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  1. Joe Handley added a post in a topic They are here again!   

    When did Jewel start carrying those?! Mom and worked at the West Chicago Jewel/Osco and I don't remember those in the 4 years I was there ('92-'97) or them there when Mom retired in the late 00's.
  2. Joe Handley added a post in a topic Unique TV/Movie vehicle   

    Almost forgot about the Power Slide Cuda and 240SX!
  3. Joe Handley added a post in a topic Unique TV/Movie vehicle   

    How about the '69 Charger that George Clooney drove on one episode of Street Hawk?!

    Maybe Sinatra's Daytona from Cannonball Run 2

  4. Joe Handley added a post in a topic List of great car chase movies.   

    I love watching that chase just for the looks on the gunman's face, it's a combination of shock, fear, and terror, like he was actually riding with Hickman the whole time and didn't expect a ride like that!  I wouldn't be surprised if the more heavily abused stunt vehicles are just scraped after they are done with them, especially if there is body and frame damage too.
  5. Joe Handley added a post in a topic Topless '49 Merc   

    Added some .030" quarter round to the outside of the .040" quarter round surrounding the .030" sheet skirts as well as some .040" to fill the gap between the sheet and kit lower quarter panel bottoms.

  6. Joe Handley added a post in a topic 4 Foot Effy!   

    It probably wouldn't be much different than what Revell did with their '69 Camaro kits, resize it to 1/25 and print out a master to to resin cast.
  7. Joe Handley added a topic in General   

    4 Foot Effy!
    Just trust me and check this out!
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  8. Joe Handley added a post in a topic 1.1 cars that got away   

    For me, it would be my first car, an '85 Lebaron GTS with the factory 2.2 Turbo 1, Sport Handling 2 suspension and wheel package in black with gold pinstriping and blood red leather,.  Be pretty awesome to still have the dark green '70 Charger R/T with the 440 Six Pack/4-Speed/Track Pack my folks used to own, at least one of the old G-Series Full Sized Chevy Beauville Vans we had, even the '88 Cherokee Dad used to own, which was so stripped down that is didn't even have a passenger door mirror, but it did have the 4.0l/AW4/242 TRIO with factory multi spoked 15x7 aluminum rims!
  9. Joe Handley added a post in a topic Topless '49 Merc   

    Turns out the skirts, as attached, didn't quite fit as I liked, so I trimmed the outer edges of the skirts down some and picked up some .040" 1/4 Round to glue around the outer edges of the skirt.  Things will then get puttied to the body once the other side is done and cured.  Not sure if I should use Squadron White Putty or Milliput 2-Part Putty to do the filling just yet, don't want to risk the melting issues on the thin plastics, but have never used Milliput either.

  10. Joe Handley added a post in a topic And now it's Barbara Hale   

    Think of it this way, at least the majority of those celebrities who passed in the last year lived a long, full life.
  11. Joe Handley added a post in a topic Anybody Casting 1/16 Daytona nose&wing PHOTO   

    Is there a window plug to go with it too?
  12. Joe Handley added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Found out today that a former coworker at the HTU I was at gave a customer my cell number without doing anything to ask me first!  Since I didn't have his number, I sent him a PM via a R/C forum to not do that again and I must be asked first and just texted the guy who replaced me as a surpervisor to make sure that if he hears anything, that it doesn't get done again.  I'm going to mention it to the store owners after I hear back from said former coworker.
  13. Joe Handley added a post in a topic Topless '49 Merc   

    Here's where I left the Merc for the night, or morning, it's 3am as I type this and I've been up 23 hours so far. I started extending the front fenders and moving the headlight openings out farther, although if I use the tunneled headlight buckets in the kit, the lenses will roughly still be in th stock location on the fenders  Hope I like how things turn out when I wake up!

  14. Joe Handley added a post in a topic Topless '49 Merc   

    Got the skirts trimmed and shaped to match the lower quarters, just need to mount them, not sure if I want to use the Model Master Liquid Cement in the diamond shaped container or some of the Bob Smith Odorless CA I picked up a few days back to do so, or the best way to hold them in place while what ever I use dries.

  15. Joe Handley added a post in a topic 1967 Cougar Fastback Project   

    That would make a great what if build if the rest of the car was left factory stock, now that I think of it.