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  1. Hey! There I am! (#89). Standing right behind Mark S.!
  2. Bill, It's not Kurt's state, it's MY state! LOL. Seriously, welcome to the neighborhood, none the less. Sounds like you already have a pretty good handle on the haboobs. Just remember; they don't last long at all. Let us know if you need anything.
  3. It was a great call-out and acknowledgement of Chris’ masterpiece, but the photo images as published do it no justice. Gregg explained the idea (black backgrounds), but I don’t think it translated to print well. My guess is the images probably looked great on the computer monitor during layout.
  4. Congratulations! At least he’s not being transferred to Bogota, Columbia or Beirut or some other international cesspool. At least D.C. is still considered domestic travel . . .
  5. It’s here! Hot digging dawg! Looks great! Gotta go . . . Got some serious reading to do!
  6. Awesome news, Gregg! I can't wait to see it. Greg Myers; I'll let you rent mine! LOL.
  7. It looks like the one Juha mastered. It was originally cast by All American Models. Haven’t seen it available for at least a couple of decades. Nice work, Glen!
  8. Dr, Cranky’s fame, fortune, persona and self-promotion jag rapidly overwhelmed him. He became the George Barris of our hobby.
  9. This was my friend G’s sneaky attempt to test me! He of course knows that’s a ‘72, I say a SEVENTY- TWO, Dodge Polara! Sheeesh! He was deliberately messin’ with me! 🤨
  10. Totally fictitious car/agency. The colors are similar to Nevada’s Highway Patrol, but absolutely not California Highway Patrol. The arched lettering on the doors is more similar to Nevada in style and tightness of the arch. But, the star is a six-point star, not a seven-point. Both NV and CA used seven-point stars. And, neither CA or NV painted their spotlights white. To my knowledge, neither agency used Firebirds/Trans Ams, although they both used Camaro Z28s. Have at it, it will be a fun build - no real rules! After all, it’s a movie.
  11. FYI - that Sentimental Journey bomber was the People’s Choice selection. It was spectacular. Sun glasses recommended for viewing.
  12. Congratulations, Kurt! All deserved and well-earned. I was surprised your Aerovette didn’t do better, but it was up against stiff competition: your Beetle and your Stealth, not to mention ALL those other guys!!! Still, it’s a beauty.
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