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  1. How about MN State Patrol? Chimneyville did some years ago but are they even around?
  2. Other way around for me. I already have the First issue of this kit but will get this just to have the prettier car.
  3. Wow! And again those wipers, I just love them. Any engine detail in these kits? Who makes them?
  4. Beautiful. Are those wipers part of the kit? Is that kit available in the U.S.?
  5. Very well done. Where did you get those wipers??
  6. One response, not even a negative one, Bill was just explaining, and you become that unhinged?
  7. Should be cool. Looks like you had some paint problems on that left front fender.
  8. Both forums bash each other and there is truth on both sides.
  9. The management there is far better than when jh ran it.
  10. Very cool. I would love to see a new tool of this.
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