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  1. I don't know much about McLarens, so I looked for a 1:1 pic of your build:
  2. Oooooooooh... that looks niiiiiice... gonna have to sell off a few more kits to afford one, though! ?
  3. Thought of this thread once again: https://larzanderson.org/museumevents/communityhistory/ (Jan 30th event) ?
  4. Gotchya! Gave me an excuse to look through my photo-files, though... sometimes I forget what is in them! :-) Good luck with the build.
  5. oh HEY I found one more for you... still a coupe, though...
  6. Arg... so now Panteras are being hacked up for customs? (sigh)... Can you use any of these photos? I thought I had more engine bay shots... must remember that come car-show season! ?
  7. Those are nice BUT I would know they aren't right... I am too picky for my own good ? They also look too wide for my needs.
  8. I got $85.00 for mine (along with a small sheet of etch) on Ebay, so YES you got a deal! MIKE999 - have you ever built one of those MPC Dodge's? I did years ago and you may want to see if more correct wheels are still available via aftermarket. The kit ones are silly-deep.
  9. KEY WORD: "should" ? Just kidding!
  10. I haven't opened it yet. Did just read that the Revell Germany version supposedly has better decals and instruction sheet (ooooops). Since I haven't built in a while I don't feel like trying that paint scheme, so I am thinking THIS ONE: ... but again, the price of these decal sheets is NUTS!!
  11. Now I realize I want to get aftermarket decals... and they cost as much as the model kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I wish I had taken more photos of it so I could share, but you look like you know EXACTLY what you are doing! ?
  13. Body-paint... the part I hate the most... seems SOMETHING always has to go wrong... ? At least you are sticking with it and not yelling and throwing the whole project in the trash!
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