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  1. Oh wow what a great theme for this years cannonball, and it’s off to such a great start!!! Love the builds so far, sarges truck is so cool! Also really looking forward to seeing the Viper Defender come together!!! That’s one I’ve wanted to do for awhile, currently building the roadster for the show! I’ve been away from the forums for awhile, had a few dramatic life changes in the last 12 months, and started studying again, so less time for models. Still been pottering away when I can, I’d love to join in on this awesome group build, and should be able to make it in 10 months. This would be my entry and the best way to make it coast to coast without the interruption from law enforcement... Banes Tumbler from The Dark Knight Rises. I did apply some primer (black & grey) to it a year ago before losing the instructions and boxing it. Hopefully that’s still ok to proceed with? Even comes with an angry driver figure.... Really looking forward to seeing more progress!!! Ash
  2. Hey fellas, with the real P2P nearing completion, I’ve also managed to complete my racer! Throughly enjoyed building something different!
  3. Hey guys! Must apologise for my lack of updates & comments, I’ve recently had some major changes to home life, quit my job, started studying & started part-time employment. All of which has had to take priority over my Model building, but have managed to get a bit of bench time to work on my P2P racer. I’ve mostly been working on the extra stuff & roof racks. I also decided to weather my build & enhance my paint job failure... So here’s a bunch of pics of my updates! loving the Bug & Tiger!! Really looking good!
  4. So, Ive bee a tad quite here recently, I have run into some pain problems. Shortly after painting I noticed a few little cracks had appeared in the red. Next day the whole thing was cracked! Havent been sure what to do, though t might weather it or start again. Had some renewed interest in this project as I'm currently preparing some signage for one of the vehicles from New Zealand! Anyway here are some pics, let me know what you reckon I should do. I've also painted parts of the interior & seperated the 3 carbs ready for the engine Ash
  5. USCP also recently released a really good one, sold out currently but have been replenishing their stock. look out on Facebook. http://uscp-ua.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=63&product_id=450 I'm halfway through Scale productions Eleanor kit, its great!
  6. BNA Model world in Melbourne have the best prices for Hobby Design transkits, heaps cheaper than hlj!
  7. That is dam-n cool!!! Great Work!!!! Love the Wheels!
  8. Looking good mate, the NSX is a blast to build, I made one last year without the widebody fenders. Cant wait to see what you do with it!
  9. Great work, Looks Awesome!
  10. Great work, Looks Awesome!!!
  11. Thats Awesome! Good to see a Kiwi Car entering all over the world!
  12. So Ive been pretty quite of late, mostly due to a nasty Lime Scooter accident I had back in early Januray, (not my fault, wheel locked & threw me off at 25kph) I ended up with a fractured shoulder & tears in my tendons, basically left me left handed for the last 6 weeks, which is not easy when youve spent a lifetime doing everything with your right!. So since then Ive not been able to do much modelling, & have only just managed to get back into a little bit with a bit more movement from my arm now. Below are some pics of where I got too. I'd painted the body the base colour over Christmas & added the red shortly after, still decals to add etc. This one is up on my bench now after finishing off another build I had almost finished, so hopefully more updates to come. I designed up the livery i wanted & cut some vinyl masks Still abit to do to tidy the body up but pretty happy with it overall so far. Ash
  13. Great work so far! That Tamiya CF looks really nice! whats it like to apply? I used some years ago from a special edition kit they did & it was horrible, brittle, fell apart & tore too easily
  14. Great Job! Looks awesome! Had one of these turn up to our model club meeting a few months ago, Looks great in person, but it seems like its a really big car.
  15. Ditto, Great job! Looks Amazing!
  16. So Great to have Another Kiwi join us!!! Over the years theres been a few Kiwi entrants into the P2P race, theres a few interviews with a couple of them in the video Jantrix posted a link to at the beginning! Yes very difficult to get Aftermarket parts in NZ, best place is BNA in Oz as youve already mentioned, or HLJ.com in japan. Ive been off work (& most of the internet) for the last few weeks enjoying some sun & a few beers over my summer vacation, Did manage to get a little modelling done, got the first colour down on my Skyline & some other parts painted. Progress pics tomorrow! Theres been some real progress since I last visited! Builds are looking awesome!
  17. Awesome! I've built 3 Vipers, all had the horrible bumper gap & at the time I didn't have the experience to correct it, thought it was just something I hadn't got right. Planning on building an RT/10 shortly so will be following closely!
  18. AWESOME!!! I'll be following this closely, Great colour choice too!!!
  19. That's a really cool build, really like what you've done & how it turned out, great Work!
  20. Thats so cool! Ive been wanting to get one of these! Looks great by the way!!!
  21. Awesome, thanks for the clarification!!! Now to get started on what I'll build, so many ideas, so many styles....
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