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  1. Hi Guys, Building Fujimi Ford GT-40 MarkII '66 LeMans Kit RS-51 In removing the rear deck window (Part 8 ) I got a defect split into the visible area. If anyone built this kit or similar and used the alternate back window with the bubble in it and has part 8- the flat window- left over I would really like to have it! Thanks, John
  2. I bought this at my local Walmart yesterday. It smells like the old Future and when I dipped a windshield it behaved like the old Future. I don't know why S C Johnson thinks it is good marketing to keep changing the name of a good product, but for now this is The Right Stuff. Pledge 11182 Revive It Floor Gloss, 27 Ounce, Clear Transparent Liquid
  3. Thanks for the response. Found good directions under Tamiya tire decals. Worked great after wetting tire before putting on transfer.
  4. Are the tire name markings in the fujimi 1/24 gt40 kits real decals or something else? I'm diong the #3 Gurney car from 1966. As I understand it they used Goodyears for the whole LeMans race whereas some others started on Firestones, had trouble and switched to Goodyear. Is this correct? Thanks John
  5. When do you paint the interior roof color? I would think it would be best to do it before spending a lot of time on the exterior finish?
  6. I would like to do a 63 convertible. What kit would you pick as a donor for the folded top?
  7. Sorry for a slightly off topic subject, but does anyone know of a site similar to this one dealing with multimedia 1/43 historic race car kits? Most of what I can find seems to deal with completed diecast replicas, which do not interest me. Foreign language sites acceptable. Thanks, Jack
  8. How about another oldie like the 300sl? A good XKE, a 250GTO, Cobra Daytona
  9. Who are the best manufacturers of this type of replacement badges and what is a good site to buy them? Thanks, Jack
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