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  1. Danno


    Most excellent!
  2. Good deal!! We're all waiting with bated breath waiting to make your LIVE! acquaintance!
  3. Save the Date - - - Saturday, APRIL 23, 2022 DESERT SCALE CLASSIC 18 . . . LIVE!! COMPLETE INFORMATION COMING SOON! New Venue More Space Expanded Swap Meet Expanded Hours More! More! More! Phoenix, AZ
  4. What . . . is . . . snow? 🌵
  5. RIP, Sarge. Thank you for your service and a job done well. I thank God all the time for being my car partner throughout my career and seeing me safely through it.
  6. Trust me. Thought about that, too. But he was too young - too adventurous and I worried about possibly damage to him . . . The drum set was just NOISE, nothing explosive! 😏 BTW - It worked pretty well . . .
  7. Many years ago, my grandson was the hostage in a bitter battle staged by my ex-daughter-in-law to punish my son for being born. [She married him, but later threw him away and kept the grandson.] After years of trying to deal with her (impossible) and tons of court skirmishes and $$$ spent, she managed to retain enough custody control to make life miserable for son, grandson, and us. She insisted anything nice obtained for or gifted to grandson MUST be kept at her house. So I bought him a drum set. 😁
  8. Curt and John, Please bring these guys to DESERT SCALE CLASSIC 18 in April! We'd love to have them on the tables for the folks around these parts to enjoy. Of course, if you do . . . I'll have to buy the judges new sunglasses and a bigger bottle of Wild Turkey! Best Regards, my friends. -danno-
  9. My friends - Albert and Kodi. They took to each other instantly. I miss them both.
  10. Not only that! . . . But, the blue with black stripes Cobra 427 SC Roadster won Best in Class . . . AND . . . Best Automotive . . . AND . . . Best in Show (Overall)!!!!! YES! A car model won Best in Show!!!! In an IPMS Regional contest!!!! Ain't no anti-car bias in Phoenix!
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