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  1. And another thing! All these pharma ads where they say . . . "go get this medicine, but tell your doctor if you've had a lobotomy" . . . or "go get this medicine, but tell your doctor if your heart doesn't work." ðŸĪŠ I mean, c'mon! 1. You don't just 'take this medicine' or 'go get this medicine' without your doctor being involved in the first place! These are prescription drugs and your cat isn't going to prescribe them for you!! 2. Shouldn't your doctor ALREADY know if you've had open heart surgery or something like that? ðŸĪŠ AND, then my all-time favorite (I think) is the one where they say "Take Feebleditzerglumperwhik for recurring heartburn, but don't take it if you are alergic to Feebleditzerglumperwhik." Duh! Ya think??? ðŸ˜ĩ I think I'm getting worked up again. I gotta go take some heartburn medicine. ðŸŒĩ😷
  2. The ones that just drive me batshift crazy are the stupid half-man/half-motorcycle ads. How idiotic. How stooopit! Sheeesh. That's one of those things that one would have been more than enough, but, NO! They have to drive it into the ground. IF I had a bike, I'd never buy their asinine insurance. Otherwise, I really don't have an opinion about it. ðŸĪŪ ðŸŒĩ😷
  3. Danno

    Pontiac Fiero

    I had the privilege to drive several Fieros for a month or two, three years in a row. I was an official of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and Pontiac was a major sponsor. They provided us with a Pace Car and a couple of dozen replicas to drive around as promotion for the race. I had one every year, sometimes two (I also handled loan-outs for certain VIPs). Each year, the Fieros got better and better. They were a hoot to drive and the turbo Fiero was a rocket. The last year for Fiero, GM/Pontiac brought a super-tuned, super-hot turbo V-6 Fiero for the Pace Car. Unfortunately, they didn't allow me (or anyone other than the GM engineers and the professional driver) to drive it. Just as well. The production cars were fast enough!!! Sweet little cars, but very little room inside. You didn't so much get in as you put them on, like a space suit or a wet suit. ðŸŒĩ😷
  4. I guess Alec Baldwin's wife does not work there. ðŸŒĩ😷
  5. Danno

    Pontiac Fiero

    Very nice! Good job. We sure don't see many Fieros built. Thanks for sharing it. ðŸŒĩ😷
  6. Barf, barf, baaaaaawwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffffffffffffffffff! ðŸŒĩ😷
  7. Postal Service slips you into the mail slot between the front fenders. ðŸŒĩ😷
  8. I checked into that, Greg. He's back at the station, quickly filling out his retirement papers. ðŸŒĩ😷
  9. I'll leaf through it at the newsstand. ðŸŒĩ😷
  10. Most of the week, weekend and into next week! Hallelujah! ðŸŒĩ😎
  11. And we appreciate your openness in sharing your techniques and tips in building your works of technical art! ðŸŒĩ😎
  12. Oh, gee. In my 23 years or so of suppression, I never saw a charged hose get away from anybody. Yeah, right! Most especially in firemens' tournaments! ðŸŒĩ😎
  13. Beautiful models, Raoul! ðŸŒĩ😎
  14. Outstanding! I gotta wonder what the Scout driver did to PO the pumper crew!?! ðŸŒĩ😎
  15. RAIN!!!! Real, live, glorious, wonderful, street-soaking, gutters running, wet rain!! It's been such a long time, people around are asking 'what's leaking?' And, I'll take full credit for it! I broke down and watered my lawn and plants Saturday and hand-washed my car Sunday!!! ðŸŒĩ😎
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