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  1. That last box was the issue I built. So maybe there's hope! I think a email campaign to round2 is in order. Thanks for the info Patrick.
  2. Hmm. I know what I'm going to try when I get my 65 Nova. I have some of those clear red tabs for folders, etc.
  3. Very creative. Nice and clean.
  4. Beautiful. I do wish you would tell us what you use for base kits on your models and a little about how you modified them.
  5. Very nice. Wouldn't mind doing one factory stock. How did you do the lights?
  6. Didn't know that. I've only used the laquers I think.
  7. I think the jars are airbrush ready so probably not.
  8. Classicgas

    66 Olds

    Not my greatest work. My only completed Olds model. Unfortunately, it's in pieces now... I tried Detail Master foil on it, pure garbage, and the result was not very good. I have included photos of the real car I was duplicating. Build is probably 6-8 years ago.
  9. Never seen the brand or the kit for that matter.
  10. Beautiful. I'm not completely clear, will this be able to be built stock? If so, I have a slant 6 for it lol.
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