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  1. David Burket added a topic in General   

    Bronco / Cougar set
    I saw that someone posted something about 2 missing wheels. First I had ever heard this so I open and checked a kit again. I noticed there are 2 extra wheels, 4 crome and 2 unplated so nothing is missing just 2 extra ones.
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  2. David Burket added a topic in General   

    Lucky Eleven...kits Coming From Model King In Nov./ Dec.
    And they are....
    (mpc) Challenger F/c
    (mpc) 71 Cyclone stock car
    (mpc) L A Dart
    also L A Decals will be sold seperately (for those of you who bought Hemi Hunter kits)
    AMT '56 Ford Strip Fowl version + some new decals
    AMT '64 Ford Modified Stocker

    AMT Allison Thunderland (69)
    AMT 70 1/2 Camaro Z-28 with addition strips, black, white and Flamed ones
    AMT '64 Ford Galaxie 500 XL curbside
    mpc '57 Chevy flip nose Spirit of 57
    mpc '69 GTO f/c Hammer Slammer (stock body)
    Rev Olds pro stock (last issued as the JEGS version)

    Hope this will fill your model needs for this year. Dave
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  3. David Burket added a post in a topic Sneak Peak of upcoming Model King Camaro funny car kit   

    They are on there way and will be here tomorrow morning....just in time for Fall Carlisle..YES!!!! After the delivery I'm heading there...and for those of you that will be there I'll be in space IH 107.. Thanks Dave
  4. David Burket added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Drag race fans...here's another one for you
    I have received permission from Tom McEwen to do his front engine dragster, the old Monogram tool. A couple of changes need to be made as we do not have mattel or hot wheels so we will replace them by using Model Car Stars and the Real Deal. Thank you for supporting our projects! Dave
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  5. David Burket added a topic in General   

    Mopar Drag Race Fans ...I think you'll like this
    I have received a permission from Roger Lindamood to do his 66/67 Charger . After thinking about this I had another idea so I called him and asked if it would be ok to do his Challenger decals and thats also a go! Hope this will help our hobby some. Happy Modeling Dave
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