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  1. One of my best friends is a Millenial who has multiple factory stick shift vehicles, one of which is a factory supercharged front driver (a Cobalt SS/SC) and the other is one of the last years you could buy a manual shift Silverado, as well as a Sportside, then get that gen with 4 wheel discs on a 1500, he then lowered it and added a Magnason blower to the 4.8l V8 he rebuilt for it.
  2. That front end geometry is normal for R/C drift cars (1:1 drift cars too, IIRC) espo, especially that crazy steering angle built into that front suspension. So car as parts cost, there are places to get that stuff from that is c-h-e-a-p-!-!-!, but I'm not always sure about quality and hate having to swap bad parts out for good on my R/Cs.
  3. Probably sees your desk as a warm spot with that nice bright worklight! 😉
  4. That would be freaky bodied up to look like Christine!
  5. Screwed up and tripped over equpment at the gym I just recently joined, which was 110% my fault and I'm irritated at myself for doing so. What also irritates me is that I went down HARD on my left leg then banged my right leg and arm hard enough that I'm expecting bruising on those and hoping to not need a visit to Urgent Care for my left leg and knee when they open tomorrow, but not one person there asked me if I was ok or needed anything, even just a hand getting off the floor!
  6. I saw that on Jalopnik this moring and then heard as I was getting changed at the gym after work that they're doing the same when it comes to having kids. Seems that the median age for Millenials becoming parents is about 26y/o vs prior generations being closer to a 21y/o average when they started. Many decided to wait until they were more mature to bring kids into the world, want to say that the kids that had been asked wanted to be more finacially stable before having their own too. Can't fault them for that now🖒👍
  7. Just read this in the comments on YouTube for the Ozzy and Elton John collaboration, took me by surprise!
  8. Got started on my '67 GT350 last night, glues the ends on the body as well as the engine and trans pieces together into a single piece so I can paint it all at once (making it look like ine of those Shelby Aluminum 289 will make that so much easier!
  9. Yup, my initial thought was to raise the axle peg on the spindle to act like a dropped spindle, but if the body can be channeled a bit up front, might try that, if not both!
  10. Thanks Bill, never knew that was an issue! Think it would be possible to maybe trim something on the body or interior to effectively channel the front of the body over the chassis? Thanks on this guys, that area seemed off but couldn't figure out why!
  11. Picked these up today, mainly bought for an R/C project, but these are going to be "crossover" tools, since they will be used for model stuff too.
  12. I should have said that more like "ProTouring", I'm going to use the Pegasus 17" aluminum barrels and tires with the kit Shelby wheels to get the low profile look as well as painting the engine with "Aluminum" paint to give the impression of one of these engines😮 https://www.shelbyengines.com/products/shelby-289-engine I'm also debating on getting some rmodern seats vs stock seats and get some Alcapulco Blue like below, But use the silver kit stripes as a nod to the Santa Fe Blue with Silver graphics from the Shelby Charger.
  13. That is always a possibility too, I can see that being on purpose! That what I was thinking might be going on, but wasn't sure if I was seeing things. Had that thought too, but since tbis is going to be more of a mild ProTouring build, the front end needs to come down some.
  14. Must be how I'm seeing the front 3/4 views of the car then. That view seems to give the car a slight "Gasser" or maybe more like a "full throttle" nose higher than the rear stance to me.
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