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  1. Model Car Day

    I read on facebook that January 25, 2019 is "Model Car Day". Are you doing anything to commemorate the day?
  2. Let's see your TV and movie cars!

    I am at the start of converting the Vanishing Point Challenger kit to the "Spy Guy Car" Special Agent Edition from the FX TV series "Archer". I am going to try and get as many of the "spy" accessories in the build as I can. Although the car has 440+6 emblems, it appears to have a 8bbl Hemi under the hood. Not sure what engine I will put in it. Thoughts?
  3. Instruction sheets

    Thank you for your reply.
  4. Salvinos JR Monte Carlo

    First shots of the Monte Carlo from Salvino's JR Models Facebook Page. They say there are some more details to be worked out before production. This is all I know- contact them directly if you have questions. Thank You.
  5. Dyno Don 1965 Comet

    Very nice indeed.
  6. Instruction sheets

    Does anyone know of a repository of kit instruction sheets, preferably in PDF format? I'd be willing to contribute instruction sheet scans if someone had a place to host them. Thank You!!
  7. Secondary market opportunity?
  8. IMC: Ford GTP J-car vintage classic PITA

    I loved the IMC GT Prototype-Sports and Indy kits "back in the day" and now. True, the instructions were lacking and assembly took patience, but the result could be spectacular.
  9. Thank you very much for this most appreciated information.
  10. Please forgive me if these are dumb questions- but I have done some web searching and come up without an answer. Since the carbs are so exposed on these engines, I am thinking that using an aftermarket resin cast carb like the ones from Fireball Modelworks might dress up the engine bay- but what carb to use? If building the "match racer" injected version of the Comet, what intake manifold would work best? I'm assuming that the aluminum stacks from the AMT parts pack would look good. Thanks in advance for any information that you can provide.
  11. Salvinos JR Buddy Baker '77 Oldsmobile

    I got an e-mail notice today that my pre-order of this kit had shipped.
  12. I just took out the interior (carefully) and removed the SCMODS unit on the transmission tunnel (I'm reasonably sure the Bluesmobile was not so equipped). I then sprayed Tamiya 'Smoke" to tone things down. We'll see how it looks after drying overnight.
  13. Is there anything that I missed in my list above that hasn't been discussed in this thread?
  14. I realize that I am late to the discussion- but I just got my Greenlight Bluesmobile diecast today. There's quite a bit that can be done to make it more realistic... but the thing that jumped out at me immediately were the WAY undersized license plates. This will not do I said to myself. So I found a company that sells 1:1 reproductions of the license plates used on the Bluesmobile and captured a high res pic from their website. I pasted the photo into a document, resized it to .25" H by .50" L and printed it out on my Canon color laser printer on heavy stock light gray paper (photo paper might be better but I wanted to go for a weathered look). I carefully cut out the images with a sharp scissor, being sure to round off the corners. I attached them to the scale Bluesmobile's bumpers (the rear plate attached with a slight off center look- as seen in the "I Hate Illinois Nazis" scene) with clear contact cement and here is the result: I think that looks better and I hope that you do too. Next mods: - Detail the backup lights (very obvious in several scenes). - Handles in the interior for the spotlight. - Possible weathering and 'junk' in the interior such as sunglasses, pack of cigarettes, 8-track player with "The Best of Sam and Dave" tape, etc. (if I can get to it) - Interior rear view mirror (again; obvious in some scenes) - Replacing the rear window. Yes I know at one point in the movie the car has the rear window shot out- just my preference. - Rust near the passenger side front door handle.
  15. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    Yes that is correct- anyone know why it's on the chrome tree???