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  1. Danno added a post in a topic DESERT SCALE CLASSIC 12 - 04/09/2016   

    Hey, Dude!   You gotta finish it up!   We're featuring its debut in our international ad campaign!   
  2. Danno added a post in a topic One Hit Wonders   

    Another:   The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood's "Captain Bobby Stout."  (I can't find it on YouTube . . . it used to be there, but apparently has been removed.)
    Some local guys from my Wichita Top40 DJ days;  Lane Tietgen, Mike Finnigan, Jerry Hahn, and company.  Captain Bobby Stout was big regionally, then Mannfred Mann covered it and made it big internationally.
    Here's Mannfred Mann's version (JHB did it better):
    FYI - I knew Bobby Stout.  Real person.  
  3. Danno added a post in a topic One Hit Wonders   

    Oh.  My, my, my.  One hit wonders?
    None EVER better than 'Gayle McCormick and A Group Called Smith.'  
    "Baby, It's You."  
    Whoa!  OMG!  
    Crank it up and give a closed-eyes listen to this.  
    Then open eyes and play it again.  Visually devour the fabulous Ms. McCormick.  Who needs Viagra?
    She was from St. Louis.  My luck, Agent G dated her.          There goes a 46 year fantasy, right down the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH tubes.  
  4. Danno added a post in a topic 999   

    That's cool!
  5. Danno added a post in a topic Burrrrrr   

    Yet another example of why I live in Arizona,   
  6. Danno added a post in a topic The Pisano Brothers Corvair   

    Very nice!
  7. Danno added a post in a topic Dodge Caravan Taxi & CV - Progress 11/29/2015   

    Nice work, Tom!  They look great.
  8. Danno added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    DESERT SCALE CLASSIC 12 - 04/09/2016
    Model Car Championship and Slot Car Concours
    Saturday, April 9, 2016
    3401 W. Greenway Road, Phoenix, AZ
    We Just Keep Making It Bigger and Better!
    SWAP MEET - More than 30 Vendors and Aftermarket Sellers!Dozens of Classes + Slot Car Classes!Junior ClassesAwards for 1st-2nd-3rd Place Each ClassEight (8) Master AwardsFree Make-N-Take for Kids 12 & Under1/2 Mile Indoor GoKart TrackScale 1/4 mile Dragstrip with Electronic Starting and TimingIndoor Clay Off-Road R/C Track6-Lane Scale Slot Car Racing CircuitScale Manzanita Oval Slot Car Racing CircuitArcadeNASCAR Simulators,Pool Tables, Air HockeyOn-Site Snack Bar and Beverage Service (including Beer)Large Hobby ShopDiscounts! Discounts! Discounts!Vast, Free ParkingWhat Else Could You Possibly Hope For?
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  9. Danno added a post in a topic NEW! An advance and detailed look at the final production version of the new Moebius Models 1961 Pontiac Ventura kit....   

    Wow!   This kit has to be the gold standard for the industry.  
    And, all the close competition for that honor comes from . . . Moebius.  
    What does that tell everyone (including the other kit manufacturers)?
    Kudos, Dave & crew!
  10. Danno added a post in a topic Vintage Teardrop Trailer/Camper   

    Awesome gets better.    
  11. Danno added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Open 'er up, Art!    Can't wait to see the goodies!!!
  12. Danno added a post in a topic Scale Finishes??   

    Indeed.  Jameston was here on 11/7 and sold paint like it was hotcakes!  
    Gabe's correct:  He now has his own computerized mixer set up and should be going great guns . . . other than that little internet setback.
    Patience.  He IS a one-man band, but he plays beautiful music!   And, he has never let anyone down. 
  13. Danno added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    What irked me today?
    Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving . . . and we have a lot to be thankful for.   
  14. Danno added a post in a topic Italeri's old Opel "Blitz"   

  15. Danno added a post in a topic International Transtar 4300 "Hidden Agenda"   

    Quite sharp!