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  1. wdrfcj added a post in a topic WORKING Christmas Tree Project Circuit   

    why are the numbers on the integrated circuit different from the ones on the outside of the integrated circuit. this can be confusing when wiring, i am assuming the numbers on the outside of the circuit are the pin numbers. Hypermung designed the circuit and was hoping he could shed some light on this.
    thanks Richard
  2. wdrfcj added a post in a topic WORKING Christmas Tree Project Circuit   

    has anyone built the model christmas tree. does anyone have a photo of a printed circuit for the christmas, that i  can copy and make a circuit board for the Christmas tree. i built one and am having problems with it , the lights done cascade down as they are supposed to , the all stay on steady except the red which doesnt come in at all.i have studied my work and am not able the find the problem. i have swapped out the integrated circuits with no results