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  1. Nice, had no idea either. Does that mean that I should pick up one and paint it alpine green, or attempt to repaint the red one I did long ago? The one @Mr mopar posted above is one of my originals. I searched high and low for correct engine color but eventually caved and went with box art color. @mackinac359's post here settles that one!
  2. Found these listed on Stevens International website today: AMT-1230 - 1/25 Miller Beer GMC Astro 95 Semi Tractor Cab AMT-1238 - 1/24 Ford LTL9000 Semi Tractor Cab
  3. Thanks for sharing this! Great to see them paying attention to / listening to what builders are truly looking for.
  4. Not sure if anyone has already posted about this one, but I caught this on the web today…
  5. Thanks Brian! That's super helpful. I'm not sure why I didn't think "dog house in cab" but the reference photo is the perfect resource. Given that, I feel more confident about putting in both radiator & engine (per instructions) and modifying the cab firewall as needed to scoot closer to the hood line.
  6. Hi everyone, Wondering is anyone has any tips on building the White 4000? I got lucky and finally landed a resin White 4000 resin hood. The hood is if course, shorter than the White Road Boss one from the kit. I'm looking for advice on how to handle the engine? I don't think the Cummins will fit (maybe remove there radiator?) but the "NO engine" option isn't ideal either. Open to feedback/suggestions here. Thanks in advance!! Steve
  7. Incredible job on this! No details missed here… love the opening doors to reveal the 352 interior!
  8. Never thought we would see the day for THIS reissue! Can't wait to get one
  9. it appears to be true based on seeing this… https://www.scalemates.com/kits/amt-1215-kenworth-challenge-transit-cement-mixer--1295333
  10. Excellent work!! A very nice, well-rounded diverse group of builds!
  11. I'm literally building this one on the bench now, it is the 1/25 ERTL (or AMT/ERTL) Payhauler 350 supercharged Detroit Diesel 16V71.
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