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  1. I've used them a few times the thinner the red line the harder they are to put on, I found them pretty difficult to get them centered evenly on the tyre. But once I did them I just sealed them with an acrylic clearcoat....Tamiya
  2. AMT Trucks

    Well I'm part of a youtube group build for big rigs and I've entered this kit, so I'm sort if committed to getting it back on the bench now. Sound like yours is coming along nicely!. Cornwall is a beautiful place, can't really imagine living anywhere else to be honest, even if it does seem to rain pretty much all the time lol !!. That post you quoted....wow, now that's a work of art, really does improve the look by narrowing the wrecker bed, too late for me to attempt that.....already put my bed together, if I can make mine look half as good as that I'll be happy. Keep us updated on your progress Phil, we can build it side by side lol !
  3. AMT Trucks

    Phil I've got the exact same wrecker kit, I started mine probably 3 years ago, got the chassis together after a fashion and a lifetime of filling and sanding. The main thing that put a stop to the build was the really poor instructions, parts location is vague at best !. That being said most of AMTs truck kits originate from the late 60s early 70s when kit engineering and instruction sheets were nowhere near the standard they are at today. Back then kids managed to put the things together !!, so perhaps I need to put it back on the bench and try again lol.
  4. Opel GT, 1/25, AMT (Round2)

    Very nice job Matt, and so nice to see one built bone stock !
  5. Revell's 1968 Volkswagen Beetle

    Very clean and tidy build well done!
  6. 2017 builds

    Works of art Don !, seriously nice work. Quick question, the 67 Camaro race car what wheels/tires did you use on that one, they suit it perfectly.
  7. My 11 builds for 2017

    It's a UK GM Vauxhall colour Monty, called Champagne Gold, just a regular spray can of car paint.....but it came out nice !.
  8. My 11 builds for 2017

  9. Revell 1990 Mustang LX Highway Patrol

    Thanks Don, I'd say take it off the shelf and dig in, it really is a great kit goes together beautifully
  10. Revell 1990 Mustang LX Highway Patrol

    Thanks Snake !. Next up is an AMT original 1979 Ford Bronco, the wild hoss kit, building it for a YouTube Ford truck month group build.
  11. 2017... I Built More Than I Bought!

    Very clean building style good work
  12. My 11 builds for 2017

    Thanks guys really appreciate all your kind comments, the 65 Mustang was lucky to be saved, probably one of the worst glue bombs I've ever tried to restore.
  13. Life with cats. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

    This is Coco. .....she likes Johan kits....build more oldies Daddy !
  14. My 11 builds for 2017

    The gold on the Buick came out great I'm really happy with it, like you I'm a big fan of these old screw bottom kits Tulio.
  15. My 11 builds for 2017

    Thanks for all the very kind comments guys!, makes it all worthwhile. The 62 Buick Electra was the old AMT screw bottom kit I never posted up the completed photos here for it, no idea why as it came out really nice.