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  1. TEACHABLE MOMENT? It ought to be a firing-squad moment for those responsible.
  2. Welcome, Steve. From the Northwest quadrant of Phoenix. (Mark and I have the Valley covered from corner to corner! LOL)
  3. Question for Tim: Not to be one of "those," but I'm seriously curious. Regarding the beautiful blue boat, is that side pod attached to the hull as it appears to be? If so, how does the boat unload (or load, for that matter) considering the interference with the wheels/fenders? What am I missing? Does the entire boat/trailer have to be so deeply submerged that the boat floats vertically enough to clear the fenders? Inquiring mimes want to know. 😶
  4. Today is tomorrow's yesterday.
  5. Shelf life of an unbuilt kit in my realm is just about . . . forever!
  6. That tip screams, Greg!!
  7. Hey, Steve! Welcome to this forum! Good luck with the Spirit show, my friend. Sell well.
  8. I use old CDs for glue, small quantities of detailing paints, and epoxies, putties, etc. Once they're too loaded up (no available empty space) to use, they go into the trash. In fact, I have a round plastic coffee "can" (approx. 24-30 oz size) at the back of my bench. It's the perfect size to drop the used-up CDs in, flat. Keeps them from contaminating anything else - even if some of the paint or glue is still soft & uncured, or if the putty remains unhardened. The can holds so many CDs I haven't even filled one up yet. But when it is full, it goes into the trash - capped - and I'll start another. Neatest disposal system for those excess benchtop liquids I've ever seen!
  9. Again with the Debbie Downer stuff, Bill, sheesh!
  10. "Understeer" is where you do not want to be, whether in a field, pen, or corral.
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