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  1. Just a question regarding the Van theme. I've read through & not 100% sure, so figured i would ask. Would a people mover (without the seats) like the Toyota Previa/estima comply? Its not listed as a van, but is built on the same chassis for a hiace which is a van. There are alot of these imported into New Zealand for use as campers etc, the rental places usually remove the interior & get them reclassed as vans/travelers. Also, sub question, what about Japanese Kei vans? Like the Honda S-Max, classed as a compact MPV (but if I remove the interior...?) Last one, what about this badboy? Jimmy Flintstones Ford Mustang Panel van. obviously a sports car base. (a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH kids kit to start with) maybe with a big v8 in the back... If no to all of the above, I'll keep looking. Might have to ask more questions though, vans aren't really my thing.
  2. Thanks Guys! Wow, I cant belive it! I'm so stoked & totally blown away!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this group build, a really great bunch of guys, some really great models, great concepts too!!! Really looking forward to getting stuck into my Pekang to Paris build & now Ive gotta come up with something Van related too!!! Massive shout out to Jantrix for hosting & Lunajammer for the poll. Also a big thanks to the other entrants, seeing the anatomic corvette & septic truck come together really pushed me to do better. Thanks Again, Ash
  3. Thats cool! Looks Great in Millennium Jade!
  4. Nice, Looking forward to more!
  5. Thanks heaps folks! Really appreciate all the comments & support!!
  6. Great work so far, Looks amazing!
  7. Hey Guys This is my entry for the anual Cannonball Group Build, This years theme (which started out as my idea & snowballed) was Inline engines only. It was heaps of fun building alongside a bunch of great guys! & had a blast building this Silvia, the kit started out as an Aoshima Rasty S13 Silvia, which is most of the bodykit, Ive made so many mods to this one. Rear spoiler from Fugu Garage, rear bumper delete was scratchbuilt, Wheels are from C1 Models RWB kit, Striped interior set is from Fugu Garage, race seats from parts box, theres even an AK47 3D printed in there too! Engine & engine bay is from a Tamiya R32 GTR with Hobby Design turbos & lots of detailing & scratchbuilding. There are so many colours on this build, I wanted a soviet Camo scheme so choose a bunch of Tamiya & Mr Hobby colours that suited, Interior teal is what airplane modellers use for soviet aircraft which was from Vallejo. Had heaps of fun with this one! Go check out the other awesome builds! & vote too!!! Cheers Ash
  8. Made some progress recently, body is in primer. Hood is almost ready to go, still some detail to get right. & started on a scratch building a super charger
  9. Great work!! They both turned out amazing!!!
  10. Looks great with black on black!!
  11. That looks awesome, Ive always wanted to build one of those!!
  12. Hey guys. Now shes ready for primer, wasn't happy with the spoiler so modified it to suit & final touches to the body making sure the next pieces fit nicely.
  13. Looks Great! Love the way its come together!
  14. Looks great! Nice wheel choice!
  15. Heres a few pics from the kit im building - 71 Nissan GTR 2000 A really really good kit from Tamiya, (which I believe was designed & first released in the late 90s...), This is the more recent re-release "Street Custom" version. Comes with a nice photoetched fret & some turned metal intake trumpets for the carbs! This is the additional "street customs" parts that are new to this kit, really nice Watanabe wheels + oil cooler & lip. Also comes with a driver figure which I really like. Body is nice & crisp Great detail in the kit too! More soon! Ash
  16. Hey Guys Been making some slow progress over the last few night. All the Z06 parts have been made to fit the body, vents opened etc. I've also started mounting the fenders & nearly done with modifying the bonnet! These fender vents took 2 hrs each to fit, lots of careful sanding & test fitting, didn't want the straight line vent have a curved body line beside it. Seats, Left is the kit part, centre is modified Z06 seat & right is Maisto Z06 seat, still lots to do! Hoping to get some primer on this weekend! Stay Tuned! Ash
  17. Great Choice! Cant wait to see what you do with it
  18. Great choice of colour! I also painted my 300zx (convertible) in Pearl Yellow!
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