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  1. Brandon, looks great dude! I'm a long time fan of imports myself, and being a previous owner of a fixed up 240sx hatch (long list of mods, owned from 2000-2006) I always enjoy a well done build of one. Keep up the great work my friend. Where about in NC do you live? Gray
  2. happens with me all the time....my current doldrums has been going on for about 2 years...i'll get some inspiration to build here and there, but I never get really far. I can attribute some of it to having a child and a wife who doesn't support my model car hobby
  3. yep..you said it right there... He was flakey on facebook so I gave up on getting one of those transtar 2's for 25 bucks...plus shipping.. Oh well..we will see em on ebay soon with super doooper inflated prices..
  4. Excellent job on the engine bay...I say cast that up too...lol i'm checking in everyday to look at this...great stuff!
  5. I've actually thought of that since I do have one of those languishing in a box, I was going to use the efi big block out of the 67 396 SS then pop a supercharger on it...not a lot of room..might just go with the elky engine though..
  6. to me: not nearly enough to my wife: way too many lol
  7. lol, yeah I won a hotwheels vehicle off of ebay around christmas time and it hit the Charlotte dist. center and stayed there for 2 weeks.... anyway, good to know a fellow modeller around the queen city...if you ever want to get together for a build and bull let me know...
  8. as a person who got first hand experience with installations of both the greddy oil pan and the intake, you hit them DEAD ON...color me extremely impressed yeah, go ahead and put me down for 4 of these when you get the molds made.....i've got so many things they could be used in...shoot I'll build one and detail it out just to put on a motor stand...lol
  9. MIke, I've wondered about this...I subscribe to cafe racer magazine and my issue #18 was missed, or so I thought....so I got in touch with the magazine and they sent me another issue....turns out the replacement issue got to my house 2 days before my regular issue...lol Where in Charlotte do you live? I'm on the Northlake side
  10. Thanks guys! They are aoshima advan rs-somethings..lol I think they are in the 19" wheel line, stripped of chrome and sprayed white. These are also flat rims, the nice deep lips come from other aoshima rims that have sep. lips on them. There was a very long process of deciding which ones to put on this kit...these won out. I'll try and muster some motivation to finish this one...it's actually pretty close...if I don't include and engine (which i'm almost at the decision)
  11. here is mine in progress...stalled out on motor choice. Stance shown is close to what it will be when done..
  12. Jimmy...can you show me a picture of the valve you are questioning? If it's what I think it is, it's pcv related... oh and this looks great! I look forward to possibly picking one of these up :-)
  13. Looks good Vince...but what really caught my eye was your avatar...not too many people around here are fans of the s13 silvia...I fell so in love with them I bought a 240sx years ago and put the jdm spec front end on it... Props to you
  14. Had no idea what this project was...glad I stopped in to see...also, the wheels look great!! glad I could help you out cause I know those wheels would have languished in a box for years and years til they MIGHT have been used..lol I'll be checking in on this again.. Gray
  15. excellent! now I gotta go buy another one...shouldn't have sold the one I had years ago...great work on the bumper, that was the biggest gripe I had with the kit and when I had it, my skills weren't enough to do such surgery...willing to do it now though..
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