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  1. escale

    Shay, I made it to this site as well, I will PM you!.
  2. Hudson for a friend...

    This is unbelievable! very nice work!
  3. GTX

  4. '69 Plymouth GTX; Hood Striping

    Lookin very nice!
  5. Revell 67' Plymouth GTX HEMI

    Thanks Kevin! Another update: After I posted the pictures of the hood I realized I forgot to add the hood scoops (a 67' GTX just isn't complete without hood scoops.) so I did some drilling in the hood, and a bit of filling/sanding and got them fitted on. After they've been fitted, I made a mistake and drilled the hole for the street version scoop (oops), nothing a bit of putty won't fix Sanded and test fit on the body. I got the grille and rear tailpan detailed out as well. (Sorry for the terrible lighting) I also got the tires and wheels finished. I decided to go with the Magnum 500 wheels and redline tires where this is meant to be a top-of-the-line GTX. The redlines are decals from the 68' Dart kit, they went on nicely, I was surprised. Next up I'll paint some suspension parts and get them ready to be installed on the chassis. There's really not much more I can do until I either go to my parents to use my Dad's airbrush or until I give in and buy one, hopefully soon!. Thanks for lookin'.
  6. 68 plymouth roadrunner update 06/02/16

    Amazing work! I have this kit ordered, cant wait to start on it. I built the 69' GTX years ago
  7. Revell 67' Plymouth GTX HEMI

    Thanks folks! Quick update: I finished the interior, detailed painted the rear seats as accurate as I could, and glued the "GTX" shield above the rear seats . I gave the dash a couple coats of semi gloss, and then scraped off the paint from the speedometer and gauges, turned out alright, sorry from the pic its kinda bright. I decided to trim the dash with plain Testors silver paint. I am currently painting up the grille and tail pieces, as well as some engine bay parts. The magnum 500 rims are also detailed and ready to install on the tires. Still haven't painted the body yet, waiting on getting an airbrush but hopefully soon, I may have to start my next project while I wait. Thanks for lookin!
  8. Am I a bit OCD with my models?

    Not OCD at all, some folks are that way, and their models always look fantastic when they're done. Im not super picky with my builds, I just build them to have fun. Welcome to the forum!
  9. '67 GTX

    Looking great!
  10. Revell 67' Plymouth GTX HEMI

    Got some work done these past couple days. I scratch built another distributor and glued it in place, and ran the wires. I added the final touches to this street Hemi, the Mopar oil filter decal I stole from another kit. Unfortunately I realized the decal sheet is missing from my GTX kit so I don't have a 426 Hemi badge for the air cleaner (even though the one that was meant to come with the GTX kit wasn't the correct decal for 67') Next I decided to try some flocking in the interior tub, this is a first time for me so it was a bit of a learning curve. I used 1/2 ounce black suede flocking and a strainer to spread it over acrylic paint. I think I'll go with something that drys a little slower next time as it was a little patchy but otherwise looks good. Next I added the factory tachometer as well as the four-speed shifter. I accented the chrome center console with aluminum to make it look a little more like the 1/1 scale cars. This is the first time I've used BMF in the interior, very tedious but I like the result! More to come! Thanks for lookin.
  11. 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner COMPLETE 2-19-2017

    Glad to hear your situation is looking better! Ok excellent, I did pick up an amt 69' Barracuda kit yesterday I may steal the 383 out of but I will PM you if Im not happy with it. Thanks again!
  12. 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner COMPLETE 2-19-2017

    Amazing work John, very impressive. Sorry to hear about your accident! I was wondering where you got the 383 engine? I am waiting on the 68' RR kit myself and want to put in a 383 as well. thanks!
  13. 1984 Dodge Turbo Z

    Looks great, Im a big fan of this K-Turbos as well.
  14. Revell Beetle

    Very cool. Nice work on the weathering, wheels look great also!
  15. Lindberg 53 Ford Victoria

    Very nice work.