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  1. I've seen posts for years saying they are starting back up. I wonder when they will actually start pouring resin and selling parts?
  2. I'm excited about the Garwood trash body. We are getting new wheels and fuel tanks and another set of frame rails that can be utilized on other trucks. I'm really interested in the D-shaped fuel tanks for use on the Ford LN8000 snow plow kit. That same kit would be perfect for the Garwood body too. I can think of at least 4 versions that I'd like to build plus using more kits as parts donors for other projects. I think this will be a fun model to have.
  3. There are a lot of interesting decal packages that IH used on the Scout line. The 1978-1979 Rallye stripe would be a definite winner. The spear, custom, black/white panel and feather stripes would all be great options to have.
  4. 1977 IH Scout II....wooohoooo! There are a lot of great models on the way this year.
  5. Do you happen to have any pictures of the underside of the truck? I'd like to see how you installed and detailed the front drive axle and transfer case. Did you have to raise the rear suspension to level out the truck after installing the front drive axle? This truck is perfect. The stance and combination of parts couldn't be better.
  6. 61-68 International Pickup or Travelall 69-75 International Pickup or Travelall 61-71 Scout Traveltop or Cab top
  7. Did you use a photoetch grill? That is one of the best Generals I've seen built. The aluminum fronts and spoke rears are nice with the resin tires. The 8V92TA is icing on the cake.
  8. Are those cabs the original MTFA Co. cabs before AITM took over?
  9. 12R24 or 14R24 tires would be great on this kit. I'm planning on cases of this release. This kit is a good one to build as an Autocar but also makes a great parts donor with the dump box, Rockwell 6-rod rear suspension, front float tires, HD front springs, and 6-spoke front/5-spoke rear wheels.
  10. Yes! Finally the Autocar Dump Truck is coming back. I've got to start saving for cases of this one.
  11. It must have sold decent enough as time went on. It looks like it was issued a total of 4 times so far, the last being around 2003. The Autocar dump is a great source of parts. Spoke wheels, floatation front tires, 6-rod rear suspension and axles, and the dump box.
  12. Did you shorten the chassis? I need to get busy on my Peterbilt 352 Michigan Special. Thanks for the inspiration.
  13. Did you use the kit 8V71 Detroit or swap it for something different? This 352 is spot on 1970's. The wheels and tires do a huge part to give it a period correct look.
  14. Historic Series......that seems like a new tag I haven't seen before.
  15. I'd love to see the Warlock come back. It would make an awesome Rod Hall Baja truck.
  16. The regular short bed was painted a teal color on the box art. The Lightning was black with a few unique pieces.
  17. A Baja SSII race truck is high on my list of versions to build, probably one like Sherman Balch raced. For inspiration, go buy the Scout Encyclopedia book that was published about two years ago. It is full of images of the SSII's.
  18. The Scout II used the AMC 258 from 1971 to 1975. The Nissan 6 cylinder showed up in 1976-1980.
  19. I like this a lot. I've always wanted to build one as a single drive but the dual looks good. It reminds me of a Kroger truck.
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