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  1. Let's just hope that this C-Barge isn't used by somebody designing the kit, roof appears chopped and last I checked, they weren't 4wd and didn't have leaf springs supporting a live axle with a sheetmetal center section......
  2. The video that the Vette picture is taken from is part of this article, I think that appliance in front of the Ranger has it's right rear corner sitting on that guardrail, on top of the left rear corner ripped off the vehicle.
  3. Well, that is pre-production, so that could be a GM Employee or a "journalist" of some sort, plus it on a twisty mountain road, I wouldn't be shocked if the driver of that appliance crossover isn't exactly innocent here.
  4. There's more ProStreet Fieros out there than I expected https://www.google.com/search?q=pro+street+pontiac+fiero&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjCtvDj9PHjAhUJPa0KHaP6CXQQ_AUIBigB&biw=360&bih=560#spf=1565220514599
  5. No pictures, but I think I saw a Fiat X-1/9widebody project in primer and on sawhorses in somebody's garage when I was on lunch today Next time I go over to RestoPaint, I'll have to ask Miguel if he knows anything about it since it's in a subdivision and almost right between his store and my office!
  6. Not sure, but if it ran on Ethanol, would that make it a cannibal?
  7. Wonder if that was cob-bled together?
  8. I upgraded right around the New Year since my old laptop died right before Christmas and my employer keeps trying to update the desktops we use, but it's been such a disaster at other offices that my office hasn't made the change yet.
  9. It is amazing what that simple little platform is capable of, on and off road. Seen them set up as rally cars, LeMons racers, even a GrassRoots Motorsports $20-- Challenge winner! Uhg, they ruined both a YJ Wrangler AND a 911 Targa for that?!
  10. Wow, considering what you started with, that is amazing!
  11. They dominated with them too, best part though, other than being a tube axle vs a D30, they just worked over the same front suspension our XJs use to do this!
  12. That would be wild, too bad there's no way to build that and have it be 4wd though. A 2wd front axle would need to be like a dropped axle for a Pre-WW2 Ford and a D30 or D44 on a 4wd would try and occupy the same spaces as the oil pan and "frame rails". All that said, a XJ with a 360 from either AMC or Chrysler that is built to make that kind of power and corner like the Archer Brothers' Comanches would be just crazy! And for those not familiar with the SCCA Sport Truck class and what an Archer Brothers Comanche is.......
  13. Saw on the news i the last couple weeks that there's a community that is planning to cull some here and has some of their residents up in arms over it. I get the whole guns in a park thing and "Ehmigerd Bambi's Mother?!", but I wonder how many may have had to deal with Lime Disease or hit one with a car.
  14. That slanted grill explains a lot, I always thought it was a box art issue, not intended to look like that!
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