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  1. "Turn up the base" it's not only me who watches Coldwarmotors on youtube then !.
  2. Hi all Would anybody have a stock two scoop hood they would part with for the Revell 67 GTX kit, the standard hood not the one from the Sox and Martin kit. Plenty to trade etc Thanks
  3. Thankfully the 19000 plus subscribers that Chris has on his Youtube channel do like to see what's inside the box !..........that's funny ? Oh and he builds those kits too by the way, unlike some folk who just love to rip a model kit and/or a model kit producer to shreds on the Internet.
  4. Here's my latest glue bomb rescue, a 73 MPC Firebird Formula, it was in a very bad way.
  5. Beautiful work Tommy 😉
  6. The 50s ford master !!, just beautiful work Tulio, I'm a big fan of your work.
  7. I've been very lucky in my Johan collection, I have probably about 22 different models (some are rebuilders)and I've not paid over £35 for any of them. If you think they are getting rare in the US, over here they are almost non existent !. 2 that seem to constantly elude me are the 72 Gran torino snapper and the Cadillac ambulance
  8. That's is a beautiful build !. I remember seeing some if the posts you made modifying parts, a lot of patience and skill has gone into this one, looks a 1000 times better than the box stock Esci kit
  9. Thanks guys appreciate the comments
  10. Top class Steve, always love your builds and you knocked it out of the park with this one !
  11. I've had this kit in my stash for a few years, I bought it pretty cheap as the windshield glass had one of the tyres welded to it bad ! (Typical MPC). After many hours of sanding I got the screen to look presentable. I decided to pull this one out of the stash and build it completely box stock with no added parts, just to see how decent it could look, I'm pretty happy with the result.
  12. Second model completed this year, this one was built for a YouTube "Ford truck month" group build. This one was built from the original 1979 Wild Hoss kit, totally box stock apart from the wired distributor. Body was painted by spray can, and the interior is a Vallejo custom mix metallic to contrast with the exterior paint. Overall this was a nice kit for its age, a few fit issues expected with old AMT kits. I'm really happy with how it turned out, I have now added mirrors and licence plates, I forgot to add them before I took the photos.
  13. Thanks guys appreciate the comments !
  14. Thankyou for all the kind comments ! ;-)
  15. Looks like I must have seen that photo before Dave !, I cloned your model lol. That's the only decal that I had to use on the body and it fell apart in the water unfortunately, I should have known better considering they were 24 year old decals.
  16. Thanks Stu, I couldn't find many reference photos of the underside so wasn't too sure, that's handy to know.
  17. I used boiling water from a kettle, you don't need to hold it in the water for too long !
  18. Niko the body on my 65 Belvedere was warped really bad, but it's definitely fixable, it's normally the front that's twisted, I put my body in a jug of hot water for about 10 seconds, corrected the twist and then plunged it straight into very cold water to set it, it worked perfect for me....although I do agree that you shouldn't have to do this with a new kit !!
  19. To be honest I think most of those old tools that were last seen in 1969 will never be released again, they may still exist in some form but I would imagine they are damaged beyond repair ....rust on the mold surfaces, missing inserts etc. However you never know......
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