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  1. Good points (particularly regarding transponders), but the fans NEED the numbers. The cars all look alike and the driver names are too tiny to see/read in televised race coverage . . . but looking for their drivers' big ole numbers on the cars, yeah. Even the broadcasters have trouble, often referring just to "the 19 car" instead of saying "Martin Truex" [granted, not so much the big time drivers, but certainly the 2nd/3rd tier drivers and part-time drivers and substitute drivers, etc., etc.]. Just my quick 2cents worth - FWIW.
  2. What difference does it really make? As long as the number is readily readable. Moving it either forward or rearward provides a larger, uninterrupted 'billboard' for $pon$or$ money.
  3. Now that's funny, right there! It's uplifting humor, Tom! Really rises to the occasion. 😄
  4. And there you go! Plastic in 1/25th cannot be far behind. Remember, gang . . . there are no such things as coincidences! 😉
  5. It was not a good look, not even close to minimally acceptable in the business place. Embarrassing for R2. Now this is really scary. I totally agree with Casey's post. {What's this world coming to?}
  6. Well, excuuuuuuse me. I didn't bother reading the 4th, 5th, and 6th sentences of your rant. That would have required me to do something extra. I keep forgetting you're from New England.
  7. If you hover your curser over the balloon and "k" post count, it shows a small banner with the exact count.
  8. Wow!!! Absolutely stunning project so far, Jim!! Most excellent.
  9. I guess, in the spirit of the topic at least, I should respond to the point. My dual career paths were fire service and law enforcement. Because of my name, I was subjected to many years of "Book 'em, Danno" remarks. Eventually the nickname kinda stuck. 🙄
  10. Very nice job on the motorcycle!
  11. Yeah. I kinda thought they needed to ship a pulse to that SciFiGuy. Did he fall asleep a couple of times in the middle of his "pitch"?
  12. Jeeeez, Tom. Don't get them started! 🙄
  13. Need someone to hold the flashlight for you, Dave?
  14. She, actually. And not a bad looking letter carrier at that. Hence, no complaint! 😏
  15. I LOVE those cars! (For what it's worth.) I've always LOVED both those cars. And, as I recall from back-inna-day, there were two others in the Motorama show series, the ordinary roadster with soft top and a roadster with a removable hard top that became the prototype for the '55+ Vette hardtop. But, I could be wrong - it happened once before.
  16. That's amazing, Tim! AMAZING! Fantastic concept, exceptional design, outstanding execution . . . and, you can dance to it!!
  17. Ohhhhh. The Bluesmobile would be a monster and should be a no-brainer. Besides all the spin-offs mentioned above (and Hill Street Blues patrol car), it would be a good basis for the real groly hail of mine . . . the Walking Tall (original series of movies) 1972 Dodge Polara sedans. Again, many derivative spin-offs available for that one without them being straight repackages. Bring it on, R2!! I'm saving up for a full-on bank account deep dive!
  18. Apparently my letter carrier finished previewing, reading, and reviewing mine. It arrived yesterday! Great looking issue . . . only made it part way through - more great reading ahead!!! Color me 'Pleased.'
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