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  1. I’ve yet to see that at my stores, usually I just see a stale product line up, eventually.
  2. Got these yesterday. I had screwed up drilling the caster blocks and bearing carriers I had for a larger diameter hinge pin I was going to use as a king pin and had to order new for one of my R/Cs, so I did and only 1 of the parts that showed was the correct one. Called who sent it (was through Shop-A-Tron, who had a LHS send it instead of direct from the maker like I thought) and since they were out of the part I didn’t get (as well as everybody else), they’re refunding my purchase of the bearing carriers and emailed my a return tag for the X-Maxx part I got. I ended up going and ordering the much more expensive aluminum carriers with bearings......as well as a bunch of parts for another vehicle that I started to tear down last night for a much needed rebuild........that one is not gonna be cheap, especially if I go brushless on it😶
  3. Seems as though we’re finally getting a much needed, steady, soaking rain today. May seem to be a odd thing to be happy about, but it’s been so dry here that the lawns have been browning out all over the place.
  4. Nothing, I’m taking meds and vitamins as well as just not eating as much while working from home (minimized buying snacks when going to store and no vending machines helps on both), Been drinking caffeinated protein drinks for breakfast (2 are less than 400 cal combined), Old Wisconsin turkey sticks for breaks (1-3 max a day), reduced the amount of pop drank ( down to two 12oz cans a day) while still drinking unsweetened teas and water, lunch varies based on if I’m getting 30 or 60 min for the break), then what ever Dad fixes for dinner and being reasonable if we bring food home.....unless it’s a local pretzel place called Gnarley Knots, reason tends to go out the window there the 1 day a week I can go😅 I don’t get much exercise other than shopping trips and I sit all day for work unless I’m on break.
  5. Cut out of work early for a Dr appointment today and got a bit of a shock, dropped another 12lbs since I weighed myself in June for the last one, since seeing this Dr, I’m down about 50lbs from my heaviest🤭
  6. He had joked about going to California to find a car then road tripping it home a while back! Luckily, he took the car back today and they gave him is down payment back in full too, I was expecting that not to happen, considering the rest of their sales practices. He’s been looking mainly at flex fuel, V-6 sedans, with a major plus for the Taurus, 300, and 2nd gen 200 all having an AWD option since he lives in MI.
  7. Yikes Jonathan, That is not good! I hope that heals up as quick as possible for you!
  8. Yup, the monthly is what I paid on my 200 for 6 years after a $5k downpayment back in 2012, and I got a new car that is kind of a factory Sleeper and with a lifetime extended warranty outta that! I checked the BBB site for this dealer, seems that those kind of shenanigans are about normal for them. I wish I could be there to help him out on this, but he’s the friend we met up with when we went to Lansing, MI to get that generator 2 weeks ago!
  9. A friend hasn’t had a car in a few years and has been looking at. 2013 Taurus SEL (3.5l V6, flex fuel, FWD) and the used car lot is asking just under $13k “w/tax” for a lease on the car, with his down payment will nearly cover 1/3 of that amount, they still want $360 a mo for 48mo, which should be just over $17k AND then a fee of nearly $2500 at the end of the lease to buy it outright. Just the monthly payments and end of lease purchase amount is nearly $20k before factoring his down payment into the purchase of the car! I don’t think that would be far from the car cost new, maybe more if it was a rental at the beginning of it’s life.
  10. I honestly think that with the exceptions of those that lived through the Spanish Flu, both world wars and/or Great Depression and are still around, this could very well be the worst year most of the world’s population has experienced in our lives, with few exceptions, it sure has sucked for my family so far.
  11. Well, I can’t get into the remote worksite, won’t load this morning, everything else for work does, my email, the site we use to log into for a “time clock”, the site that tells us hour shifts and break/lunch times, my Corp email, and a department cheat sheet in case needed for a call! The kicker, since I can’t work, I can’t remain on the clock until it does, so I only have logged 1 hour of work and that was the 1st hour of log in attempts, the rest is approved but unpaid absence due to computer problems, which I can use vacation time for......guess it’s a good thing this pandemic jacked up our vacation plans, I can use the time for things like this and that power outage 2 weeks ago instead At least I got the chance to order some RPM parts for one of my R/C projects, screwed up the ones on there trying to mod them and now have to get new ones
  12. Not a bad list and I agree 110% on the first 3 (Mark is an HR nightmare come to life, can’t stand how Kevin acts on camera, and not a fan of BadChad) but I can tolerate Chris (he’s completely different on “Long Lost Family”) and Horny Mike, while Victor may have his moments, that could hurt the show from a project standpoint.
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