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  1. Think this has ever been offroad?

    Take a lot of beer holding to make that look good in my eyes.
  2. Think this has ever been offroad?

    With all that garbage on it, I hope that JK has a LS? or Hemi swap so it can actually move! The Pentastar might be over stressed and I'll bet the 3.8l would struggle with all that lard.
  3. What did you see on the road today?

    Keep seeing this little critter, I kinda dig it and bought Revell New Beetle Snapper to try this on.
  4. Weird cars Post em here.

    Considering that was likely a prototype, if Chrysler no longer has it in it's personal collection, it may have already been crushed by them decades ago.
  5. PhotoBucket's Back?

    Prior to the whole lockdown thing, ads had gotten so bad with their normal site that I would post pics that I had on there from my phone since their app works so much better than the site does, even with the ads on that app too!
  6. PhotoBucket's Back?

    I got an email from them for the much better pricing, probably going to take them up on it, I have a lot of stuff on their between my styrene and R/C stuff that would be easier to keep there, and I find it easier to use that Flickr too.
  7. MPC Pacer Early Hood

    Picked up a wagon kit today.
  8. Just discovered these kids, holy smokes
  9. Scale vehicle inspiring a 1:1 vehicle

    You inspired me to buy the Foose F100 with your build, also now know what I want to do with the Revell Lowrider Magazine Impala I bought tireless almost 2 years ago!
  10. Weird cars Post em here.

    Well, there's one take on the "Bug Out Boat" concept..............................
  11. R1 Concepts?

    Has anybody here ever heard of R1 Concepts? They sell brake components under their own name as well as other brands and seem to be very reasonably priced for their stock replacement components too. www.r1components.com
  12. Birthday Gremlin

    More pics! Sorry, I can get the pics to load from my phone, so here's my Instagram for what I've done so far.
  13. Nail Caddy

    That worked pretty good!
  14. Birthday Gremlin

    The tunnel notch is nearly perfect, so that can be left as molded. I may clearance the wheel tubs a hair as that portion of the wheel well has way more rhan enough room for those 23 inchers from Pegasus though and will look into the bolsters after that, they're almost a perfect fit otherwise!
  15. Birthday Gremlin

    Got some more work done on it yesterday, glued the engine bay togethet as well as put the nose piece on (talk about fiddley!), and stripped the chrome off the wheels so I can give them the proper aluminum finish.