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  1. Gentlemen thank you all. From the beginning I said there are flaws, but she's here. She will sit on any of the TAMIYA 1/24 range but I think the RALLY version is the best. Mainly the rims. Again thank you. Here is my first version Broadspeed with a 1/24 ASTON MARTIN DB5 roof. Lots of putty in there. Paintwork very poor. Progress.wmv
  2. 2nd casting. First mold was done in humid conditions severe in Sydney. Literally would not set. Had to have air con on to create mold. First cast showed poor quality mold.
  3. Rear of car now shaped. There are a few problems here, I had to reshape the balsa so the side panels would be more in line with the Broadspeed shape. It was beginning to look like a triangle. I hope I haven't been out of line by posting a diecast mod in the previous post?
  4. Dave thanks for the praise. Your collection is an overwhelming display of craftsmanship. I was always one of those kids whose jaw dropped and said, " Gee I wish I could do that!" I invariably had glue splatters, lumpy paint jobs and half finished wrecks around my room. BUT I had fun doing this;
  5. Roughing it. Back and a few bits of trim. Next goal is to mold then cast a copy. A bit of clarification. I mainly make parts and reshape diecast vehicles. Plastic modeling is not my forte so that is why I call myself a novice. I'm terrible at painting so I've even watched a few "how to videos" to help me along.
  6. Thanks Dan and Paul, Also not too savvy with posting. I used to live vicariously and had a friend post for me, so again thanks. I hope I can square her away, because I start projects and cease half way thru' because of too many issues creeping in. Please look at this video on YOU TUBE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPtMWahFxes Preferably at 10.20 in the time frame. and see the lil' mite in action. 1967 when I was 7. I WAS IN BATHURST with my DAD.
  7. Hi from Australia, I saw some 1/24 Mini Broadspeed posts awhile back and seeing that the man who made scalekraft kits is no longer building I have attempted to make the Mini Broadspeed again. Like all scratch-builds she has flaws but if it proves OK and I can mold the MK2 by me and recast it, she can be used at least with the MINI selection by Tamiya for the chassis. Cheers, Mit
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