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  1. Don't count on that Alan, Jeep is working on their own Wrangler that is a full EV and the running concept has been at teh Easter Jeep Safari 2 years in a row, first as a mild build, other than the EV swap for '21 https://www.motortrend.com/news/jeeps-magneto-concept-wrangler-ev-photos-details/ Then upgraded to the more powerful and capable Magneto 2.0 for this Year's Safari https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a39674254/jeep-wrangler-magneto-2-concept/ Then Jeep is working with Electrify America to build Level 2 (240v) charging stations at various trail heads in conjunction withe the release of the Wrangler 4xE and will be usable with the Grand Cherokee 4xE as well. https://media.electrifyamerica.com/en-us/releases/135
  2. Sorry, double post.....I haven't had that happen in a while though!
  3. Well, at one time the actual car or a fake of it did see road use back in the 80's in what I believe is called "The Great Race" or something along those lines https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1987-04-03-vw-2237-story.html
  4. I’m no longer driving for work, but when I’m out off the clock, it gets interesting. Dad and I drove up to the model car club meeting Saturday, a roughly 2 hour round trip and ran across plenty of times an self driven car would have been better than the drivers in front of us going both ways!
  5. Got my Microshark Axial SCX24 buggy conversion to the point I just need to paint the body panels and interior then install those once the parts to make a battery lead extension arrives!
  6. Well, got the computer system set up, wired keyboard and mouse from an old Sony computer I picked up second hand 13 years ago and a Samsung monitor that Dad bought maybe 11 years ago all worked with minimal problems that my BiL was able to diagnose via text after I got it all going. First day using it went well too, only issues came from the programs needed for work that are remotely accessed, so I’m not sure if that was due to the Windows update last night prior to hooking this stuff up to the laptop or just the work server having issues. So here’s the rig as it sat before closing it down for the night. Then my first off the clock scale build done at this desk in a long time. It’s an Axial SCX24 Deadbolt with a RexRacer/Mod19RC Microshark tube buggy conversion. I’m about as far as I can go without the battery extension lead and upgraded aluminum tie rod and drag link plus RC4wd officially licensed Black Rhino aluminum beadlocks then painting and installing the body and interior parts. The green truck in the background is the Deadbolt I bought in 2020 and modded over the last couple years.
  7. In wouldn't chop it, just too long to look right, though if you would take a 450/4500 series 2wd chassis with a long WB might be close, track with being the exception.
  8. Well, between Dad and myself, we got things straightened up enough for doing my job at the desk. This is also how much light I have at night with the 2 incandescent track lights over the desk and single CFL across the room in a wall lamp. If the weather is what I’ve been seeing on AccuWeather last few days, I probably won’t need the lights for when I’m working. I would like to eventually figure out how to make that monitor to the right and one of the two desk top keyboards elsewhere in the room or a remote keyboard Dad has work with my lap top so I can have a larger screen normal sized keyboard, and better distance between me and said screen than I get with my lap top. I also found a couple missing van kits while I was at it, they’re on the far back left corner of the desk!
  9. Wonder how much work it would take to put that on a Cummins Ram chassis...............
  10. The Orange Bee almost looks like David Freiburger's from back in the day!
  11. Went to a local” hobby shop to get parts and a donor vehicle for an R/C build that O bought a conversion kit for a year ago and wanted to get better servos than the donor and one of the two identical trucks Dad and I already have, but they don’t carry. One of the employees told me that they still didn’t and suggested another brand that appeared to be better, so I bought them and spent almost $250 in cash today. Wet to install one of them in the truck I already had the servo I had been looking for and was going to use that in my build project, only to find that it’s too big by just enough that it won’t fit without modifying the already upgraded part made for the other servo. Looks like I have to drive back down to there right get a refund or exchange for something else.
  12. My HS had a Tempo from around then for Drivers Ed, better than the Pontiac Dad had, but still garbage.
  13. Thanks, she is such a great little girl, almost always well behaved when Dad goes to watch her. Kinda wish there were more adults that behaved as good as she does!
  14. Does anybody make aftermarket goodies for the 1/16 Chargers, General Lee in particular or the '79 T/A in resin, 3D printed, or other materials?
  15. Well, my Niece likes her little Jeep! She’s also done her first burnouts with it too😅
  16. I kinda want the Duster and Charger, if that Gremlin comes back out, I’ll look at one of those too!
  17. Yup, we just got it out of the house and into Dad’s van to take it over and give her tomorrow. Had to pull the safe he bought last Friday for him to put the stuff on and in his desk in (so I can use it) out of the van Before this could go in. We were surprised that this thing fit through the doorway better than Mom’s wheelchairs did, the house was built well before the ADA came about and the wheelchair she used the most almost didn’t fit and this barely had twice the space between the wheels and opening, so maybe 1/2” total on each side!
  18. If I remember correctly, they’re pretty close to the later rounded Rangers of the late 90’s into the 00’s. One thing that would make the hybrid useful for me is the 110v outlets, would be great for running my R/C’s and recharging them in the field.
  19. I think that’s why the Maverick is doing so well, reasonable size, price, can be a fuel sipping hybrid or turbocharged AWD cruiser, and best of all, it actually looks like a truck, unlike the 1st Gen Ridgeline and that Santa Cruz, which look like a cross between a SUV and Aussie “Ute”.
  20. I went with either Vallejo or Games Workshop when I painted my Wild Willy driver head last summer.
  21. Problem I used to run into wasn't kids running in front of me, it was either adults old enough to be there parents, or grand parents, sometimes dragging the kids behind them and looking at me like "You Better Stop!"
  22. Yup, this one has already been lowered and at least as of Christmas, was getting bagged into the weeds!
  23. Now just to add a little confusion to things, I learned a few years back that FWD "Traction Bars" are a thing, at least for the Dodge Caliber SRT4 and 3.5l Altima, though I have see where people were putting the Caliber bars on the 3.6l Avenger and 200. From what I understand, these keep the from arms front moving forward and back plus reduce wheel hop and torque steer on so equipped cars. Here's one installed on a Caliber SRT4 Quick edit, looks like there is a Honda version as well!
  24. Thanks, I was thinking Lowrider/Street Cruiser there.
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