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  1. very nice job. Michael
  2. Yeah but if it looks right to you and sits right then you should be happy with it if so you did it and if those that look at the finished job don't like it then that is their problem Me personally I love it looks great Michael
  3. Wicked lookin build here the model and the 1:1 subject. Michael
  4. hvymtl

    Xtreme Lee

    That looks fantastic Michael
  5. man that is sweet looking Michael
  6. hvymtl

    AMT Go Kart

    Awesome build , I too would like to see the kart offered seperatley as a parts pack that would be a real seller I bet Michael
  7. Very nice indeed same goes for the 70 and71 cudas Michael
  8. hvymtl

    Nismo R34 GT-R

    Very nice indeed Michael
  9. Nice build I really am digging the Rallye wheels nice and wide and minus the trim rings and center caps sweet look Michael
  10. Wow I remember the builds of the Vette and the Chevelle in SAE . Thank you very much for them . And the pic of the Vega engine is beautiful ,that must of been one screamin ride Michael
  11. Sweet looking Porsche I got the big one on the shelf waiting to be built one if these years Michael
  12. hvymtl

    64 belvedere

    Nice mopar !!!!!!! Michael
  13. Very well done I agree with the rest of the viewers that the looks of the car look spot on . hope mine looks this good if I ever get it done Michael
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