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  1. Looking great, Brad! And, I love your avatar. Looks vaguely familiar, though. 😎
  2. Wow! Beautiful buses, Mark, Bob, and Tom! Great work!
  3. Those are beautiful! Excellent job of converting the common to uncommon. Nice to see your work. I love all Model As. We have a Modified Diecast Class in the dscV16 Virtual Venue Model Car Championship running now through May 1. They would fit right in. Www.dscV16.com
  4. Danno


    One of my sons owns/operates an artificial turf & landscaping business - usually busy this time of year, but much slower than usual under the “stay-at-home” mandate however, he started an off-season junk/debris removal operation that has remained active as essential construction projects still need to get rid of stuff. My other son is a commercial construction electrician building a major hospital - busier than before as they work extra hours to accelerate the project to open more rooms faster. Daughter worked from home before but now her travel is curtailed. Not much change overall. I’m a fraud investigator; office at home so not a change there, but most of my clientele is transitioning from office to work-from-home so contracts have dried up for the time being. I’m staying busy filing, refilling, organizing files, reorganizing files, and rearranging the deck chairs. Oh, and launching, organizing, and operating the online DESERT SCALE CLASSIC Virtual Venue Model Car Championship (substitute for the Covid-19 cancelled DSC16. Time on your hands? Check it out: www.dscV16.com. Join us for some stay-at-home modeling activity!
  5. But, Kurt. How do you maintain "proper physical distancing" from yourself?
  6. The devil has been dancing in my empty pockets for some time now. God be with you, Joe!
  7. Richard Carroll was the John Teresi of the 70's.
  8. ^ ^ ^ That's right. He's da man. Brad's the creator of the '34 featured in our logo. Don't miss our website: dscV16 The Virtual Venue Model Car Championship
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