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  1. Here's the link to the story .I thought it was a great "feel good story". Just my opinion,judge for yourselves. Sam http://news.yahoo.co...-194836456.html
  2. Very nice,it reminds of one of the cars i'd see on old Adam-12 or Dragnet reruns
  3. I built this Camaro a few months back while recovering from my 3rd spinal fusion.I have several more from the last few months that I will be posting. This kit is the old Monogram tooling.I know this kit is not as detailed as the newer Revell tooling,but I've always liked this kit.The paint is Testors Icy Blue laquer with a coat of Future for a clear coat.The trim and Emblems were done with Bare Metal Foil. The following parts were either aftermarket or borrowed from other kits: Blower is from the Monogram Midnight Z kit Electric fan is from Morgan Automotive Details Radiator is from a Revell NASCAR kit Spark plug wires are Radio Shack 30 g wire and the boots are made from telephone wire Headers are from the Revell 1969 Nova kit The carbs and scoop are from the parts box The wheels and front tires are from the AMT 1966 Chevy II Nova Pro Street kit The slicks are from a Revell Nascar Kit The exhaust are Supertrapp style mufflers from the Revell 1967 Pro Street Chevelle Thank's for looking, Sam
  4. This build is looking great.I envy your scratchbuilding talent.Where did you get the mini disc sander?I also started a similar project.It was the Revell version(yellow one).I'm building it with Convo Pro's and a NASCAR engine.
  5. This is my 1st completed build in several months.I've been out of the loop due to some health issues.Hopefully thanks to a team of great doctors I'm back on track. This is the Lindberg reissue of the old Testor's "Smoothster" kit.This was a departure from my usual builds which are generally 10 second muscle cars.I was in Hobby Lobby last week and it was marked down to $7 and some change.It was to cheap to pass up...lol.I was pleasantly surprised by the kit.It was a nice simple build.It has a few suprising details, like the only electric SBC water pump I've seen it's really detailed,also nice fuel injection set up.Overall the kit was a fun build.The exhaust was kind of pain in the butt, but that was my only snag. It was built box stock with the exception of a tiny strip of BMF to complete the chrome trim and I made an HEI type distributer.The plug wires are made Radio Shack wrapping wire spray painted orange. The color is Testor's Fiery Orange Laquer straight from the can and a coat of Future as a clear coat.Also before anyone points it out the kit has no mirrors Thank's for looking, Sam
  6. I decided to take a last minute trip to Memphis this weekend to visit family and was wondering if anyone can recommend any good hobby shops? Thank's sam
  7. This seems like a great idea.I've personally only bought once from any of your "cartel" members..lol.I bought several things from Kris Morgan and they were awesome especially his electic fans,they look cleaner than the kit fan they were mastered from in my opinion. I wish you guy's the best luck in this venture. Sam
  8. I thought the the same thing about finding an air cleaner from a 1:16 Petty Pontiac Gran Prix 2+2.Here's a photo of the carburetor main body in question.I labeled it a "spread bore" because the the secondaries are clearly much larger than the primaries.I hope the photo will help clear things up.I would be more than willing to post any other kit photos if requested. Happy building...... Sam =
  9. I picked up one last week.I paid $30.45 at a local hobby shop.In my opinion it was a very good deal considering that current 1/25th and 1/24th reissuse range from around $17.99 to $24.99. The kit comes with yellow spark plug wires,and two sizes of black tubing for fuel and cooler lines.As previousley mentioned it's basically a Dodge Charger stock car with General Lee markings.I would advise reading over the instructions carefully.There's a few issue with omissions and parts that just aren't included.One that comes to mind is that it's states to cut a piece of spark plug wire and connect to a non exeistent coil.Luckily a coil is one of the easiest scratcbuilt parts. Another issue that just "bugs" me is the Holly style carburetor.It's a spread bore with the fuel lines going into the very ends of the fuel bowls rather than on the sides.I've owned dozens of Holley carbs over the years and I have owned a 650 CFM spread bore that was a replacement for a Rochester Quadra jet but I have never owned or seen one with that style fule bowl.I'm by no means and expert and that carburetor may be correct but it just looks wrong to me.Again this another easy fix,just trim the end stub off and plumb it to the side. Without a ton of scratch building this car cannot be built as a stock Dodge Charger.On the plus side the car just begs to be detailed.By replacing the rubber tubing with scale braided lines and fittings it would build into a very nicely detailed kit. I'm building the kit for what it is.I want to enjoy the build and not get hung up on what all's incorrect with it.I will fix the the two previously mentioned issues and maybe scratch build an air cleaner.Other than that I will replace some hoses with braided lines and fittings.The rest will be a "box build". For the money I would recommend the kit.If you can find aftermaket decals the kit can be build into a very nice Stock Car. Sam
  10. I would Highly recommend M.A.D. to anyone wanting aftermarket resin parts.I ordered several pre wired distibutors,coils,ignition boxes,electic fans and set of Centerline Champ 500 wheels.The products are better than I could have imagined.There was no bubble etc..in the resin parts.The wheels actually look cleaner that most injected molded wheels.I recieved the parts 6 days after placing my order,I think this was an excellent turn around time.Like several others on this board I'm giving Kris the praise he and his products deserve.Two big thumbs up for Morgan Automotive Detail!!!!!!
  11. Great job on the Hulk.Relly dig the afretmarket head.I've got one of these started along with the PL Spiderman kit.Currently working on A Horizon Hulk and an MPC Hulk.Once again very nice job...
  12. Wow another stunning build, this one is every bit as nice as your 1956 Vette...
  13. Stunning build,theres nothing not to like about it.I love the color fits your Corvette nicely.
  14. Nice build, that shade of blue looks great on your Nova, the stance is spot on.Do you have any engine photos?
  15. This is my build of the latest reissue of the Universal Wolfman kit.Despite it's age the model went together almost perfectly.There was very little flash and just the usual seam filling.The model looks a lil shiny in the photos, but it has a more matte finish than appears.I'm guessing it was the lighting. Thank's for looking, Sam
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