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  1. Tom and Jim are correct. One thing was consistent among early truck manufacturers: bed floors were utilitarian not beauty features. All were delivered in black, planks and hold-down strips alike. As Tom mentions, the trend of “over-restoring” 1:1 trucks — even purported ‘factory fresh’ builds has spread to the modeling world. I cringe any time I see an otherwise painstakingly restored pickup with dance floor finished wood bed and chrome strips. Never happened that way when they we new. Unfortunately, some scale builders google for reference and settle on over-restored examples to guide their “factory stock” models, not knowing any different. I’ve been on the flip side of Tom’s experience. Judged a very nice model lower than the builder expected and he couldn’t believe his beautifully executed, deeply urethaned real wood veneer bed with alcladed strips cost him the win. He argued. But later, he came to us and confessed he did serious research with the restorers club and discovered we were right. 😎
  2. Hi, my man! Cool? What's that? We've finally dropped below 110 degrees for the first time all summer. Hottest summer on record. But, I digress. I'm delighted with your Pierce project! I spent a lot of time with a Dash. I'm following. Hope you've been well, my friend. Dan
  3. Yes, Charley, We're going to grille you on the details! 😎
  4. Got mine (last SA) about two weeks ago . . . just as the LHS was unpacking them. Don't ask me why Klambake always seemed to dis the subscribers by supplying their mags to dealers first. Never understood. Never made any sense, doesn't make any sense now. (FYI- I subscribed for many, many years. Only reason I bought the "last" one at LHS is my subscription ran out with the issue before and . . . no, no way I was going to re-up for a magazine that had been killed. Fortunately I procrastinated renewal just long enough to find out it there would be nothing to renew.) 😎
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