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  1. Mega Millions.....

    I may drop another $5.00 after work tonight, that's more than enough.
  2. Mega Millions.....

    About 10 years or so ago I was watching a show about lotto winners and there was one from, I think, Kentucky they talked to that had one the biggest Powerball (I think here too, been too many years) just before they city was going to shut off his water. Because of the sudden fame of winning he kept getting calls and letters to "help an old friend out" and decided that they needed to get someplace they wouldn't be easily found, which to him was where there were other rich, if not richer people. IIRC, he settled on Palm Springs and moved into a rather nice place there, but would still get letters addressed to KY Powerball Winner, and somebody still knew where to forward those letters at that time. One thing he had talked about was that he based his spending habits on the interest that he earned. IIRC his words correctly, "Say you get $3,600 a day in interest, try not to spend that much, then if you do buy something more than that, don't buy anything for the following day or two." For some reason, those two things have always stuck with me.......
  3. What did you see on the road today?

    Just had a squirrel run out in front of me down the street from home and just stop in the middle of the street. I stopped before hitting it and it just stood there I flashed the 200's high beams at it, and it just stood there on it's hind legs staring at me, probably a good, akward 30 second before shoving a nut in it's mouth and finishing it's run across the street
  4. Weird cars Post em here.

    Typically, if you run across a Cherokee, or really any Jeep that looks like Ron's, it goes off road from time to time, mine is stock and it has been off road a few times, but I only run slightly larger than stock All Terrains on it, but Dad had his XJ's that were identically prepped to where mine is and those would go farther in 2wd that most trucks would in 4Hi. Now if you see a JK Wrangler looking like the below JK, chanced are that is the farthest off road it goes is
  5. The straight 6 is back

    Considering that the 258 that should have been in there would have been an AMC motor, it shouldn't have been a Chevy engine.
  6. Mega Millions.....

    I were just talking about this yesterday with my Mom and my newlywed Sister (married on 10/19/18), and one of the things brought up would be a multipurpose hobby room if we were to all stay under one roof, as well as a large, high roof garage (something that I can fit a larger van on and lift it far enough off the ground to walk under it), and a paint booth we could use for various projects of ours. She does a lit of crafty type stuff, her husband is into Gundam Models, then there would be my models, plus who knows what else automotive I might drag home.
  7. Anyone want an Indian Jeep?

    I'd take a Roxor over a Wrangler, only new Jeep I have much interest in owning is the Trailhawk version of the KL Cherokee. The JK and JL Wranglers and Grand Cherokee are just too big and unfortunately the Renegade and Compass are too small for me to be comfortable and really could use a small, Roots type blower on the 2.4l for the Trailhawk versions of those to give them a bit more low end grunt.....the 3.2l available for the KL should have plenty to do the work boostless, although the 3.6l would be my preference
  8. Anyone want an Indian Jeep?

    He could have been running it in 2wd, it's seems like it's Jeep enough to go more places in 2wd than many vehicles will in 4wd It's the safety and emissions regulations, then insurance. Even if DC allowed stuff like this to be used in a limited way on the roads, the insurance industry and safety advocates would lose their minds over it.
  9. Anyone want an Indian Jeep?

    The Roxor is only availabe with 4wd, but it is a mechanically shifted, part time set up that you can out into 2wd, but also has 4low for when you really need it.
  10. Anyone want an Indian Jeep?

    Trust me, I've looked at that already, fellow XJ owner David Tracey at Jalopnik has looked heavily into these and their own US division staff in Michigan have experimented with putting vintage Dana bolt on parts on in place of their Mahindra made counterparts and the Dana parts bolted right on. IIRC, the D44 R&P that allow for shorter gearing (I think 4:56-1) is a direct swap for the factory Mahindra R&P. There have been some people I've read that feel that if you need/want something like this, just buy a real, early CJ and use that. Fortunetly, I'm among the larger number of Jeep owners that are of the opinion that with one of these little Mahindra Roxors, you're taking a brand new little rig out and abusing it, not a survivor or restored CJ, especially if that resto money came out of your pocket.
  11. Pot stocks

    I did see that there had been a DUI within an hour of weed becoming legal, the country treating it like alcohol in those respects.
  12. Anyone want an Indian Jeep?

    There's a lot of CJ suspension and drivetrain parts that seem to swap right onto them. The engine is a Mahindra diesel and it has a 5 speed manual but most of everything else is based on blueprints for the Willys and Kaiser eras/Pre-AMC CJ's. If I had a farm, ranch, or just a bunch of land and would need a small, side-by-side type vehicle, I would buy one. There seems to be quite a bit of interest in these from other Jeep owners that don't have their heads in dark and stinky places as well!
  13. Tired of your normal build subjects?

    Those to car-truck abominations would make great tannerite fodder.
  14. Pot stocks

    Some years back I had a customef at the HTU I worked for say that he told his son that if he wanted to have a solid career that paid well, he needed to get into the distribution side of alcohol. His reasoning, when thd economy is good, people drink to have a good time, when the economy is down, they drink to forget their problems, so money is always coming in. That said, it won't be much coming from my family, none of us really drink
  15. Jack-Cone-Lanterns

    They're Losi 2.75" safety cones, sold in packs of 6. This is one of Losi's 1/18 trucks (now disco'd) on a tile floor.