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  1. Thanks, I'll have to look around some for when ever I get around to do that with a Charger. Been thinking of teh rolling stock from the stock Revell Jeep TJ Wrangler Rubicon to see how close those are. Should be around 31"-32" tall and the 16" TJ Rubicon wheels happen to be the same 5x4.5" bolt pattern as a midsized Mopar, even ones with the Dana 60 rear end and the offset shouldn't too far off either if modern wheels are allowed on the 1/1 cars.
  2. Figured I’d post these here, it’s in the purple dip right now to strip the factory paint off it, but here’s that Barris Batmobile Kustom I posted in the Mock Up Thread recently. It’s going to be a friend hat if Kustom as though maybe instead of becoming The Batmobile, it was customized later in life with some of the Batmobile mods, but not the Bat specific ones at the same time. In this case, the molded chrome and bumpers, flared wheel openings, extended hood scoop remain, reshaped fins on the doors are all staying the same, but the bay wing scallops on the fins, split grill and “septum” on the hood scoop, turbine exhaust, launcher tubes behind the cockpit, and extended headlight shrouds are all gone. I’ve also decided to ditch the rearmost part of the canopy for headrest bubbles and pull the raised area on the back side of that section of canopy mating surface in between them as well as slightly lower it and change to some 17” Hollies that have better fitment that the Radir wheels and oversized tires that are sucked in too far to actually look good. These are what I posted on the mock up thread, but here’s the updates, plus the Futura, Batmobile and this car in 1 shot!
  3. I need to keep an eye on this, I’ve been mildly fascinated by the real modified Prius’ for some time now! Can’t wait to see how you finish it!
  4. Thanks, this will be something new to both of us, even though we both have experience with it’s older siblings. Quick edit, since we don’t want to ruin those nice C10 bodies, we are going to swap something else on them, he’s planning on getting one of they Fox Body Mustangs for his, and I went a different, but otherwise similarly RAD and slightly Gasser-ish route……. Axial XJ Cherokee, the ‘97-‘01 variant😁 The truck is a bit wide for the body. But I do dig the look and since I can’t afford to do this to a 1/1, there are no 1/25 kits to do this too, and the Hot Wheels XJ having even bigger flares and wouldn’t look as right, this will have to do.
  5. Just picked up the blue one today. Traxxas was doing a 2 for $500 sale so a buddy and I went in on the pair. Both are brushless 2s and 3s LiPo compatible, waterproof (for now) and they licensed the bodies, wheels, and tires from Chevy, Weld, and Mickey Thompson! They even programmed the vehicle with something to act like a trans brake and put a momentary switch in place of the shift toggle on the 3 channel radio it comes with.
  6. Too bad nobody makes a Nash Metropolitan as a larger scale kit, it could be fun to see the variations of builds on😁
  7. This one is probably going to be a bit over the top if I ever get it done🤣
  8. Was that just a longer Vic body and doors or did they use a Town Car shell with Vic panels and bits welded or bolted to it with special door cards?!
  9. If it was a curb side, maybe, full detail kit, definitely, make a great donor in scale for anyone who wants to do a scale EV swap.
  10. It does go by fast, and she’s normally a very good little girl, especially when Grampa goes to babysit her if her parents and her Dad’s Mom all have to work at the same time. She’s also started playing with the buttons on Grampa’s mobility scooter and the head unit in his minivan…….which my Sister may have to watch for since her car has the same one!
  11. I doubt that, especially since it was more of a gray than a green😅
  12. We did our monthly family HyVee trip today. At one point while shopping, my nearly 3 y/o niece grabbed a Crayola neon paint set her parents were getting for her and started naming off every color on the box correctly! I still can’t believe she’s going to be 3 in a few weeks!
  13. Finally say a Rivian R1T Truck today, now just waiting to see one of their delivery vans at the local Amazon facility.
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