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  1. Since I can't find the original thread via the search function here, I'm starting a new one.
  2. I tried bringing the neighbor mail that was delivered to me by accident, she acted like I was going to molest her daughter. Never bothered again. I put it in a outgoing mail box.
  3. That's because the LS motor has nothing in common with either a sb or bb Chevy, other than displacement.
  4. Technically they did not go into space. Space is 90+ miles up. They were sub orbital at 60 miles up. None the less, if I had the expendable money, I'd go in a heartbeat.
  5. Nice work. I remember driving a truck like that camo job when I was in the service.
  6. That looks great. Curbside I assume? Is this kit available currently?
  7. That's usually how I actually build my aircraft kits, unless it comes with extras. If no one likes that fact, don't look at it or comment lol.
  8. X2!!!! I can't believe a new tool hasn't been offered of perhaps the most iconic car Chevy ever did.
  9. Nice. I sure don't see the roof height problems people keep harping about.
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