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  1. Those would make a few good 1:1 Warpigs............
  2. Other than the spoiler looking a little out of place (maybe try to get it to fit better...) it looks pretty cool!
  3. Well, I work for a hobby shop so it's nearly 24/7 for me.
  4. Sure seems like it already, I've only bought one, and it sounds like I'm in the minority when it comes to that!
  5. It's a beaut' all right, nice job!
  6. Wondered about that, now I know not to waste my money..........................again
  7. Brought the battery from the Brairwoody home to try and charge it, alternator is probably dead. The truck does have nearly 200k on it and even if it isn't OE that's not bad. I'm waiting for some more batteries with the new Traxxas connector to come out and try, supposedly there will be some high mAh 7 cell packs coming out around Christmas time! The other one is a WK, I've stretched it with Lundsford Adjustable Titanium Pushrods for the Revo on Savage rod ends and E-Savage driveshafts. I've been bouncing around the idea of making a custom chassis for my Venom Mini-Giant so I can stretch it out and put a Parma Lexan Lunchbox body on it and make a 1/12 scale Quiggly style van and may even be able to cut a lexan LB body into a Tradesman Cab/Chassis based War Pig
  8. Good eye on the Pede, I called a liar once several years ago when I told somebody what it was! No LiPo in it though, those still spook me a little. Even with a Venom 5000mAh Ni-MH pack it's kinda scary to drive, I had to replace my rear Big Bores after striping the cap and body out on one of them yesterday! Got to go, Little Sister's Brairwoody (the wood covered XJ) is having battery problems.
  9. Looks Good! You know Harry, that looks a little familiar! I need to get off my dif and finish this thing!
  10. What did you use on the rear portions of the fenders to get that shape?
  11. I've been eyeballing this one at work, then I have to go and get the mop to clean the drool off of the floor in that isle
  12. Here's a pic of my DD Moss Green Metallic Cherokee Limited, it's running the 4.0l I-6, AW4 Automatic, NV/NP 242 full time 4wd T-Case and it was ordered without ABS (one of my favorite things about the truck!). All it's got so far is 235/75/15 Wrangler Silentarmors, GE High Output Halogens, Rancho RS5000's up front, Napa Airshocks out back, Drop in K&N in a modded air box (gapping hole dremeled into the front of a bone yard air box), Infinity Reference door speakers, and MPP ignition wires. I do need to replace the factory exhaust and want to replace that with a 2.25" FlowMaster 50 Series SUV muffler, install a Helwig 3/4" rear sway bar, maybe add some urethane front sway bar bushings, some kind of limited slip device (what idiot decided that Jeeps shouldn't have a factory limited slip standard......... ), and new rear speakers. I do wish somebody would make boxed control arms for stock height XJ's though. I wouldn't mind getting my hands one a cleaner, rust free one of these to build into a sleeper (full urethane suspension bushings, Stroked I-6, paddle shifted AW4, bigger sway bars, factory 15x8 wheels with pavement oriented tires, etc, and maybe cop springs and Liberty or ZJ rear disk swap ) The standard drive train is the OBD1 equivalent to mine (this one has ABS so it's got the D35 instead of the Chrysler 8.25" like mine does), plus it doesn't have airbags and is pretty light weight in full luxury form! Sadly I've spent too much on these two this summer instead...................... Just put the new Traxxas Brushless in this one, and have had to rebuild the trans twice and replace two stub axles since then :o BTW, this one is painted with the Model Master Lacquer Plum Crazy and Flat Black paints. I've been told repeatedly that this stuff will flake right off as soon as I wreck it, but I'm still waiting for that to happen and have been wheeling and modding the snot out of this one
  13. Anybody know where to find color pics of late 60's through early 70's vintage Mopar NASCAR, Drag Racing, or Wheelstander paint jobs, preferably in the Red, White, and Blue color scheme? I want to do a body for one of my RC Trucks with a Dodge Ram stadium truck body that will match up with the Hobby Town USA color scheme (my employer). I've been eyeballing the Sox & Martin color scheme, but this truck could easily carry the Little Red Wagon or Hemi Under Glass colors by the way it runs (It'll carry the front tires for about 50 ft at around 30+mph!)
  14. Flat Black Retired and Box Stock Huntley FWD Impala's Beater Caprice Beater G-20 "Day 2" PT Cruiser Convertable
  15. Didn't know he did one, wonder if that's where I got the idea?
  16. I'd bet their lacquer primer will be recommended. I did talk to my boss on friday about these paints, we will be carrying them at the St. Charles, Illinois HobbyTown when they become available
  17. It's one of those things that has bugged me for about a decade now, I guess the kid of a former "Custom Rodder" editor did some of the art for the cartoon too.
  18. I was going to build the current AMT reissue as a "Wooden Utility Truck" (basically a "WUT")but screwed it up and I'm going to start again when Revell's 30 comes out.
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