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  1. Mr Stock added a post in a topic '58 Impala Rebuild   

    Great job on the resto, I have that exact kit and box art unbuilt upstairs in the stash.Ive had it for absolute years !
  2. Mr Stock added a post in a topic 1966 chevelle ss   

    Nice work Tom looks great, nice unusual colour and love the steelies and dog dish trims, where did you source those from ?.
  3. Mr Stock added a post in a topic Captain Risky - Kick it or Rip it!!   

    Any Aussie falcon model is good in my eyes, Ive often wondered what those Partsbox kits look like, Great work mate.
  4. Mr Stock added a post in a topic "Lara" - a very personal build.   

    Good work Tomo, this Fujimi kit is so much better proportionally than the Revell Mk2, the Revell kits just looks wrong to me, shame cos their Mk1 kit is a beauty.
    And who could miss the stunning Miss Ellis-Bextor ....if Carlsberg created women ? Lol
  5. Mr Stock added a post in a topic 1972 Pontiac GTO   

    That paint is looking good Tim, nice colour, I have always left this kit on the shelf due to the horror storys Ive heard about it Lol.
  6. Mr Stock added a post in a topic Stang-banger - MPC "Style"   

    Those are both beautiful builds Adam, guess Ill be on the look out for more MPC loser kits , they are a bit thin on the ground over here, but do pop up on fleabay now and again.
    And yes it is the silver SVO kit I have it does look a real nice kit, I was very lucky with the glass, a tire had welded to it and when I peeled off the offending item the plastic windshield was slightly tacky from the reaction, but i did manage to sand it down (almost too much..there is a slight depression now lol) but it looks clear and almost as good as new.
    Great blog by the way Ill be following that one.
  7. Mr Stock added a post in a topic Moebius 1965 Satelitte   

    Looking great jason , nice work so far
  8. Mr Stock added a post in a topic A little light reading for your spare time   

    I have that that Vintage car wrecks book, Im almost afraid to say I like the book as there are some pretty nasty crashes in there.
    There was a similar book a few years back by Taschen i think called Car Crashes featuring Mel Kilpatricks accident photography that one is interesting yet very graphic and not for the squeamish.
  9. Mr Stock added a post in a topic Guitars   

    Yep models and guitars for me too, I was in a few rock type bands about 10 years ago, my current "gear" I have
    Fender Precision Bass
    Fender Jazz bass 60s reissue
    Gibson SG Special (Pete Towshend ltd )
    Fender Telecaster Lite Ash
    Epiphone Les Paul Custom
    Fender Bronco and Mustang modelling amps ...great little amps.
  10. Mr Stock added a post in a topic Stang-banger - MPC "Style"   

    I have the MPC 79 Indy Pace car Mustang and the 84 SVO kits in the stash, I only recently got them just because I like the shape of the Fox body Mustangs and I was quite surprised at the level of detail in these old kits......apart from the floorpan but that can be enhanced.
    And yes both kits suffered the usual MPC traits the pace car had hardly and parts left attached to the trees, and the SVO kit had a tire that had welded to the windsheild, but I managed to fix that by sanding and polishing it out.
    Adam you are a bit like me in liking the offbeat and loser cars, I just havent built any yet!. So are the other MPC kits like the Mustang for detail , Im thinking the EXP and the Daytona maybe?.
  11. Mr Stock added a post in a topic 1965 F/Stock Barracuda Golden Commandos   

    The photos are a little out of focus, but you can still see the fabulous paint and decal work, Ill be following along on this one. Great work
  12. Mr Stock added a post in a topic 1956 MERCURY - Class of '56 - Graduate #10   

    Wow great work Richard what a beautiful car
  13. Mr Stock added a post in a topic 71 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler   

    Very nice, not a subject seen very often too
  14. Mr Stock added a post in a topic First Detailed Look and Kit Commentary - new Moebius '65 Plymouth Satellite   

    From Svens Facebook page this morning.......  definitely an A990 car with that exhaust set up . Fantastic news!, even if it is old news ! Lol

  15. Mr Stock added a post in a topic My 57 Del Rio   

    Lee looking good mate, great paint detailing