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  1. It probably wouldn't have made it past '73 anyway and into a 4th generation. You're right with that being all for the better too, automotive styling in this country took a nosedive after '74 and never truly recovered until the 80's.
  2. No arguement from me there Bill, here's February of 2011 for us, and 2014 was either this, or sub zero, all..winter..long!
  3. Lol, Thanks! I may be old enough that I like won't have a chance to be a Dad myself, nut you do have to be careful with such purchases, those can always comback to bite you if their parent has the money once you have a kid😉ffrom Luckily when Mom did that to her oldest living sister back in the 60's, who then vowed revenge when on her when she became a Mom, my Aunt didn't have the money to return the favor when I was born! All that said, a good friend from when I worked at the local HTU have already been conspiring with me to get her into R/C Cars and I want to get her interested in models too.....I'm still hoping that Revell can do a Cruze Ramirez or Sally Carrera snap kit....if not both some day! Both parents are artistic, her father builds Gundams as well, both grandfathers have turn wrenched and driven trucks and Dad spent decades in the railroad industry, then she is still part Handley, so there will be a natural interest in such things there anyway. This will be an interesting journey from here on now, no matter how things go.
  4. Thanks Bucky, at this point I'm set for this project, but will keep those in mind if I need any other white walls!
  5. Sounds like she hasn't been the least bit fussy at this point either! They have a room for the next couple nights and Dad and I will be able to go and visit them tomorrow, then they should be going home on Monday.
  6. No pics yet, but the baby is here, 8lbs 15.9oz, 21.5" long, and lots of very black hair, she was born at 12:14pm today!
  7. Thanks! We're keeping our fingers crossed, haven't heard anything from the BiL yet. When Mom had me, it was 29 hours and this little girl was estimated to weight more 2-3 weeks ago than I did at birth, plus she's my Sister's first. Then, during her last Doctor's appointment a few days ago, he thought a C-Section might be needed!
  8. Outside of the big Buick, no interest here either.
  9. Thanks Dave, we're still waiting on the news, for my Sister's sake, I hope she's not the procrastinator I was/am So far today, my friend in Michigan with the 3 cats, an also pregnant co-worker and all of Mom's relatives in Iowa other than her baby sister have been checking in all day long too!
  10. My Sister and her husband checked into the maternity ward of the local hospital last night and the doctor induced her labor.......been waiting on a text stating that my little Niece has been born all morning and all is good
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