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  1. I know I already posted it in it's own thread, but I'll throw it in here as well.
  2. Well it turned out beautiful! Great color. Speedway decals makes a comprehensive decal sheet for this, including decals for the tail lights.
  3. Are you really going to see it once it's assembled? Ragtop maybe but not the coupe. Kit decals are good enough. I agree with the rest of your list.
  4. Good point sir. Duly noted and changed. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Heck no. There are all sorts not yet modeled, and technically in 63 this was not a muscle car.😁
  6. The owner of Speedway Decals, and my friend Tommy Logan was recently hospitalized with covid-19. He is making a good recovery. I want to thank anyone from this forum that has placed a order with Speedway for being patient during this time and not canceling your orders. Tommy will be back and working on your decals asap. This is a part time thing for him and he is a truck driver and not home all that much. Your patience is much appreciated by both him and myself.
  7. Thanks. It's a promo made by AMT.
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