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  1. Too bad nobody makes a Nash Metropolitan as a larger scale kit, it could be fun to see the variations of builds on😁
  2. This one is probably going to be a bit over the top if I ever get it done🤣
  3. Was that just a longer Vic body and doors or did they use a Town Car shell with Vic panels and bits welded or bolted to it with special door cards?!
  4. If it was a curb side, maybe, full detail kit, definitely, make a great donor in scale for anyone who wants to do a scale EV swap.
  5. It does go by fast, and she’s normally a very good little girl, especially when Grampa goes to babysit her if her parents and her Dad’s Mom all have to work at the same time. She’s also started playing with the buttons on Grampa’s mobility scooter and the head unit in his minivan…….which my Sister may have to watch for since her car has the same one!
  6. I doubt that, especially since it was more of a gray than a green😅
  7. We did our monthly family HyVee trip today. At one point while shopping, my nearly 3 y/o niece grabbed a Crayola neon paint set her parents were getting for her and started naming off every color on the box correctly! I still can’t believe she’s going to be 3 in a few weeks!
  8. Finally say a Rivian R1T Truck today, now just waiting to see one of their delivery vans at the local Amazon facility.
  9. I like this! Been wanting to try it with one of the Revell F&F Dom’s Charger kits.
  10. Those are new and they’re building them right here in Illinois at the old Mitsubishi “Diamond-Star” plant in downstate Normal, IL! I’ve yet to see one of the trucks like you saw or any of their delivery vans that Amazon is buying yet, but I did catch a glimpse of one of the SUVs that uses the truck platform for the first time while leaving the gym at 12:30am or so last weekend.
  11. Did a little more work on the tonneau cover, still need to fill the seam lines before attaching the humps to the base piece. What do you guys think of the shape so far?
  12. Thanks, I've thought about doing the same with one of the Futura kits I have too......too bad the size is just far enough off that I'm not sure if I could cast this reuse before permanently attaching it to this model
  13. Been playing around with this, kind of a what could have happened to the Futura if Barris turned it into something other than the Batmobile, but using some of the Bat-Styling Cues, plus a kinda ‘62 T-Bird back seat tonneau cover inspired area behind the seats. Still working out how I want to shape the raised areas though.
  14. Saw one of these coming home from the gym tonight, it’s the first Rivian I’ve seen in the Wild too!
  15. I need to get some of those wheel sets, both the hot rod and tuner style since I’m all over the board on my interests! Here’s one I stripped the paint off and sanded out so far. I want to polish it out, paint the nose and area around the cockpit black, then get the chromed RA6 wheels off one of the Lucids I bought a few months ago on it (and put chromed Aerodisks on that!). then here’s what it looked like before I took it apart with the van that got the wheels off it.
  16. Did a few more recently! Found a good wheel donor for the Mazda 3 in the Matchbox Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, then a donor for that with the Matchbox Polaris RZR, which fit with some Dremel work and a lift. Then bought another RZR for the Ridgeline that donated it’s wheels to the lifted Subaru Sambar, which required lifting the Ridgeline a bit, plus stripped the tampo graphics off it. I’m debating on rolling stock on the RZRs, thinking about the taller and skinnier wheels off the Big Air ‘56 BelAir since they’re not as big as the other set.
  17. And those are some of the smallest ones I could find too!
  18. How about this tiny, little one It was meant to be a Nash Metropolitan Lead Sled, but it’s looking more like a Sports Custom to me.
  19. I think most of those are burning some sort of waste oil now.
  20. Did a couple more wheels swaps, this time to a couple Matchbox Subaru Sambar Kei Trucks! Here’s the ones I started with, the two little Subis and a couple Hondas for donors. Here’s the one with the Ridgeline’s wheels vs a 100% stocker. I figured it was too low for tires that much taller, so I raised that one and lowered the other one! I think these wheels are about 1mm different in diameter from stock, just in opposite directions, on top of the change in altitude I made to the chassis of these two trucks.
  21. Bought this Matchbox Mazda CX-5 yesterday and decided it needed a change in altitude and attitude. Took it out of the package and shot a couple before shots. Then took it apart, didn’t think to take pics here, but I cut off and sanded down those fingers holding the axles to the chassis so I could mount some 1/16” aluminum tube on top of it to lower the thing, I also clipped and shorted the axles to fit in the tubes too. Using the tubes like this also requires modification to the interior where the risers that push the axle to the chassis plate are molded. All said and done, I think it looks fantastic like this😎
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