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  1. Only after the final coat. On the bumper i make some mistakes, was my first try. The first layer was not thick enough, so all of the scratch on the surface was seen. The next mistake was then to dilute with Tamiya Thinner. Not a good idea, because the chrome will go flat as you can see here. One day later i decided to dilute with Nitro Thinner and sprayed again several layers. The ink is very viscous and after several layers all scratch from the resin is gone.
  2. Thank you very much for all of your friendly comments.
  3. There is no need of any base coat under the chrome Cary. On the bumper i sprayed the chrome directly to the resin surface. On the grille i used a flat black coat and then mask the mesh with Tamiya tape. There are only two things to consider. You need more than one layer of the Liquid Chrome Ink und you must give the pieces at least 72 hours to dry. You can not touch it before, because the chrome will go dull.
  4. I am not sure Helmut. In a german forum someone says the kit from Frank Gortsema is the base for kit from Dave Natale. I do not know if this is the truth.
  5. Hello, today i want to show you my Marmon 57P from aitm. Donor Kit was the Marmete/Petemon from Revell of Germany. Rims, tanks and horns are aluminium parts from MCA, the stacks are from KFS. A novelty was using the new Molotow Liquid Chrome with airbrush to chrome the bumper, grille and rear fenders. I am really impressed by the effect. Have fun with the pictures and thank you for looking in. Best wishes for all of you.
  6. Thank you all for your friendly comments. I forgot to say, that the cables for the trailer will be done when the trailer is done.
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