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  1. I don't know much about McLarens, so I looked for a 1:1 pic of your build:
  2. Oooooooooh... that looks niiiiiice... gonna have to sell off a few more kits to afford one, though! ?
  3. Thought of this thread once again: https://larzanderson.org/museumevents/communityhistory/ (Jan 30th event) ?
  4. Gotchya! Gave me an excuse to look through my photo-files, though... sometimes I forget what is in them! :-) Good luck with the build.
  5. oh HEY I found one more for you... still a coupe, though...
  6. Arg... so now Panteras are being hacked up for customs? (sigh)... Can you use any of these photos? I thought I had more engine bay shots... must remember that come car-show season! ?
  7. I got $85.00 for mine (along with a small sheet of etch) on Ebay, so YES you got a deal! MIKE999 - have you ever built one of those MPC Dodge's? I did years ago and you may want to see if more correct wheels are still available via aftermarket. The kit ones are silly-deep.
  8. KEY WORD: "should" ? Just kidding!
  9. I haven't opened it yet. Did just read that the Revell Germany version supposedly has better decals and instruction sheet (ooooops). Since I haven't built in a while I don't feel like trying that paint scheme, so I am thinking THIS ONE: ... but again, the price of these decal sheets is NUTS!!
  10. Now I realize I want to get aftermarket decals... and they cost as much as the model kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I wish I had taken more photos of it so I could share, but you look like you know EXACTLY what you are doing! ?
  12. Body-paint... the part I hate the most... seems SOMETHING always has to go wrong... ? At least you are sticking with it and not yelling and throwing the whole project in the trash!
  13. Reminds me of the Cord at the Collings Foundation here in MA... same but different! ?
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