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  1. Joe Handley


    Same for the St Charles, IL store.
  2. I agree on lack of market, although the Rams could be made by rebodying the D100 kits and adding small blocks if they aren't already there, thats all Chrysler did at first. I do wish somebody would make a 4.0l XJ Cherokee, I do think those would have more of a market than the above trucks.
  3. I talked (ok Texted) with her about this and will likely buy it to keep on the back burner, but she did mention wanting to get her a Cozy Coupe to paint up and give to her when she gets older (maybe around her first birthday) and I happened to find this! https://www.littletikes.com/item/652950/d.i.y.-cozy-coupe/1.html Considering that these tend to come in colors like red and yellow, pink and grey, ect, we all know this will probably be the best model to get if there is going to be any custom paintwork to be done on it next year!
  4. I was looking at this wagon since it is a John Deere licensed product as well as it being a bit on the girly side (it would be for a little girl after all), plus the Harbor Freight one has the Radio Flier type steering, which can be a bit tippy. To be honest, that reason alone would get me to spend the extra to buy this one vs the Radio Flier or it's Harbor Freight ripoff, John Deere licensing or not.
  5. Apparently John Deere is getting into Radio Fliers territory and selling these little and not so red wagons. Other than rolling stock and paint on the basic one, it looks pretty much the same until you get to the steering, which insread of having the front axle shaft on a pivot, each wheel has it's own pivot point and steers kinda like the 2wd Traxxas Stampedes and Tamiya FWD M-Chassis cars and their MF-01x R/C's! I suddently want to get this one for my Niece once they're back in stock too! https://www.johndeerestore.com/jdb2cstorefront/JohnDeereStore/en/John-Deere-products/Toys/Toy-Vehicles/Ride-Ons-%26-Wagons/Pink-Stakebed-Wagon/p/LP53339
  6. It was, I had been around diesels in that lot before, Dad spent time working there when he worked for C&NW, and a big as those looked to me as a kid, the BigBoy took me right back to that since it to me now, as an adult, as it is so much larger than the diesels that I had that same feeling looking at it as I did at diesels all those years ago.
  7. I had wondered about that too, now the hospital does have an assistance program. After having to get a sore on my leg taken care of in 2017 (about the same time Mom nearly died the last time) and put in for that after getting a $1200-$1800 bill for what my insurance at the time didn't cover (at that time, I had my lost last job, got this job and been on unemployment between jobs and on layoff prior to that, still had a car payment, was doing a bunch of running around to visit Mom where she was at, and making less at the time!) and was turned down at the time. I didn't even bother trying to apply for it this time, even though I got it and I'm not sure if they based this on what info I turned in 2 years ago or they looked deeper into things now, maybe just trying to get me off the books since we're nearing the end of the year (may be be somewhat of a tax advantage to them for doing so too), although I did joke with Dad that maybe they saw the last name and address matched Mom's and decided to comp me after all the money that has been spent there keeping Mom alive. All that said, if they are, I do appreciate it....greatly as it has been weighing on me since June when the amount first showed up on the acct.
  8. Thanks guys! I was really worried the the balance fell off my account and was surprised my the assistance since I never bothered to ask for it. It is a massive relief though and I've knocked out a quarter of the $400 that was left as of last night. Now I've got money to spend on my niece, 200 (it's nearing 100k and will need maintenence and get upgrades if I can too), and my R/C stuff!
  9. As mentioned elsewhere, I went to pay down on the part of the hospital bill I was to take care of and found it missing from the account. Talked to somebody in billing then somebody else at the Dr's office (had an appointment today) and was told the hospital "Gave me 100% financial aid" on what was left from my hospital stay. In other words they comp'd or wrote off what I had still left on the books!
  10. From what I've found, Matt is about right, they're basically the Rods and Customs of the Porsche world.
  11. That could possibly be built from the Police Van, Fire Van, Dirty Donny Van, A-Team Van kits, scratch build the nose, maybe source the wheels from the '53 Vette kit, ect.
  12. I think spinners are still out there, only to a lesser degree, as well as floating wheels (center stays stationary while rolling down the road).......I think the LED wheels are dead, where they belong....
  13. That's my hope, although I'm begining to think he's starting to go a little "Howard Hughes" now..........kinda waiting for him to "catch something" and burn somebody's posessions on his lawn to get rid of what ever he caught was at this point. Well, FSJ and XJ A-Pillars are kinda spindly compared to modern pillars
  14. Probably a combination of the angle of the wheel in relation to camera and it helps show off shape of the wheel design..The teddy bear wheels are a good example of that since it does indicate there is a 3d effect to them, but that would be the same for steelies and poverty caps, or the ornate caps from the mid 50's through the end of the muscle car era.
  15. The latter would be more likely with that roofline That was my first thought when I saw the pics of that truck.........followed by I hope this is an elaborate prank, then "Somebody needs to put him on "Howard Hughes Watch" before he completely looses his mind!" The Tumbler Batmobile has a pretty cool story behind it's design, Nolan's scale prototype is a kit bash of car, truck, and plane model kits with R/C parts thrown in for good measure!
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