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  1. Looks like Hoovie and the Car Wizard are redoing Hoovie’s Apollo 911 LS Swapped 911, think it was a 996 with nearly 1/4 million miles when the factory engine popped, the did a LS Swap that basically launched Hoovie’s channel at the Wizards original shop (who now has his own channel too), sold it when that LS failed on the same track the stock engine failed on, and just bought it back! Oh, found a new project I will be watching too!
  2. Despite the primer problems with my Clod’s body, I was able to get my Lunchbox’s body in primer today, which went very well! Only found a small hole where I filled in the vent opening in the roof panel the rest of that involved no filler what so ever, the patch panels I made from another body were that good of a fit! Nit gonna lie, I’m still happy with how that fill turned out and close to dead on the ribs were to lining up too!
  3. Looks like I’m going to need a storage tub big enough for a 1/10 long bed Squarebody and a couple gallons of Super Clean….. The primer I applied June of 2020 wasn’t biting into the plastic on my Clod and just peels off with masking tape. Only part of the body I haven’t tried tape on was the cab pillars and roof 🤬
  4. I’m not sure when it happened but there should be a stamping plant there now as well as a bunch of upgrades done for the 2015-2017 Chrysler 200 before that flopped.
  5. It sounds like those are now being build at their Sterling Heights, MI plant. My 200, Lebaron GTS Turbo,and Shadow ES Turbo were all built there. From what I understand of it’s history, Chrysler Aerospace used it for a number of years to produce missles and other aerospace components from the mid-late 50’s through the early 70’s under contracts with the Army and I think NASA, plus the Navy used it to produce and test their early jet engines between the end of WW2 and the mid 50’s, there was even a fight about it’s use for that where the Navy refused to let the Army and Chrysler use it for the rockets for a few years.
  6. Looks like that isn't a real Charger or a screen used General Lee, I believe he has one of the handful of Crown Vic cop cars that got chopped up, caged, rebodied with reproduction Charger sheet metal and painted to look like a General Lee, so that may, technically be fixable! Apparently they have already restored a screen used General Lee from the '05 movie, it was the car that was used for the "freeway jump", which had been a record flight for any car, let along a 2nd gen Charger.
  7. I missed this one earlier, I've done my best to take care of it, though the interior has a probably not so health layer of dust in some areas (it needs a heavy cleaning in there), it may be my only new car and who knows when I'll be able to afford something different, new or used. I'm hoping that it becomes one of those "survivor" cars on down the road and a good "Day 2" example for one of these as well, these were kind of comparable to 383 Road Runners performance and with the Touring trim package mine is in, comparably trimmed as well.
  8. I’ve looked at those, I kinda doubt the effectiveness for cooler air over the box and are all north of $300 to boot, plus I already have a drop in K&N in the box. I’d rather put that money into an exhaust for the car.
  9. Some of these ads are……..interesting 🤣
  10. Thanks, hard to believe it’ll be 10 years old in December (as of Dec 2011 build date) and had a been his a few times in the last 9 1/2 years I’ve owned it.
  11. I’m looking at some kind of thermal wrap down the road, maybe something like a header wrap starting and ending at the couplers or even those self adhesive aluminum/fiberglass wrap or gold shielding like used in aerospace and on super cars, Just not sure yet. The air inlet for the airbox is actually a snorkel that is on the left side and right behind the opening between the hood and bumper cover/grill/headlight. Best part is that it’s nearly as far off the ground as the opening on the XJ Cherokees were at stock ride height, which was just inside of and about the same heights as to where where the drivers side headlight is on those!
  12. Got the last of the performance mods I bought for the 200 installed, all that was left was the resonator delete tube and I put that on in 90*+ temps and direct sunlight……I’d have swapped out a new driver side windshield squirter too, but I wasn’t feeling it, even though the tube install was all of 30 minutes of work. I have thought of wrapping the tube in something for insulation since it’s about a food above the right bank cat, but that too will also be for a different, cooler day!
  13. I think it would be interesting to see what GM’s and Chrysler’s design departments of the 1950’s would have come up with if they had access to today’s lighting technology.
  14. Why do I suddenly have the feeling that a Yenko Civic or Yenko Prelude could make for an interesting what if…..
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