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  1. Well, this sums it up nicely........

    I'm on my lunch right now, and the car is saying 39°, but it feels like a really chilly 39° right now.
  2. What Pleased You Today!

    Well, checked my bank account this morning to find that my tax refund was deposited this morning so when I got home, I logged into my Ally car payment account and paid off the car since I only had 2 payments left. So once the payment comes off the pending status and that title shows up in the mail, that 200 is all mine!
  3. What Pleased You Today!

    What did you think of the show? I ended up spending about 6 hours there and walking about 9.7 miles and over 15500 steps!
  4. What Irked You Today?

    Took a vacation day so I could go to the Chicago Auto Show mid week and managed to completely blow a stop sign while stopping at the Thornton's less than 3/4 mile from home. Didn't see the sign or the cop until he followed me into the station lot with the lights flashing!
  5. Evil has once again Befallen...

    I saw them, took a quick glance, and walked straight back to the pharmacy, and the tech had me rang out before I knew it, at that point, I figured it was best to just get out!
  6. Bad weekend for the Forces,.

    I watched Brittany's crash and then Ashley lose in the first round today, home Brittany is ok though, that was a nasty hit.
  7. Evil has once again Befallen...

    ROFL, I had to pick up a prescription at the one Mom and I worked at and sure enough, I saw what appeared to be a donut box, bit in white with this odd red lettering, got closer for a look and sure enough, that's what they were! I was able to leave them behind though.
  8. Car Repair Ripoffs 1: Dealerships

    While I'm not sure how much the 2.5l OHV Jeep engine useed, the 4.0l I-6 requires 6 quarts, both of which are derived from AMC's I-6 engine family. Now the Chrysler 2.2/2.5 SOHC engines used 4 quarts for the naturally aspirated engines while the turbocharged versions needed 5 quarts to help lube and cool the turbos. Not positive, but I wouldn't be surprised if the ones that had the Cosworth/Maserati or Lotus DOHC heads also used 5 quarts, since they too, were turbo motors.
  9. Well, this sums it up nicely........

    He's a teenager, he just comes out and grabs a shovel then starts pushing! The doctor that came to the house for a house visit with Mom told me that he appreciated that we had the drive, walkway, and front steps cleared form him when he got here.
  10. Well, this sums it up nicely........

    I spent a at least a few hours of my "snow day" clearing the driveway and back yard with both a shovel (and help from my neighbor's kid, very grateful for that!) and snowblower. I then had a late lunch and crashed for at least a few hours in the evening.
  11. Well, this sums it up nicely........

    We got just enough that my office closed as well as the one in Iowa, luckily working for a lawn company that doesn't do much this time of year (we don't do plowing), we have other call centers in warmer areas that can handle the volume, and they'd rather we be safe than risk coming to work in bad conditions.
  12. Slant 6 cross ram

    Huh, the intake manifold on that turquiose engine kinda reminds me of the one for the '99/'00-'06 Jeep 4.0l I-6!
  13. Did you experience the Blizzard of '78?

    I'm too young for the '67 blizzard (I'm only 41) plus my folks were still dating and living in Iowa at time, they didn't get married until that October (we spent their 50th at CDH in Winfield, where Mom was a patient at the time). They did live in Minnesota for a while and managed to move there after a big snow store, as well as floods that the melting snow caused, apparently there were fish laying in the streets after the waters receeded and snow piles were up to the second story of they stayed in when they first moved there, according to what a hotel employee told them. They had moved back to Iowa from Minnesota and Illinois for a while and when we moved back (well, for them anyway, I was born in Iowa too) in '79, we had managed to miss the '78 storm by almost 2 years. We were here for the early-mid 80's deep freeze, kinda for the blizzard of '99 (we were in Iowa for a funeral and followed the storm home), then here for the '11 blizzard, as well as the Polar Vortex of '14.
  14. What's your state famous for?

    When it comes to George Ryan, I'll give you that! Considering his corruption gave commercial licenses to people that had no right getting them, he and the people who took the bribes for him should have been charged with manslaughter for every death one of those drivers caused.