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  1. Try the Steelnavy.net and/or modelwarships.com sites. 1/700 will be easier to find but for most is close enough.
  2. Does anyone have experience with MCW's enamel clear coat over their new enamels? Different subject- How about MCW's regular acrylic clear coat over decals? Thanks, John
  3. I think the fujimi rear window shape is clearly more accurate. I like the meng hood. All in all the new kit looks great to me. I wonder if the fijimi rear body would fit the meng kit. I think it would probably look great if left open to show the engine, which is what I would do anyway.
  4. Steve, are the individual letters on the side of your Grand Prix and the trunk of your Mercury covered with one piece of foil or individually? I'd be hard put to cut out the individual letters. Thanks, John
  5. I know that there is controversy over Shelby colors. I an building a 1966 427 Cobra with base Guardsman Blue and Wimbledon White stripes. Looking up the official Ford colors, the Wimbledon White is almost an ivory as it was used on the Mustang. I find it very hard to judge a shade of white when close to a dark blue background. Would you go with the ivory shade or a more basic white? Thanks, John
  6. I'm having trouble finding photoetch for this style belt. Everything seems to be modern multi-point or stock car.
  7. Unfortunately the ones I want are white signatures on the black dashboard, hence the need for an ALPS printer. Thanks, John
  8. Does anyone make a 1/24 or1/25 white decal of Shelby's signature as often seen on the dashboard of Cobras? I know it's probably a licensing no-no issue, but I thought I'd ask as I don;t have access to an ALPS printer. John
  9. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/04/meng-downsizes-but-doesnt-dub-down.html#more Saw this this morning. Sounds interesting.
  10. Does anyone have experience with MCW enamel metallics? I am using their Guardsman Blue and wonder if it would be better over a silver coat or is white stynelres sufficient? Thanks, John
  11. I have had good luck with Gorilla brand super glue (not the classic Gorilla Glue) which comes with the blue cap. It has a long steel pin which keeps the hole open. It is a moderately slow setting Ca which give you time to locate parts.
  12. I would heat a piece of plastic rod or sprue, bend it to shape, wrap with appropriate wire (easier to work with than plastic rod), then paint with dilute putty or Mr Surfacer. Someone on Youtube doing a Ferrari P3 used threaded rod with Mr Surfacer.
  13. I have a few questions about Cobra CSX3021. in photo 12, what is the black tank on the firewall with the chrome cap just behind the air cleaner and where do the two transparent hoses on either end go? (it also shows in photo 14) In photo 14, what is the hose going into the firewall from the fuel log? Is it a fuel pressure sensor? In photo 14, what are the black "bottles" in the upper right at the corner of the port valve cover? I am a ship modeler doing my first car and am on a steep learning curve! Thanks, John
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