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  1. Desert Scale Classic XV - April 13

    Thanks for posting this, Brad*. Hey, everyone, be sure to check out our DESERT SCALE CLASSIC 15 website for up-to-date info as things change and evolve: www.desertscaleclassic.com (*I think I'm getting my computer issues sorted out, finally!)
  2. Amen. Albert was a prince of a guy and a friend to everyone he met. He met my dog once and never failed to ask about him - by name - after that, any time we saw each other or spoke or emailed. He came to Phoenix for the Copperstate Championship, Tucson Toy Show, and Desert Scale Classic. We rubbed elbows in Carlsbad as well. ALWAYS enjoyed his posts and emails. He was always smiling . . . Such a tragic and nasty end of the road for such a terrific guy. I'm just glad he's no longer suffering. RIP Albert. You've earned the peace and respite.
  3. HOW can it just keep getting better? Wow, Chris! Just WOW!
  4. 32 big deuce roadster pickup?

    Saw these in person Saturday night. Whoa! Impressive.
  5. I had the privilege of watching Greg demold the first . . . and I had the opportunity to examine it, hold it, inspect it . . . yada yada. Wow! Another spectacular casting from the MasterCaster! Seriously - fantastic work by Dwayne, Mike, and Greg. Don't miss this one!! Now that DSC14 is in the history books, I'm going to take Greg up on his offer to join the team (watch out, Mike) and help them produce these and Greg's other projects. Can't wait! I'll probably be a mastercaster-disaster until the internship has sailed.
  6. Grand Canyon Roadster

    Great work, Kurt! (As usual) Congrats on the win.
  7. Another sad day

    My pet considers me his pet. And that's not bad at all. (Works for us, anyway.) He also considered everyone who came to the DESERT SCALE CLASSIC After-Action Barbeque last Saturday to be HIS friends! (Yes, he had a great time, too!)
  8. Desert Scale Classic14 Coverage

    Thank you, Jonathan.
  9. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Dwayne, I drove a 9C1 on the job back in the day. It was incredible! And, I owned my own. Great cars! Small and tight, but my favorite police car ever. (I have stories . . . ) I will be working with Greg and Mike on these when the time comes. I saw, examined, and inspected (oh, yeah, and drooled over) the first pull from the mold of your '88 Ford sedan Saturday -- and it is remarkable!! Good job. The Novas will be fantastic, folks! Guaranteed.
  10. Welcome New Mods!

    Are we sure 'congratulations' are in order, or should it be 'sympathies?'
  11. Chris -- Mr. THIS! YEAR! -- What can I say? Truly a remarkable model. Fantastic in every way. So glad to see you put a wrap on it after all these years! Just an amazing model, my friend! Humbles all who view. The only reason that other guy edged you out was that his model had that 5% finished! LOL. No, I have no idea how the judges were able to pick between the two models, they were both THAT good. (In fact, the judges are away at a counseling retreat to restore their sanity.) Also, we are very proud that you lifted the curtains, unveiled her, at our event. Thank you! -Danno-

    Fantastic show! Thanks to everyone who participated - new and returning - entrants, vendors, sponsors, spectators, supporters, BBQ eaters. We had a great time, saw fabulous models, visited with wonderful people, and had a great barbeque! ONE THING - CRITICAL THAT EVERYONE NOTES: "Mr. Next Year" (Chris Sobak) . . . came back . . . as he has every year for the past seven . . . but this year . . . it was done!!!!!!! And, he will now forever be known as "Mr. THIS YEAR!!!" God, what a fantastic model!!! Great pictures, Mike. Thanks for posting them. Visit our website: www.desertscaleclassic.com to view the awards slide show to see all the winning models!! See everyone next year . . . DESERT SCALE CLASSIC 15! Second Saturday, Every April. April 13, 2019.
  13. Shelby museum in Denver

    Sweet! I lived in the Springs for three decades and officed in Denver for ten years. I, too, never heard of the collection or museum! Dang. Bob Peeples would have loved it! PS: Neat pic of "Uncle" Louie Unser. A friend. Haven't seen this pic before. I remember Continental Divide - great track! Great races!