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  1. Bane, Christian - actor, average.
  2. Precisely. A couple of times the parents have asked if there is a garbage truck museum. So far, I've resisted the temptation to direct them to the landfill. ūüėČ
  3. "High" is how many spent the Sixties.
  4. I work at the world's largest museum of fire apparatus, equipment and memorabilia. It is extremely common for youngsters to come in excited to see the fire trucks and many of them are described by their parents as "crazy about firetrucks." But, it's surprising how many little guys are equally "crazy" about trash trucks!!! I simply cannot explain that.
  5. 'Yesterday' was Paul McCartney's biggest hit and the most-recorded song of all time; you hear it on all the best elevators.
  6. "Permission granted," she purred.
  7. Operations of the medical variety can involve life safety abatement but also some degree of risk.
  8. Everything comes to he who waits . . . long enough.
  9. As a little shaver, I built airplanes and ships. But then, one momentous day my parents gifted me with a Chrysler customizing kit. I had never seen the likes of a car kit! (I had collected a handful of dealer promo cars but they were all pre-assembled.) So, I hunkered down with that multi-piece Chrysler and had the best time ever!! [Picture is of the re-issue from a few years ago, but the box art is the same as the original.] Within a couple of months, the Rexall Drug Store behind my house stocked its model kit shelf with the brand-new AMT 1958 Chevrolet Impala convertible 3n1 kit. My allowance scored the first one off their shelf . . . and I've been building cars - no planes or ships - ever since.
  10. Geezer with LOTS of money gets all the hot young trophies he can handle while geezer with no money or little money just gets older.
  11. "Events" can take on whole other meanings at events when porta potties aren't available.
  12. Been deep and cheeps are favrites at potties.
  13. Danno

    Chase Elliott #9

    Very nice! Is that out-of-box?? If so, looks like a real winner of a kit.
  14. Driveway chalk can be very illustrative.
  15. And, then, of course, you could live in California, where they will be requiring you to buy an electric vehicle but prohibiting you from re-charging it. ūüôĄ
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