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  1. Can You Identify?

    Lots Almost forgot something too, got some pics of those Vette kit wheels! Lots of sanding to do if you don't have a mini disk or belt sander, but probably worth every bit when stripped, opened up, and painted!
  2. Can You Identify?

    Same here, still don't think that look right on a '53 Vette or '71-'95 G-Van, but a C2 or C3 Vette or late 60's to early 70's Muscle Car, maybe even one of the revival Stutz Blackhawks from the Late 60's and into the 70's, without a doubt. I do prefer textured and machined aluminum (kinda the 2 tone aluminum) vs the machined and matte black finish though, then again, I find my self getting pretty annoyed with that look on modern rims now too Here's an ad that shows those off nicely! So, any chance there might be a run on the '53 Vette kits now that more of us know what those "custom" wheels are supposed to look like and started to take a liking to them
  3. Can You Identify?

    That's what I had been thinking, maybe I'll take a closer look at the early 80's issue I have that's easiest to get to tonight. Those might look decent on some of the Muscle Car Era stuff I have laying around!
  4. Can You Identify?

    That's what those are supposed to be?! I used to have an X-tacy Van kit and have a couple of the '53 Vette kits and thought those were just some poorly designed wire wheel replicas! May have to try and de-chrome them and see how they look under that chrome. is there a good way to get the backs see through like the Cougar versions in the first pic?
  5. Upgrade Status

    I'm seeing that now too, the page has the same look as it does when I'm not logged in, including that message.
  6. What did you see on the road today?

    First off, thought I saw Harry's Mustang today......wonder if it ever left the area, come to think of it..... Then tonight, I discovered there is an active PT Cruiser Club in the area, saw nearly a dozen cruise night prepped PT's, including a convertable at at least 1 Turbo GT. No joke, I think every one of the owners were older that my parents.....who themselves are now on the far side of their 70's
  7. what everyone favorite mopar car post photos here thanks

    Did you know the '87 Shelby Lancers were supposed to be a very Elenore-esk gunmetal grey with black graphics. Apparently somebody at Chrysler screwed up the order and sent Shelby's operation 800 Red Lancers instead of 800 Grey. Thought it would be interesting to do an Elenor like build of an '88 Lancer Shelby (those were built buy Chrysler instead.), maybe with one of the SRT Motors instead of a variation of the 2.2/2.5 motors.
  8. what everyone favorite mopar car post photos here thanks

    Mine was identical to the brochure car, but had red leather instead of what appears to be black leather in that pic.
  9. what everyone favorite mopar car post photos here thanks

    Not gonna lie, had one of these for my first car and Dad and I both still have a soft spot for it.
  10. -Happy Caturday !-

    Well, since I don't have any of my own, I'll just post a couple of my friend's cats! Here's Grace, sunning her self on the apartment porch railing. Linus, trying to look cute, with Mocha staring into the distance. And now a couple action shots of Linus, who has also attracted Mocha's attention now too! And finally, an elusive pic of all three in one shot, Grace is hiding by the food in the dark kitchen if anybody doesn't her right away.
  11. Dad went to Lowes and picked a new bbq grill and I went along since we needed new box cutter blades and they're the only place I've found that has the Irwin BiMetal blades, weeeeeeeeeelll, almost $90 later
  12. Accidentally broke the center console armrest on my 200 just over a week ago and ordered a replacement on line that night, got a text it showed up today. Shipping from Ann Arbor, MI was only a few days once the USPS picked it up, just took about 4-5 days before it was ready for them to pick up
  13. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Picked these up at HyVee today, the red one is going to get theme painted (it's red plastic w/tampo print graphics) now that I know what my Sister is carrying
  14. Testors Automotive Paints

    I'm hoping the lacquers get to stick around, the One Coat lacquers always sold well for the kids doing Pinewood Derby cars and I've found that the 2 Stage Auto Lacquers make great lexan body paints too and used them many times on my R/C cars and trucks.
  15. Cats like boxes. Even big ones.

    Well, they got two of them, the service manager is going to take them home to his wife and kids, they even have been named, Lola and Charlie.