come out, I designed up & cut my own vinyl mask to suit the MX5. The Tamiya kit also comes with a female driver figure, I decided to modify her too, I enchanced her ....erm... "assets" & custom made her dress in a rockabily style. This is what the driver looks like out of the box & some WIP pics of the paint mask. Thanks for looking Ash
  4. Mercedes 300SL - Tamiya

    Nice work!!! Looks great!!
  5. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Thanks Guys! Again was great fun! Yesterday I managed to get some pics of the body out in the sun before I had to run off for my sons school trip to the museum. I have since livery'ed it up but i forgot to print the Castrol logo for the roof so will sort that out today. I also decided that the ride height was way to high so cut & dropped it last night. More pics soon
  6. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Looking great!!! well I finally did it! Finished with 1.22hrs to go!! will livery it up tomorrow once the paint has cured, should’ve flared the rears, & might still... stance is a tad high. But overall I’m pretty happy with my 24hr efforts, definitely not my best work but happy. It’s been a pleasure again David!
  7. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Just under 3hrs left! Home straight!!!
  8. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    10hrs to go in the race & ive got all the colours on, starting assembly now.
  9. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Looking good!!! Got everything in primer, just waiting on it to dry then base + colour coats. Now need to fab up door cards, roll cage & shifter! Good thing the suns out today!!
  10. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Couple hours into the race, got all the body kit pieces attached, not a very good fitting kit, spent a lot of time getting everything flush. I’m back off to sleep for a few hours
  11. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Dont have any race cars in the stash that could be built in 24 hours. So decided on a pysdo Racecar - Gran Turismo's RX 7 LM (lets just pretend that LM stands for Le Mans....) Anyone remember this car from GT2? I have such fond memories of drifting this thing round Rome Night! Look at how bad the graphics used to be!!! There were 2 versions you could collect as a prize car, red or green, I think I may go with the Green for something different. GT5 saw an update of this car which just looks like their SuperGT (JGTC) car... Much better graphics! I've had to take a few liberties as the car & bodykit don't exist in plastic or resin, so Aoshimas Mazdaspeeds RX7 GTC will have to suffice. I want to add some fender flares for that racecar look so might do that Friday & Saturday if that's ok. All painting & assembly will take place during the 24hours, I'll also do the sponsors as vinyl graphics (stickers) as I am a signwriter its easy & quick to do it this way. Wheels are from a Tamiya Porsche GT2. Fingers crossed I can complete this kit in the 24hours! & also keep the Wife from killing me.... Ash
  12. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    It was great fun last time, really enjoyed building along with you! I'll need to check the stash tonight & see if I've got any racecars or lemans inspired kits I haven't started on.
  13. Liberty Walk - NSX

    Video of the Prismatic Silver out in the sun.
  14. Liberty Walk - NSX

    Hey Guys Recently finished Tamiyas NSX, which is such a great kit! I built it for the inaugural Themodelcarbuildoff group build on Instagram, which is a 1 month group build. Scratchbuilt the Liberty Walk Front splitter & Sideskirts, Massive wing is from Hobby Design. Minitaire Paint was used exclusively on the interior, also tried to add some texture to the seats etc. Wheels are from Fugu Garage & are amazing!!! There's 5 parts to each one! Go get some! http://fugugarage.com/# Body is painted in 'Scale Modeller Supply' Prismatic Silver over gloss black, looks amazing out in the sun, very difficult to capture in photos. I wanted a futurist out there finish for such a futurist looking car. Really enjoyed this build, highly reccommended! Ash
  15. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Yeah hence the lack of progress.... (so stoked for him! Been a long time fan of his, but also a big fan of Vegas, couldn't believe they'd both be in the finals, shoulda put $20 on it at the beginning of the season!!! I love that Idea of the Stanley cup in the back, Might have to try to make one, maybe it could be filled with petrol instead of Champagne....