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  1. Finally heard back from the rep for the FMLA claim in question, email claims the dr(s) still haven’t sent the certification that they need, problem is, they’ve sent everything they can think of that these people need and don’t know anything else that they can send without committing privacy violations🤬
  2. That’s what my BiL got the same day I got my 1st Pfizer, sounds like that hit him on on Friday harder than mine hit me. I had chills and was achy for a few hours after dinner Friday night, but slept it off, he may have had a mild fever too, though we were both fine by the time the 5 of us went grocery shopping together on Sunday.
  3. Thanks Bill, I should already have the aid set up for the hospital bill, but the FMLA thing is just irritating. From what it sounds like, I’m still kinda lucky compared to others that have had to deal with for their own claims. One thing that sucks though, I thought that maybe a call to HR might help, so I did and it lead right to the came company 🤬
  4. My insurance and FMLA people through work, my insurance is refusing to cover $80k of antibiotic treatments I had to have for the MRSA I had over the last 6 weeks because it isn't "preventative care" and had to get financial aid through the hospital to cover it then they sent me 16 invoices for what they did cover, though I need to look at them more closely now that I'm off work..........I think they sent me 4 different invoices in 4 batches or 4 of each invoice. Then there is the people I have to deal with for FMLA, they approved my claim for time off for when I was i the hospital and the week after before I could get approval to go back to work (call center, not exactly a problem there) and did so with no problem other than finally notifying my boss of that 3 weeks after I was informed of the approval. Now for the intermittent claim from the daily hospital visits for the antibiotic kept asking for more and more documentation from the Dr's offices involved as well as me GP, who is not involved, in the treatments, but never said what was needed and from whom, then when I would, I've never get a clear answer plus when it was near the deadline for this, the claim rep was out of office until after the deadline and they have formally denied this claim, which puts my employment at risk. The Dr's offices have since sent in what we "think" they may have needed to fully file the claim and I've sent an email to the rep that I plan on disputing their denial of it since there is nothing on their website or smart phone app to initiate one, plus I CC'd my boss in on it with her permission for good measure.
  5. Is the unibody tweaked at all? If it’s just the fender, door axle, control arms and rocker, those are replaceable. Before we discovered how far gone the floor was on my ‘98, Dad and I were talking about replacing the rotted out rockers with square or rectangular steel tubing and there are even kits that give you the brackets and such, you just need to provide the tubing and welding equipment or the cash for somebody else to do that work for you.
  6. Picked these up at Hobby Lobby today, 40% off too. Other than wheels, tires, and graphics, the GTX appears to be an otherwise straight up reissue. That said, the main image of the cars box art is awful, just awful.
  7. Picked up some Jeep Moss Green Metallic for one of my hardbodied R/C projects, may have to try it on one of the Imperial kits though. It also was the color of the XJ I scrapped last March.
  8. You know, it's funny, I've generally had no issues with needles being put into me or anybody else in my presence or on TV and in the movies, but now that i have to give myself insulin shots a couple times a day and had been sticking my fingers before going to one of those Libre' things you put on your arm for 2 weeks at a time recently, I had a difficult time doing that. I'm thinking that between the plastic model and r/c hobbies and wrenching some on my 1/1 vehicles the last 30 years plus 24 years in retail trying not to unintentionally stab myself, I had a hard time doing so on purpose and took a few weeks to get over it!
  9. Got my 1st Covid shot today, had to laugh that the 2nd is scheduled for May the 4th though🤔😄
  10. Just found an inflation calculator and compared that to when I bought my 2012 Chrysler 200 in April 2012. Adjusted for inflation, her car was $17,113.29, IIRC, my 200 was around $22k pre extended warranty as well as tax and licensing. Outside the adjusted for inflation $5k difference, biggest difference is that the base 2.4l 4 cylinder probably made more horsepower and with the 3.6l V-6 mine has, would put the car in line with, if not a little better than a production tuned 340 powered A-Body performance wise.
  11. I think that may be the case in California.
  12. Got untethered from the CADD Pump and PICC Line removed this morning! Now I don’t have to go to the hospital every morning for a fresh bag of antibiotic, the. drag that around, and we can take my car places if Dad doesn’t need his buggy to get around!
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