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  1. I love the Verdoro green. It is clean build. I wonder why Tamiya hasn't offered this kit for so long.
  2. Yes! I was hoping this kit would be reissued someday.
  3. The kits looks great and I like the fact you get lots of extra parts. I wonder why they did the dual wheels the way they did? I've never seen a 5 hand hole steel wheel in a 16". They are all 4 hand hole if they are 8 lug wheels. The older 6 lugs had three hand holes.
  4. Awesome! Thanks for the links. This is what I was looking for.
  5. Does anyone know a company that offers decals for the various stripe packages that came on the International Scout II? I am looking for the 1978-1979 Rallye stripe decals and several others like the shadow and feather. Years ago I thought there was a guy in Canada making the Rallye stripes but I have not been able to find them. Here is a good link to some of the many stripe and applique packages offered on the Scout II line. https://www.superscoutspecialists.com/side-stripes-and-appliques#/noFilterApplied
  6. Here is a good source for some aftermarket parts. Paul gets stuff from other countries (UK and Australia) and sells out of Canada. Prices are fair and shipping is really fast. https://stsupplyco.com/search?q=exhaust I'm in Bradyville, TN. Small world.
  7. It says "no scale". I wonder what size these will scale out to? The Gladiator has me interested.
  8. I've seen posts for years saying they are starting back up. I wonder when they will actually start pouring resin and selling parts?
  9. I'm excited about the Garwood trash body. We are getting new wheels and fuel tanks and another set of frame rails that can be utilized on other trucks. I'm really interested in the D-shaped fuel tanks for use on the Ford LN8000 snow plow kit. That same kit would be perfect for the Garwood body too. I can think of at least 4 versions that I'd like to build plus using more kits as parts donors for other projects. I think this will be a fun model to have.
  10. There are a lot of interesting decal packages that IH used on the Scout line. The 1978-1979 Rallye stripe would be a definite winner. The spear, custom, black/white panel and feather stripes would all be great options to have.
  11. 1977 IH Scout II....wooohoooo! There are a lot of great models on the way this year.
  12. Do you happen to have any pictures of the underside of the truck? I'd like to see how you installed and detailed the front drive axle and transfer case. Did you have to raise the rear suspension to level out the truck after installing the front drive axle? This truck is perfect. The stance and combination of parts couldn't be better.
  13. 61-68 International Pickup or Travelall 69-75 International Pickup or Travelall 61-71 Scout Traveltop or Cab top
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