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  1. A few of our Saturday Night Super Stock and Hobby Stock racers. The above photo shows the B&E Slotsport 'Crusader 2' chassis that is one of the most popular in our series. For more, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/MAHardbodySeries/
  2. Ollie's Bargain Outlet deals

    I'm sure that it is not news to the majority of people reading this forum that Ollie's Bargain Outlet stores are closing out a large inventory of Lindberg plastic model kits. Many Lindberg kits are on offer (cars, aircraft, space, naval, police-fire, dinosaurs) apparently with different inventories by store. I have visited stores in Indiana, Michigan and Georgia and each had a different selection of kits. The kits that I was the most interested in were the Dodge 330 Super stock 'Maverick' and 'Ramchargers' which were selling for $7.99. I did snag a few because I felt that at that price having them around for spare parts was certainly worth the cost. Earlier in this week I visited an Ollie's that I hadn't been to before and bought the Lindberg Mercedes-Benz SSK and Bugatti Royale classic kits. I bought them more out of curiousity than anything. I will be the first to admit that I am not a classic car buff- kits of cars from the muscle car era are what attract me. Just from a brief look in the boxes and at the 'trees', these look to be very good kits. The Mercedes-Benz SSK (for example) has no less than 4 trees of 'chrome' plated parts and a set of nicely molded tires with whitewall inserts. Both kits have the bodies molded in white plastic instead of the colored plastic which can sometimes be difficult to work with. I haven't started building either of them so I can't speak to the ease or difficulty of assembly or how they look when finished. The general opinion on the forums is that if you take care in building, these kits can end up very attractive looking. At the prices these kits are being offered they might be right for a club group build or for young modelers to start with. Perhaps if you are in a modeling slump, building one of these classic kits might be the cure. As I say- each store that I have visited so far seems to have a different stock of kits. I do not know how many they have in a warehouse somewhere or if the stores might get a restock, possibly with different kits. As someone mentioned Ollie's also has spray cans of Duplicolor 2X paints at bargain prices. Stash a few cans of basic colors (IE: black, white, silver) for your upcoming builds. If you are unfamiliar with Ollie's they have a 'store finder' on their website to see if there is a store near you. Other than the kits they have general closeout merchandise similar to Big Lots or Dollar Tree stores.
  3. Big Lots ever get models like Ollie's does?

    I have seen R/M Kits at Big Lots- a few years ago they had the reboxed Fujimi Ford GT Mk II and I should have bought all that they had- I think they were $4.99. The kits usually are found around the end of year holidays and aren't restocked after the first of the year.
  4. 1964 Plymouth Hemi SS/A 'Lightweight' Grille

    The package with the Plymouth Hemi grilles arrived today from Missing Link. Very quick shipping and EZ to order from their website. The parts look great- some cleanup needed (the usual with resin) but other than that the parts look sharply detailed, straight and well done.
  5. 1964 Plymouth Hemi SS/A 'Lightweight' Grille

    Thank you for the information- I have ordered a couple to try them out.
  6. Is there a source for a 2-headlamp 'Hemi' lightweight grille for the Lindberg/AMT 1964 Plymouth Kit? Thanks in advance for any information that you can share.
  7. Corvette C7R - Revell new tool

    I bought a couple of the C7R kits and if the possible 3rd party LM decals come from a respected North American source, I will likely buy additional kits. YES the brake rotor issue is unfortunate but I feel it is correctable. What has me FAR more disappointed is that according to my reference photos, the tail light lenses should be clear rather than red tinted. I feel that this is a larger and more visible error than the brake rotors and probably well outside of the skill level to correct of the majority of modelers. The "solution" for this error (admittedly without a lot of thought given) probably is to use the existing parts as a mold and vac-form replacements using clear plastic. It would be a great help if someone at Revell-Monogram read this and would be able to offer proper color replacements with some sort of proof of purchase.
  8. A map has been created to allow model car racing commercial tracks and clubs worldwide to post the details and contact information about themselves. Check it out here: http://j.mp/2dtrKba If your local raceway or club is not listed, please feel free to add it. The only thing that we ask is that when you add raceways or clubs, that you are sure that they are open/in business and still holding regular races. Thanks in advance!
  9. New Revell NASCAR kits

    I have ordered from Pattos many times and have never had an issue with shipping. It usually takes about a week from when he gets payment to me.
  10. New Revell NASCAR kits

    Joe- I do not know if Pattos (Bruce Paterson) sells on eBay. I would check his "Pattos Place" website.
  11. New Revell NASCAR kits

    Bruce Paterson (Pattos) has dozens of decal sets suitable for these kits. It seems like his products are seldom mentioned when people are looking for NASCAR decals. I would love to know why this is?
  12. New Revell NASCAR kits

    Bruce Patterson has several Fusion decals currently available.
  13. Vanishing Point Challenger

    Just some quick photos using my iPhone; usually I use natural light but it has been snowing all day! Certainly they could be better quality but hopefully they will answer the "what's in the box" questions that you may have.
  14. Vanishing Point Challenger

    Tomorrow I will photograph and post the contents of the kit on the trees. Hopefully this will clear up any questions anyone still has. BTW; did anyone else notice that the top of the box says 70 Challenger and the side of the box says both 70 and 71 Challenger? I am amazed that the top couldn't have been corrected to "no vinyl"?
  15. I enjoyed the "how to" article showing the conversion of the kit to a USAC Stocker. It's a crying shame that there are apparently no plans to offer this kit as a stock car model. If there happens to be a change of heart, I would wish for Paul Goldsmith's #99