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  1. Sweet!! Very well done.
  2. Interesting points — the box art clearly shows the ventilated hub caps (optional, earliest available mid year ‘77) on the standard disc wheels (‘76 and earlier). The slotted wheels shown in Dodge Driver’s post were ‘77 and later. Whatever they put in the box, it looks to be accurate or at least a whole heckuva lot more accurate than ever before! Another note - the light bar is a Federal Twin Sonic; previously seen in the Force 440 kit. The push bar is new tooling. What we don’t yet know is the interior equipment. Suggestions were made for more accurate components, but we don’t know what they decided.
  3. I’ve ALWAYS loved the ‘69 Camaro in any variety and i’ve Always been attracted to nearly every scale replication of it. But this . . . It hurts my soul and makes my heart sore. HOW COULD THEY? How could they do this to the image of a ‘69 . . . And then release the evidence to the public??
  4. Nice! I’m detecting a pattern here . . . Police cars . . . Tyler TX . . . Nice builds . . . Good stuff!
  5. It MUST be true! You saw it on FB and I saw it on the MCM Home Page. Two Internet sightings make it irrefutable fact! Godspeed, Gregg. Hoping the hump has been gotten over, friend. 😎
  6. Danno

    MG TD

    Very nice.
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