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  1. Ordered a couple new sets of tires for my Traxxas Stampede, one set for pavement and the other is a belted off road tire, both pre-mounted to the same type of rims, early Sunday morning after getting back from a friend’s place and paid extra a few extra bucks over the $140.00 in products I dropped to get them UPS’d here by 7/10. Got an email from UPS that they’re on track to be here by 9pm on 7/13.........free shipping would have been via USPS and would have been here on 7/11😠
  2. With a little bit of work, the Corolla and Metropolitan could be saved.......no clue what’s going on with that yellow thing though
  3. Race Night is a little too Live PD like in the way it’s done, then has somebody who don’t know anything about the topic at hand doing the voice overs.
  4. I think that's the normal roof, it's just been customized as poorly as the rest of that car.
  5. Those may have been gone by that generation of the 1st body style roadster in favor of the GTS Coupe's rear exit system instead.....though the exhaust still ran through those rockers to get to the back bumper!
  6. Have to be a real Joker to drive this car and in those colors at that!
  7. Yes, for NASCAR under TRD, for the Tacoma, Landcruiser, and Sequoia, then for the Lexus cars as well. They even has a V12 for some time in their Crown sedan.
  8. They used a Econoline (stub nosed like the 1/20 MPC kit) in that scene from the TV show. I seem to remember there were a number of times that they used the ‘72-‘77 m/y cargo vans on the show for the more severe stunts like in the bottom pic. That top one is from the movie from several years back, it died early in the movie, unfortunately.
  9. I think the main reason is that while that tractor is still submerged in saltwater with no exposure to oxygen, I seem to remember seeing somewhere that oxygen exposure is what really kicks off the rusting process in those situations.
  10. The one that shocked me was a Chrysler Conquest (Mitsubishi Starion) and the occasional Chevy Luv.
  11. I found out a sub-30 year old coworker ended up in the hospital with Covid, thought he had come down with bronchitis when I did (and have wondered if it was Covid more and more since then).
  12. The more Dad and I see about this virus, we’re thinking that Mom have have died from it early on, then I find out today a co-worker that had bronchitis anbout the same time I did actually had Covid too and was hospitalized and he’s younger than most if not all of us on here😨
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