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  1. Very impressive model, Mark! A weird earned win in a category with some stiff competition. Thanks for participating! 😎
  2. Super sweet build, Steve! And it even matches the color scheme of your awards! 😎
  3. Tim! Thank you so much for participating in dscV16! Your Bantam just blew the doors off the other 421 Entries, and there were some plenty fantastic builds!! We consider it an honor that you entered that amazing model. It - and the other exceptional Entries really gave our judges a workout. Thank you for the kind words about our Event. We did not want the Coronavirus to beat us out of 2020, so we hit upon the idea of the Virtual Venue. We’re very happy it was so well received, and we truly enjoyed presenting it. One more note, if I may. We’re very proud of the awards. We wanted them to be attractive, classy, and unique. Glad you liked them! Congratulations on your well-earned wins!! Come see us next April at Desert Scale Classic 17! -Danno-
  4. Congratulations on your achievements, Steve! The awards were well-earned. Your Fury was killer and your 442 W30 was just exquisite!!! Actually, you - and all the other competitors - honored us by participating. We had a blast and we’re extremely gratified that dscV16 was so well received! danno
  5. A-freakin’-mazing. Boy howdy! The judges at DSC-17 (next April) are gonna be wanting overtime pay when these two creations hit the table in the Motorcycle Category! Fantastic work, Curt!
  6. Superb! I think this is the first time I’ve seen one built. Beautiful build. Close friend of mine owns the real, true 1:1 car. He’ll be excited to see your model when I show him this thread. He has completely restored the car to its championship condition, with many of the original guys pitching in their knowledge and expertise to assure its authenticity. It was quite a restoration process. Most of the original components were tracked down and acquired (the car had been somewhat parted out, mostly as souvenirs). The car is being shown, fired up for cacklefests, and has made a very limited number of exhibition runs since the restoration was completed. He jokes the biggest problem has been trying to source original, unused period-correct nitro!
  7. Excellent! I’ve always admired that color combo on a vintage Chevy. They just carried it beautifully.
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