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  1. That, or the polish that will clean the surface rust right off those old plastic and fiberglass body parts😉👍
  2. Well.......despite a recent severe infection as well as not doing much because of Covid restrictions and working from home for almost a year now, I’ve managed to drop 2 pants sizes for blue jeans since Christmas 2019 I had 2 pairs that were comfortable but getting looser before just wearing out, found another pair that turned out to be the next size down a while back and even those were getting to where I need a belt in the last couple weeks (hope I don’t need to shorten that too!) even though those were extremely tight a few years ago. I just tried on a pair I got about the same time that I couldn’t button or zip at the time and never returned, but now not only do both, but I can even sit in them after eating more dinner than I should have too😮 By the time I get up for my daily antibiotic hospital visit tomorrow morning, they jut may fit perfectly 😁
  3. Finally got out of the hospital last night after a week, turns out I was in full blown sepsis and now have to carry an injection pump for the antibiotics to fully kill the MRSA I went in with and will have it until around April 9th. The kick in the teeth, the insurance my employer switched to this season is refusing to pay for it as they don’t consider it the right type of preventative care. Now it’s not like I cheaped out, I’ve maxed out what I can get through work, but unless I can get financial aid to help with this, it’s going to run me about $40k out of pocket on this alone......I have no idea what else they’ll refuse to pay for for the actual hospital stay and ER. The lady I was talking with in the hospital’s billing department was actually kinda angry with this, especially after telling her I was getting the best coverage offered through work right now!
  4. Well, it’s been another long week, I ended up in the hospital last Thursday with infections similar to what Mom had in the last years of her life andmay not be outta here until this Thursday or Friday, plus something she couldn’t get and I never knew was possible. Two good things have come out of this though outside of a better health outlook, 1st, I’ve discovered I lost more weight(!), and 2nd, I have doctors and nurses, even a phlebotomist that has helped care for her that have been working to patch me back up! The latter has been good news to us since we remember how well they cared for Mom in her stays here, and knowing I’m in good hands.
  5. Is that a new car, or was that the Plan B car that Daddy Dave ran for a while?
  6. Was Murillo running in that? I haven’t really been watching it much, but had seen he was in the hospital with Covid and just got out a couple weeks ago.
  7. I’d even take the Ultravan, even over the delivery, that van is weirdly cool to me!
  8. Considering how most trucks look, I’m not sure if the trucks from that era are macho enough now.
  9. I’ll be honest Tom, before I scrapped it nearly a year ago, I had a better selection of kits stashed in my Jeep than Michael’s and HL around here.....
  10. That’s because they did an assortment of “conversion” work, including cargo vans into dressed up passenger vans and did similar things to pickups as well........minus the massive window holes in the sides like the vans would get.
  11. That looks a lot like the Michael’s stores here, pre pandemic, haven’t been in any of them......probably at all in 2020 either.
  12. Even in the FWD trim, the 3.6l has a lot more power than the 3.7l in the Liberty or Grand Cherokee or the 3.8l like used in the minivans and early JK Wranglers, that could be some of it, plus the open Jeeps just keep getting bigger and heavier compared to the CJ, YJ, and TJ/LJ Wranglers. I wouldn't be shocked if the clutches were under spec for the abuse the rest of the truck can heap on those items, my 200 had tires on it from the factory that were barely up to the power that the 2.4l put out when back by the 4 speed auto let alone the 3.6l and 6 speed with it's low 1st gear and Dad's Grand Caravan will light up it's front tires from a dig at will. A now former Chrysler mechanic I follow on YouTube and Instagram (open his own garage) had a Promaster with the 3.6l and 6 speed that grenaded a CV joint at the left front wheel that he had to repair when still at the dealership.
  13. They were just conversions, think they combined the back half of the Bronco shell with the 4dr truck cab on a modified chassis.
  14. I don’t know why, but the latter two look more like Econolines that the F-Series and the grill for the last one looks kinda Escort like.
  15. Lol, I was going to say that sounds like solid advice for any German owned brand!
  16. Wow, that was quick, he may have just learned about it himself a few weeks ago.
  17. I’ll be honest, a ‘66-‘67, ‘75-‘78, or the L-Body FWD Chargers would be better looking out of Lego with how squared off all of those are, just not as licensable.
  18. Or have my tastes just changed?! I put together the Fast and Furious/Dodge licensed Lego Dominic Toretto’s ‘70 Charger my Sister gave me for Christmas after dinner tonight. It went together well and only issues I had were my own mistakes here and there that were easy to fix, but it was just......meh, by the time was was done with it. I don’t know if it’s just the Palmer-esk proportions where it only looks slightly more 2nd Gen Charger like than my 200 or if it’s just me, but it did nothing for me. I actually had a greater sense of accomplishment as satisfaction from kit bashing the Gear Reduction Units (kinda like the portal units on a HUMVEE or Unimog or Final Drives from an old tractor) from this Tamiya Monster Beetle kit on the bottom of this stack to the already built Tamiya truck on the top Making it into this Anybody else have this happen?!
  19. We finally had our Christmas today! plus $200 in cash
  20. We get them all the time, have since they became a thing. Mom used to and Dad still trolls them when he actually gets the occasional call while I’m not using the line for work. Dad’s favorite is to try and get them to sell them a warranty for the ‘98 XJ Cherokee I scrapped last March, but combines it’s 162k miles with those of the ‘90 XJ he scrapped about 10 Years ago, which was pushing 300k at the time, those calls end quick
  21. Mine had been in the hospital a few times from it, we had initially thought that’s what happened a year ago with her since she had a catheter pit in a couple days before the final time she had gone in a year ago.
  22. I figured that at this point, might as well wait. Dad joked right around Christmas that if we have to wait long enough, we could celebrate Christmas and his birthday at the same time since it’s in a few weeks.........way things are going, we may not have a choice
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