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  1. I'm sure he does, listening to some of the things Dad has talked about and your Brother in Law has to be pretty similar stories, it's amazing how aweful these can be and how it doesn't mentally hit the workers harder than it does.
  2. Like this?! For you guys that like Floyd, check these guys out😉 They've got some amazing covers that they do too😎
  3. I had recently read that somebody has commited suicide already, but they had issues that were exacerbated by the shelter in place order he was under. Now that said, If there is alcohol involved, I wouldn't be shocked. When Dad was still working in the railroad industry, he mainly worked track maintenence and was present for many car/train collision investigations between the two roads he worked for. He's felt that many of them, especially when alcohol was involved, were more likely suicides than not. His theory is that many of them are people who are suicidal, but can't just do the deed without alcohol to act as a form of "liquid courage", so they would get tanked and drive onto the tracks figuring what the insurance didn't cover would be covered by their family suing the RR for wrongful death........which always works since the lawyers folded like tacos.
  4. There are already seeing increases in severe crashes, seems that a lot of people are hauling tail and crashing harder when things go wrong. I've seen it blamed on street racers, but it seems to be random motorists who just seem to think the empty roads are and let loose, but can't handle the vehicle at what ever the speeds were.
  5. I showed Dad one of Bisi's videos for this car and he wasn't the least bit shocked that he can only get 140miles out of a charge instead of the 180 miles he wants. The way Bisi talked about that instant torque then giggle everytime he dropped hammer and the car rocketed off.
  6. How about Bisimoto’s EV Swapped 935?! https://bisimoto.com/935-k3v/
  7. A '66 or '67 Charger and a C8 Vette, first one of the latter I've seen in the wild too!
  8. Sadly, there isn’t much for performance parts for the ‘08-‘14 Avenger, ‘08-‘10 Sebring, and ‘11-‘14 200 sedans, BC coilovers are about the only strut and spring upgrades out there that would be better than the factory Avenger R/T and 200S struts and H&R lowering springs. To really upgrade sway bars, I’d need to get Dodge Journey bars since it’s a cousin platform and are even thicker since they’re SUV parts! The Jeep I had was a ‘98 XJ Cherokee Limited with the 4.0l I-6, AW4 auto, and NV242 transfer case that I had for 17years, plus it was a Non-ABS Truck so it came with the 8.25” Chrysler axle instead of a Dana 35, otherwise known as a D-Turdy5 that was on the ABS equipped XJs by then. I scrapped it on 3/13/20 after finding mold and standing water in it, the rust was bad enough, but mold made it a health hazard we didn’t need, especially now. Sadly, that all happened about 6 weeks after Mom passed and hit me nearly as hard and I was boardline breaking down for a week straight. All I could think after that is that it was good I don’t have a pet too with how things have gone this year!
  9. Thanks, I'm feeling much better, just a bit rank and will be getting cleaned up after this! The P.U.G. lower intake I ordered through Summit is because my Advance couldn't get it and I ordered the gaskets at the same time. I already ordered and received the MSD Coil Packs Champion plugs through Advance before we had to quarentine and got some stuff for the Jeep there before it became a lost cause.......got a good bunch guys at that store, TBH!
  10. 7My employer's call centers have been busy for the last 4 weeks anyway, but as we lost staff to school closings and a lot of staff working from home, things got worse and have stayed busy through the last 2 weeks I've been working from home. Starting 3 weeks ago, we've been working O/T be it in the office or our residences and the only things tht have held me back the last couple weeks was illness and one day that I couldn't connect to Corporate the first week.....luckily I was able to try and sleep off what I had between attempts to log in that day but had to take nearly 2 full days off this week due to what may have been Bronchitis and shortness of breath.......again. I can say this though, between my tax refund, not really spending money before and after work, the extra hours, and now this pending assistance check, I'vd been able to order the rest of the stuff needed for the 200's tune up and upgrade parts, some new t-shirts, and get Dad a 1/24 scale Axial Scale truck he was wanting with a matching one for myself. Should still have the funds left over to get a new cell phone, once we can shop normally again, since my Galaxy S5 if getting very long in the tooth. May even look at getting coilovers to replace the factory struts in the 200 since those stock pieces are getting long in the tooth too.
  11. Gotta agree with TJ, a bunch of us are on Instagram and there is A LOT of plastic content from around the globe on there to boot. I’m currently using the handle BJoe1976 on there if you guys want to start with folks you know!
  12. I think those were some big dollar rigs, especially the F1/Indy style one Jimmy Johnson had.
  13. And when my last job ended, that's why I left my keys on the counter while the store owner watched then walked away. Didn't want to flip that switch, but at least the customer he was working with at the time was an offduty paramedic (and somebody I had worked at Toys "R" Us when he was a teen) if there had been issues!
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