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  1. Tamiya Ferrari 360 Spider

    Here's a free reference shot for you ;-)
  2. Tamiya Ferrari 360 Spider

    I built the coupe a long time ago and it was one of the best kits I had ever built. It just FALLS together. I also have the Spyder in my stash, and am looking forward to seeing yours done!
  3. Nash Rambler 2 Door wagon

    I prefer stock ;-) This one was spotted in 2004.
  4. Richard Petty 1981 Dodge Mirada...the car that never run!

    MIRADA? I have never heard THAT name before!! Info for my memory-bank, please... ;-)
  5. Fujimi Ferrari 348tb Curbside Kit

    THANKS folks! Not caring about the outcome of the build was actually refreshing! The 348 was not one of my favorite Ferraris...
  6. Revell Ferrari California

    THANK YOU all! One thing I noticed with that kit... when the finished model is displayed with my others, it seems... well... LARGE for 1/24! Not sure what that is all about...
  7. (Geesh, I didn't know all these replies were here! I didn't get any email notices...) The subject of $$ is a touchy one with me, BobT. We'll leave it at that. For those who didn't catch the mention: https://store.preval.com/collections/preval-sprayer/products/6-pack-of-2-94oz-touch-up-jars?variant=188758422 (smaller bottles) The other day I helped out at a local auto upholstery shop and asked the boss about the sprayers. He said "I could spray the fence next door from my desk with it!", meaning, I assumed, the thing packs a punch! He often has to spray dye onto leather/vinyl, etc, but does not have a "hobby size" airbrush that I have ever seen, only a large air-powered "car size" sprayer. But he has tried these, and he doesn't think it would be good for a model. So, that is one more opinion to add to the list here! ;-)
  8. Well, I can't put aside a buck a day as I've been out of work a long time. My interest in these sprayers isn't to save $300, it is because I can never find the colors I want in a can. I am limited to basic colors and not 1:1 correct ones. My fear of cleaning is due to all the different types of thinners for different types of paint, and what is compatible with what. For some reason that has been like math to me all these years... I just can't grasp it all. Add in the fact that when I started to build again a few years ago, all the usual things I did with paint wasn't fool-proof anymore. I never had so many paint problems before. No doubt the EPA is partly to blame, but painting bodies has gone from my favorite part to least part of building a kit... and that is saying a lot...
  9. Fujimi Ferrari 348tb Curbside Kit

    This was a kit I started YEARS ago, before I really burned out. I didn't even remember starting it. I decided to just FINISH the stupid thing, regardless of how it came out. So given the lack of caring, I was shocked it came out as well as it did! ;-)
  10. Revell Ferrari California

    Thanks folks!
  11. Revell Ferrari California

    The Revell Ferrari California. Paint is Tamiya. Click HERE for a look at the build process... (2012)
  12. Fujimi Ferrari 348tb curbside kit. I recently found this kit, which I didn't remember starting years ago. Since the body was painted, all I had to do was detail the interior & body, and put it all together. Not perfect, but nice. (2010)
  13. Monogram Ferrari 512TR

    Monogram Ferrari 512TR. This is a level 3 kit, and for good reason. The whole rear chassis has a lot of parts that need to fit correctly. I tried building a few different Testarossa kits year ago, and none had good side-strake detail. This is the only kit I have seen in person that pulls the whole thing off. Wheels and tires could be better, but this is an older kit, after all. Click HERE for a look at the build process... (2010)
  14. British Racing Green?

    MCW British Racing Green from many moons ago. I used to always use the Testor's/MM metallic BRG.
  15. Hi all Even though I have been building kits on and off for decades, I do not have an airbrush. I simply cannot afford one, and frankly cleaning them makes me nervous. Having said that, a 1:1 Jeep guy we know mentioned the Perval sprayer system, and recently I found out they can be purchased at Home Depot for only $5! Info can be found here ----------- >>> https://preval.com/all-products/preval-sprayer/ A peek at the website shows they sell packs of smaller paint containers, which look better suited to model use, as the bottle that comes with the small kit is a rather large glass one (see pic). Has anyone here ever used this system to spray their models? I'd like to know more about them before trying mine out. I especially need to understand any cleaning processes, as I seriously doubt the propellant will only last for one model!