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  1. I'm literally building this one on the bench now, it is the 1/25 ERTL (or AMT/ERTL) Payhauler 350 supercharged Detroit Diesel 16V71.
  2. Thanks for all the great comments! More builds to post too, I just can't keep up!!
  3. Hi all, Finally got around to posting this one. It's certainly a great time to finish those projects. They only made around 200 of these trucks in 1976, and I wanted to capture the history along with challenge myself doing a simple snap kit. Kit: Revell Kenworth W-900 Aerodyne (85-1507) Represents: 1976 Kenworth VIT 200 Bicentennial Paints: Tamiya White (TS-26), Tamiya Gold (TS-21) and Tamiya Blue (TS-15) for interior Extras: AMT tires, rims and quarter fenders Revell Germany W900 dashboard (it has more details and CB) Double Take Replicas resin W900 visor (the only one I found to fit this kit) ModelTruckin' Bicentennial decals Thanks for looking! Steve
  4. I've got a White 4000 resin hood in need of a pair single headlights, similar to the ones on a Ford LNT or C-600. Anyone know an aftermarket source? No luck on eBay parts..
  5. I think I already posted this, but here it is again... The reflective tape came from PSF Hobbies (they have an eBay store), and the packaging looks like these (see link) with the "Lin-O-tape" logo on them: https://www.megahobby.com/brands/Line-O-Tape.html Good luck!
  6. The ladder was an extra from the AMT Fruehauf tanker trailer and cut in half. The reflective tape came from PSF Hobbies (they have an eBay store), and the packaging looks like these (see link) with the "Lin-O-tape" logo on them: https://www.megahobby.com/brands/Line-O-Tape.html
  7. My first LNT-8000, finished this one in 2016 with Tamiya Camel Yellow and Bright Red. Pretty "plain Jane" but it was a fun build.
  8. hey Brad, I've found these sources for both, as well as eBay. Much cheaper on on eBay, as you'll pay hefty shipping cost if you're in the US – these come form Australia: https://www.auslowe.com.au/shop/category/day-cab-panel-/391 Auslowe products also on the ACE website: http://ace-radio-controlled-models.shoplightspeed.com/auslowe-auslowe-western-star-constellation-5964ss.html http://ace-radio-controlled-models.shoplightspeed.com/auslowe-auslowe-western-star-day-cab-1-24.html cheers Steve
  9. The only one I know of is the Auslowe #MB15 one. I just got one to replace a DM600 rear crossmember with (it's 1/24 scale but should hopefully fit).
  10. Mo'Luminum truck parts also has some - http://moluminum-com.3dcartstores.com/Rubber-Tires_c_1.html
  11. WIP... Peterbilt "White Pass" Tri-axle Alaskan Hauler. I was both shocked and delighted finding this one for ONLY $56 in a local hobby shop, so I had to pick it up Given the kits known inaccuracies with the "pit style" 353 fenders, I'm opting for the round fenders so the hood will open (and minus the bull bar). Features: 36" sleeper, 2-hole budd wheels from "Mo'Luminum", White Pass (circa 1982) dry transfer decals from Ozark Miniatures, and photo etched 359 dashboard from Czech Truck Model. Photo credit to Doug Harper on the Western Star pic for reference. thanks for looking! Steve
  12. Does anyone know where to find a White 4000 resin conversion hood these days? Been searching high and low with no luck. I have a Road Boss just hanging out waiting for one. thanks in advance, Steve
  13. According to Rocketfin.com, there are two more trucks coming in 2019: http://www.rocketfin.com/heavy_truck_models.cfm
  14. If you don't have true Cummins beige, my go-to is Tamiya's Wooden Deck Tan (TS-68). I find it's not as dark as other "tan" colored paint.
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