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  1. Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire

    I've read recently that there have been a number of digital scans of the building in recent years for both digital preservation and video games creation and are going to be used during the repair process.
  2. Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire

    Yup, Disney kicked in $5m too, from what I had read.
  3. Kids today...

    Same thing with R/C Cars, Planes, and Quadcopters (drones). I know that there are kids out there that work on their own. After seeing a dealer mechaic's work on an R/C Truck one time, I think I'd be more likely to trust that kid fixing my 200 or XJ than the mechanic
  4. Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire

    Hot Tar Pitch could do that, IIRC, that's how those churches in Chicago were lost. One crew realized what happened and just left the place to burn, no calls to 911 or anything!
  5. Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was construction related, there had been a number of historic Chicago churches that burned up over the last 20 years while roof repairs were being done and apparently Notre Dame had a leaded roof. Very well could have happened when the lead work was being done, in some ways, I can't imagine that kind of lead work being that much different than lead filler on a car body.
  6. Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire

    Did you hear about that cop's kid in Louisianna that burned a bunch of churches? He used similar language in his reasoning for doing so.
  7. Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire

    We've been monitoring this at work between calls, the lead CSR in my office is hoping some of the statues were already off the roof and someplace save since there was work going on up there.
  8. What Irked You Today?

    I hear yah there, that's mainly whybI was thinking about selling my Jeep, too many issues that aren't going away or other to replace the ones that are. Then there is the time and weather to fix them, since we don't have a useable garage, we can't work on it in incliment weather or after dark and Mom's medical issues and caring for her that has takes up time that the weather and darkness doesn't. Sometimes it feels like I could take all 2 weeks of my vacation time when the weather will be really good so we can wrench on it and have somebody keep an eye on Mom and it still won't be enough time to fix all we need to. At least with it being an older, somewhat desireable Jeep, it carries more resale value and even though it is rusty, is regaining value, and I can sell it for more than I could most of vehicles from '98 in the same, if not slightly better shape.
  9. What did you see on the road today?

    So new that they can't be bought yet either
  10. What did you see on the road today?

    Saw these last night at an EV Charging Station getting topped off.
  11. What Pleased You Today!

    Got my deductible check from my insurance company for the repairs to the 200, all $500 worth! Got brake parts for the big brake conversion on my 200 to pick up from the dealership then go get a new impact gun at Harbor Freight in the morning, so guess how I'll be paying for those
  12. 7 Muscle Cars I Hope Will Be Kitted Soon

    I'd just be happy to see more late model muscle for those of us who are still on the younger side.
  13. Kids today...

    Your kids are what you raise...................
  14. Speaking of smart cars

  15. What Headphones are for...........

    I'd love to hear this on that system