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  1. Danno added a post in a topic Eisbrenner Seagraves   

    Agreed.  The more, the merrier! 
    Many of us take the position that the Eisbrenner bodies are a very important part of fire apparatus modeling history.  I, for one, want to know all there is to know about them.
    And, BTW - Bill is spot-on.  My first Eisbrenner body is one of the first handful he produced.  It is fiberglass layup with gelcoat exterior.  As I recall the original account by Mr. Eisbrenner himself, those fiberglass bodies were formed in a female plaster mold that was taken from his original hand carved wood buck.
    The resins came much later and they were cast by Resin Unlimited with Mr. Eisbrenner's collaboration, and they were marketed under the name Uptown Body Works by Uptown Automotive of Utica, NY.

  2. Danno added a post in a topic My worst fears realized   

    Words fail me.  Everything that has come to mind so far has already been said (written) by others.  I can only add my voice to the chorus.  Know that we care for you, my friend, and we're thinking of you, pulling for you, and praying for your quick, full recovery - with a smooth ride along the way.
    This is shocking news, as I know it was for you.  But you got it right ~~ we are your second family.  Count on it.  We're here with you and for you.
  3. Danno added a post in a topic Lost a sister yesterday   

    Heartfelt sympathies, Ray.  That's a tough situation to deal with, but prayers are with you and your family.
  4. Danno added a post in a topic Contest Issue   

    Same thing happened to us!  Scale Auto wouldn't publish ANYTHING from us, while Model Cars Magazine always featured our event in the MCM Contest Annual.  So, we gave up on SA (no E).  One other thing:  MCM has always given us gift subscriptions for Best of Show winners and raffle prizes, they've always provided us (and all the other shows) ample, free pre-event promotion, while SAE always insisted on charging big bucks for the slightest want-ad type mention.  So, we gave up on SA (no E) along time ago . . . with no noticeable loss. 
  5. Danno added a post in a topic Contest Issue   

    A well-placed but anonymous source has indicated it's been sent to the printer.  
  6. Danno added a post in a topic 57 chevy four door hard top or sedan   

    It does appear to be a phantom, most likely someone's "interpretation" of what a '57 police car coulda looked like, at least in their mind. 
    However, that said about this particular car, it should also be said that one cannot dismiss oddities.  Many small town departments bought their police cruisers from the local dealership and were often limited to off-the-lot purchases due to time ("we need it right away!") or even financial considerations ("I can give you a better deal on this one, Chief, than I can on a special-order"). 
    It wasn't too uncommon to see unusual trim or accessory packages on the "squad car," even including up-graded models.  Hey, if they had an unsold Impala at model year's end and the town needed a new prowl car, a killer deal might be had on a 4-door hardtop police car and Barney might have 6 taillights instead of 4!   
    Local politics being what it has always been, there's powerful pressure on smaller governmental entities to patronize the local businesses.  For example, the small town where I grew up alternated between the two dealers:  one patrol car was a Chevy and the next purchase went to the Ford dealer, then back to Chevy again.  There was no brand-loyalty, just politics, and since there was no Dodge-Chrysler-Plymouth dealer in town, we never saw a Mopar cop car.  Realities of a one car fleet!
    Even the county sheriff's department "spread it around," driving a couple of everything.  Only the state highway patrol bought on spec and operated a one-brand fleet.
    Later, in the late 60's - early 70's, the concept of letting municipalities and counties "piggy-back" on the state's fleet bid was born.  Then, small towns could add their one patrol car purchase to the mass state buy and they could end up with a real, honest-to-gosh police package police car.  It became the gold standard, and off-the-lot police cars/oddities became relics of the past.
  7. Danno added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Congrats, Russ!!
    Good luck!
  8. Danno added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    There you go!!!
  9. Danno added a post in a topic Daytona Cobra finished   

    Don't know why I missed this earlier, but glad I finally found it.  Outstanding, Ray!
  10. Danno added a post in a topic Favorite Fast Food   

    Nope.  Nowhere close any more.  But, I've been to Salida . . . many times . . . and I've stayed one night (ONLY one night) at a Holey-Dump Express there.
  11. Danno added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 8/8/2016 - Decals   

    Hot dammn that's looking GREAT!
  12. Danno added a post in a topic Favorite Fast Food   

    Ah, yaw.  You betcha, dern tootin' doancha know.  Aw, geez, Mr. Scott, you got some Lutefiskin' goin' on there, now, fer shuuure.
    Juss borrow me some a them tickets there sometime, you bet.  Uuff da!
  13. Danno added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    What Are the "Can't Miss" Places to Eat in Carlsbad/Oceanside?
    So, what are the 'Just Can't Miss' places to eat in Carlsbad / Oceanside and vicinity?? 
    • 2 replies
  14. Danno added a post in a topic Favorite Fast Food   

    Yeah, but you guys have Walleye-on-a-Stick!  
    And, Lutefisk.