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  1. I’ll be honest, a ‘66-‘67, ‘75-‘78, or the L-Body FWD Chargers would be better looking out of Lego with how squared off all of those are, just not as licensable.
  2. Or have my tastes just changed?! I put together the Fast and Furious/Dodge licensed Lego Dominic Toretto’s ‘70 Charger my Sister gave me for Christmas after dinner tonight. It went together well and only issues I had were my own mistakes here and there that were easy to fix, but it was just......meh, by the time was was done with it. I don’t know if it’s just the Palmer-esk proportions where it only looks slightly more 2nd Gen Charger like than my 200 or if it’s just me, but it did nothing for me. I actually had a greater sense of accomplishment as satisfaction from kit bashing the Gear Reduction Units (kinda like the portal units on a HUMVEE or Unimog or Final Drives from an old tractor) from this Tamiya Monster Beetle kit on the bottom of this stack to the already built Tamiya truck on the top Making it into this Anybody else have this happen?!
  3. We finally had our Christmas today! plus $200 in cash
  4. We get them all the time, have since they became a thing. Mom used to and Dad still trolls them when he actually gets the occasional call while I’m not using the line for work. Dad’s favorite is to try and get them to sell them a warranty for the ‘98 XJ Cherokee I scrapped last March, but combines it’s 162k miles with those of the ‘90 XJ he scrapped about 10 Years ago, which was pushing 300k at the time, those calls end quick
  5. Mine had been in the hospital a few times from it, we had initially thought that’s what happened a year ago with her since she had a catheter pit in a couple days before the final time she had gone in a year ago.
  6. I figured that at this point, might as well wait. Dad joked right around Christmas that if we have to wait long enough, we could celebrate Christmas and his birthday at the same time since it’s in a few weeks.........way things are going, we may not have a choice
  7. This was yesterday, but I’ve been working on getting more and more of my crawler trucks running again and one of would power up and work the steering and dig servos as well as power the cooling fan on the electronic speed control, I was getting no throttle out of it, until last night when I messaged with a Horizon Hobby customer service rep and he had made some suggestions that ended up working and I now have 2 more operational, though very, very dusty trucks! Planning on getting a new radio system for these and other trucks, but I’m just happy that they’re functioning correctly at this time!
  8. Well, they’re still testing positive, so no Christmas just yet, though my Sister had my gift shipped here expecting it to be late since it was on b/o, this arrived yesterday! I’ll wait for when we can get together to open it.
  9. Seems to me, getting some reproduction Widebody clips and targa bar section might be worth while so long as the metal under it isn’t rotted. If I was going to “save” that one, I wouldn’t just put it back to running, I’d save it from what it had become before it was left to mold.
  10. Just got messaged from the guy that bought that R/C Truck off me, the truck arrived today and since he has the day off, he’s getting the chance to use it already!
  11. These are why I wouldn’t go along with that! I like having PayPal as a firewall as well as have my PayPal tied to a second checking account rather than the one my pay check goes in to. I spent enough time working retail, including behind a service desk to know that some people just aren’t trust worthy and can’t help it think that incident I had last week with that one guy trying to buy the R/C Truck I ended up selling to somebody else would have pulled that.
  12. Definitely spoon test them! As has been said, the R/C paints are much more aggressive and flexible than the styrene paints, no matter if it’s Tamiya or Testors and then get a good clear coat on them.
  13. Picked up another Captain Caveman today, just in case
  14. I’m trying to put a Vaterra V100 parts R/C car with a pile of Vaterra upgrade parts on eBay and keep getting a message that I have a limit of 10 items a month or $10 starting price and just now figured that out since I rarely use the site for both sales or purchases. Can I list the stuff as all one big group of parts for, say, $5.00 with a minimum of price of $100 then purhaps do the same with my RJ Speed R/C Legends Car since I’m planning on selling that for the same price as well?!
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