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  1. I’ve always loved the looks of these Pontiacs in police garb, although I didn’t think there were all that many in actual service back in there day. Buford T. Justice was my biggest exposure to Poncho Po-po-mobiles. Then I recently saw a handful of episodes of “Police Story” in syndication where all the LAPD squads (bunches of them) were the Ponchos. Very impressive looking squads. I can’t wait ‘til Dwayne and Greg and Mike get this one ready for market.
  2. Well done, Ray. These curbside snappers make great relaxation builds or “slumpbusters.” Usually overlooked.
  3. Is that what they mean by 'off-street parking?'
  4. Steve, I appreciate the generosity. Very kind of you. As it happens, another board friend has indicated a set are on the way already, so I'll wait to see if they fill the bill. Thanks ever so much. I'll let you know if I still have a need. To All: You guys are all the best!! Come to the barbeque after DESERT SCALE CLASSIC and I'll buy you dinner! Danno
  5. Any new parts or decals? Will it have the CB radio and first aid kit/base station radio and all the guns from the Monaco/70 Ford kits? 😏
  6. Very nice, George! Beautiful model. I love the color and … of course, the wheels! That's why I'm after these wheels: I had them on my 1:1 '74 Dodge Charger. I have a scale replica nearly finished, just need the wheels. Thanks for the lead . . . Monza kits.
  7. Good to know. Thanks for the tips, Snake and Rob.
  8. Can anyone steer me to 1/25 kits that have these wheels? Thanks in advance. ~Danno~
  9. Sorry to hear this. Our loss.
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