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  1. This is a revelle fast and the furious civic kit. Its mostly box stock. I painted it with createx candy 2o blood red over gold base coat. Aswell as the seat incerts. Its lowered and has a little camber to it. And really the only thing i did was cut up some old rims and made some lips for the rims on it to make them a little deeper.





  2. I started this beauty about a month in a half ago. I dont do many ricers so i really enjoyed this. I picked up createx candy colors so i figjred id try the candy blood red on it. I think it came out awsome. Even though i had to strip and repaint the bumper and hood twice. Because if you have ever painted with candy before thwn you know that if you mess up you cant sand it down and repaint a little spot, you have to repaint the whole thing or it will be patchy. But i painted the seats the same candy red and tan i think it came out great also. The inside of the rimes are painted gunmetal grey and i also tool a old set of rims from the parts box and made a lip for the rims. The engine block is candy red as well. But all in all i think its pne of the best models ive done yet. Tell me what you guys think.







  3. I really don't have any good looking fat tires. Here is the factory size in the first pic. But what I did with the factory cobra rims (2nd & 3rd pic) was I found a extra set of rims and cut the back off of em to make a ring/lip or deep dish rim. But if one of you guy's have a nice set I could use for it, I have several sets of after market rims and spinner rims I could trade.4th pic



  4. My girlfriend got this kit for me at walmart on clearence for $5 shoot cant beat that.  But nothing major done to it besides i tried out the new paint i got. Its createx candy2O colors. This is there version of the candy apple red. (blood red) but first i started with a black primer then of course gold then the red. And this hasnt even been cleared yet and it has a $hine. Im happy with the color. What you guys think of it?






  5. I just finished my 67 chevelle pro street. I enjoyed this build. Not as much as others but still enjoyable. The color is duplicolor blue metallic then i took some pledge (future) floor polish and mixed some white and purple pearl-ex into it then cleared it as usual. If you look real close you can see the purple in it. The interior is a pearl white and the seats have some fingernail design sticker things. I though they looked cool and matched the design. The cawl hood is scratch built from the original hood thag came in the kit. Also the spoiler is scratch built. I wish i had a parachute for it but it looks good the way it is. Hope you guys enjoy.









  6. Picked this one up because I've never built a pro street anything before. I think this one is gonna be my best work yet. But who knows. Lol here is my progress so far built a cawl hood for it. Color is a duplicolor gm blue, don't remember the exact name. But I laid 3 coats of primer, wet sanded it then sprayed a aluminum silver down, then the blue. To make it pop even more I took some pledge (future) floor cleaner and mixed some jacquard pearl ex macropearl white and reflex violet pearl and shot it on. Then cleared it with my rustoleum crystal clear. Still need to wet sand and polish it. But I'm happy with it so far. I havnt decided an interior color yet though. I need some advice what color would go good with it guys? 



  7. I started this mustang lastnight. Spent most of the night looking up reference pictures to go by. But slapped a little putty on it to make a wide bodykit and some styrene on the hood to make a call hood. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Here is a pic of the one I'm building it off of but I want a different color. What color you guys think it should go?





  8. Wow, fantastic builds from everyone...very impressive guys B)!

    Here's one from me, a '70 Mach 1 with a right hand drive conversion which was quite easy to do, it's based on a friends 1/1 





    how did you get the woodgrain look like that on the dash if ya dont mind me asking. And I just noticed it was right hand drive thats cool

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