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  1. Danno added a post in a topic Pete Phillips: "Short Sweetie" on the Bench: 2/16/17   

    Brilliant!  Very illuminating!
    Way to go, John.
  2. Danno added a post in a topic Model T Ford circus truck   

    This is the thread:

    Unfortunately, Brad has rearranged his photo-hosting and none of the pix showed up when I checked the thread a few minutes ago.  I don't know if it is temporary or permanent.  It also appeared in the Model Cars Magazine 2016 Contest Issue.
    Brad's model is exquisite! 
  3. Danno added a post in a topic 1954 Maxim 750 Pumper   

    You're close.  Connecticut.
    It's a '46 - purchased new by Cheshire, CT Volunteer Fire Dept.  They ran it until around 1977, then donated it to the Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting.  Yes, it's a long way from home!
    Actually, we have a lot of 'Back East' apparatus Charlie.
    We just got a new rig ~ and the newest in our collection.  FDNY Rescue 4.  A 1996 Saulsbury, it has been fully restored from damages sustained on its last alarm - it was a first-in at the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001.  
    We had a dedication and unveiling ceremony yesterday to introduce it. 
    BTW - A mutual friend of ours, Tim Bongard, and I had a great time at the reception . . . and exploring both the public galleries and the closed-to-the-public storage warehouse where we keep apparatus during restoration and restored rigs taking a break from public display.  As Tim said, 'So many rigs, so many projects!'
  4. Danno added a post in a topic 1954 Maxim 750 Pumper   

    Charlie ~ 
    I have a "before" pic . . .
    Actually, this is truly a 1:1, not another Charlie Rowley scale creation.  I had forgotten we have this one stashed in our storage building at the National Hall of Flame Museum.   
    You can see how well the Maxim people predicted the beauty of Charlie's model, some 63 years before he built it! 

  5. Danno added a post in a topic As Requested: My Resin Graveyard - yikes!   

    I call your five stars and raise them:  Greg's a 6-star caster in  my book! 
    I have many examples of Greg's resin artistry.  Everything he has done is top-notch! 
    Of course, my favorite is the Cosma Ray.  I have accumulated several of those and have plans to replicate each iteration of the 'Ray . . . except that horrid George Barris abomination.
  6. Danno added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    That's just ONE reason Consumer Reports is on my 'magazines to avoid' list!  
  7. Danno added a post in a topic Latest Issue of Model Cars: EXPIRATION ISSUE   

    Mine said I was expired.  
    I didn't know.  [Rimshot.] 
    Issue #203 was great!!!    Good job, Gregg and Darryl!
  8. Danno added a post in a topic Revell 1969 Camaro Z/28 RS/SS   

  9. Danno added a post in a topic Pete Phillips: "Short Sweetie" on the Bench: 2/16/17   

  10. Danno added a post in a topic 40 Willy's Gasser Pick Up......Office build   

  11. Danno added a post in a topic DESERT SCALE CLASSIC 13 - April 8, 2017   

    Arizona's Biggest and Best!  
    Great new venue.Check out our brand new website:   DesertScaleClassic.comTons of features ~ OnLine Entrant Registration ~ OnLine Vendor Registration ~ Vendor Listings ~ Sponsor HotLinksStill Awards/Trophy Sponsorships Available, but . . . Hurry!
    Still Vendor space Available.
  12. Danno added a post in a topic Stardust   

    Isn't that sweet?
  13. Danno added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 2/14/2017 Valve Covers and Manifold   

    That's just crazy talk, there.   

  14. Danno added a post in a topic Very sad news   

    Very sorry to hear of Miguel's passing.  Met him a couple of times; he was a talented modeler with a big smile, huge heart, and great personality.  He made himself your friend at first encounter.
    He'll be missed.  RIP, my friend.